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What Is Employee Onboarding Training?

It is a training program where recruits are integrated into an organization and its culture. During onboarding, you provide the new employees information about your company, products, and services.

You also brief them on what they are expected to do in their job, including the tools they will be using and the people they will be working with.

Common employee onboarding programs include company structure, company policies, job responsibilities, and workplace safety awareness training.

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Why Do You Need an LMS For Employee Onboarding?

Why Do You Need an LMS For Employee Onboarding?

Using the right tools and strategies at the employee induction stage is critical to any business. A quick and good start is what you should aim during onboarding.

An employee onboarding LMS enables you to move onboarding online and this accelerates the process by eliminating the need for a physical classroom, printed materials, and hiring expensive trainers.

These tools also enable instructors to centrally administer learners and assignments with a single platform. All this translates into cost and time saving, transparency, and productivity.

Benefits of Using Employee Onboarding Software

Start gaining from new employee onboarding from day one

Accelerate employee induction

Online onboarding systems accelerate employee induction compared to a paper and physical venue-based system. With ready-made courses and tests, you can get it up and running quickly, minus all the logistics.

Accelerate employee induction
Save time, cost & effort
Save time, cost & effort

Onboarding training is a recurring training, but when you conduct it online using onboarding software, you save time, cost, and effort. You can create a course once and use it for training at different points in time with a little update based on industry trends and your audience.

Make it easy to induct & train remote workforce

Employee onboarding software double as remote training tools and make it easy to induct and train remote workforce located anywhere in the world. All communications and interactions take place through instant messaging and webinars. Even for once, participants will not feel the distance separating them.

Make it easy to induct & train remote workforce
Provide self-paced learning
Provide self-paced learning

Self-paced learning is yet another advantage of using onboarding software. Unlike traditional classroom training, where learners sit through just one lecture, online training lets participants pause and resume learning based on their schedules. They can also revisit courses any number of times to refresh their memory on any topic.

Ensure uniformity in training

Web-based onboarding platforms ensure uniformity in training by offering a unified system to assign courses, track progress, and provide instant feedback. Instructors can put learners in groups and sub-groups and train them equally. This feature provides consistency in onboarding.

Ensure uniformity in training
AI-powered reports & statss
AI-powered reports & stats

With onboarding software, you no longer need to grade learners manually. Reports and stats are auto-generated and they give a bird’s eye view of individual learners and groups. This makes learning easily measurable and ensures objective decision-making.

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Features of Employee Onboarding LMS Software

Implement onboarding successfully through robust tools with powerful features

ProProfs LMS offers every feature you could possibly need for seamless employee onboarding. Simple to use yet powerful, here are some of its features that are highly appreciated by businesses, recruiting agencies, and trainers alike:

Ready-to-Use Employee Onboarding Courses
100+ Ready-to-Use Employee Onboarding Courses

ProProfs offers a premium library of 100+ ready-to-use courses and templates. These resources are designed by industry experts. They are ready for deployment as they are, or else you can easily customize them to tailor to your specific needs.

Compatibility With Devices
Compatibility With Devices

This feature in ProProfs LMS ensures that the software works seamlessly across all popular devices, browsers, and operating systems. It helps in training not only local teams but also remote, dispersed teams by enhancing the accessibility.

Mobile LMS

These days, most employees use smartphones and tablets to look up information, access training materials, and connect with others. ProProfs mobile app LMS enables learners to learn on the go based on their schedules and pace. This makes it another must-have feature.

Collaboration & Social Learning

Sometimes learners acquire knowledge best in the midst of their peers. Considering this, ProProfs employee onboarding LMS supports social learning, for example through its Q&A forum. This facilitates knowledge exchange and collaboration on common projects, and makes learning more productive.

Advanced Reporting

Employee training to be meaningful must be measurable and based on some data. Built-in reporting & analytics tools in ProProfs LMS enable instructors to extract valuable learning data on learners’ performance and the impact of their courses. This makes training data-driven and objective.

LMS certification

Completion certificates validate achievement and keep learners motivated. ProProfs LMS platform lets you design beautiful custom certificates by adding a logo, color, recipient's name, and signature. You can even print and share the certificates with learners.

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Why Choose ProProfs Onboarding LMS?

ProProfs has over 15 million users in 150+ countries and counting

ProProfs LMS is a cloud LMS that you can use as an onboarding platform. It offers new hires the easiest way to learn and get in the productive mode right from day one. There are so many delightful reasons to choose it over the rest. With ProProfs, you can:

  • Easily create courses & tests
    Easily create courses & tests

    ProProfs is the world’s simplest tool to create online courses, tests, and lessons. It is lean, clean, and without frills. This web-based employee onboarding system is designed for users of all skill levels.

  • Administer learners with virtual classrooms
    Administer learners with virtual classrooms

    Using ProProfs virtual classroom software, you can easily add learners, manage course assignments, make announcements, and view reports. It lets you communicate and coordinate with learners seamlessly.

  • Facilitate self-paced learning
    Facilitate self-paced learning

    Enable learners to finish a course in one sitting or at their own pace. Let them decide how much information they consume, when, and where.

  • Automate repetitive tasks
    Automate repetitive tasks

    Whether it is due date reminders or email notifications to learners, you can easily automate such recurring tasks through the settings. This leaves you with more time to devote to learners.

  • Leverage 100+ customizations
    Leverage 100+ customizations

    ProProfs offers various settings and configurations to help users deliver training just the way they want. It includes general settings, security settings, notification settings, marketing & eCommerce settings, integrations, etc.

  • Assess retention with engaging quizzes
    Assess retention with engaging quizzes

    Add beautifully designed and interactive quizzes to courses. Use them to gauge retention and identify knowledge gaps. Choose from 100+ ready-to-use quiz templates and question types.

  • Track learning progress
    Track learning progress

    Track learners’ progress, how they interact with your eLearning courses, and how often. Make sure that they are devoting the necessary amount of time to a module. This is intended to ensure that your learners are on track as far as your learning goals are concerned.

  • View reports & analytics
    View reports & analytics

    ProProfs LMS helps you capture insightful reports and stats and analyze them to arrive at training decisions. Apart from the performance of the learners, this data shows you their learning pattern, which you can use to determine the efficacy of your courses.

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Engaging Course Templates

Choose from professionally designed role-based course templates

  • Employee Benefits Information

  • Onboarding & Company Introduction

  • Employee & Office Policies

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Employee Onboarding FAQs

What is the best employee onboarding software?

Onboarding software solutions that are worth considering are easy to understand and use. This ensures a positive user experience. They support various devices so that trainees can log in from anywhere, anytime and even gain remote access.

Scalability is another feature that defines top onboarding tools, enabling you to increase its capacity as your corporate training needs grow.

How much does employee onboarding software cost?

It varies from provider to provider. Sometimes the cost is based on the number of features you avail or the number of learners you need to train. ProProfs pricing starts at $2/learner/month (billed annually).

How do I track learner progress and activity?

Some of the leading software tools come with a real-time tracking feature. It tracks learner activities and progress.

For example, ProProfs LMS lets you identify who took your course, start date, and percentage completed. You can drill into it further by finding out the time spent on each course chapter and page.

Why is a new hire onboarding process important?

Employee onboarding acclimatizes new hires to your company culture. It helps them fully understand their individual and group roles.

Effective onboarding engages them from day one and reflects positively on their productivity and performance. It removes all possible confusion and doubts from their minds, increases satisfaction, and checks high turnover rates.

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