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Workplace Diversity Training Software
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What Is Diversity Training?

A workplace diversity training program is a compliance training program intended to raise awareness about the importance of diversity in the workplace. Through this training, employees learn to respect cultural differences and accept them without prejudice. It sensitizes employees to differences among co-workers and helps build a culture of tolerance. The training aims to build an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace.

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Why Is Workplace Diversity Training Important?

Diversity training is significant for several reasons. It prevents employees from developing unconscious bias in the workplace. It also checks bullying, harassment, discrimination, and intimidation.By upholding a tolerant culture, companies encourage a diversity of talent and build a good reputation through word of mouth.3 out of 4 employees and job seekers say that a diverse workforce is an important factor when evaluating companies and their job offers.Diversity training is a must to create a positive and healthy work environment and prevent civil rights violations.

Why Is Workplace Diversity Training Important?

Features & Benefits of Diversity Training Software

ProProfs Training Maker is a cloud-based diversity training software solution. It is the world’s easiest learning management system (LMS) that you can use to train employees on various diversity topics. Easily create, share, and track diversity training.

Access a premium library of 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-use online courses and templates.

Virtual Classroom Software

Train learner groups of any size. Easily assign courses and quizzes, track progress in real-time, and view reports with a centralized & secure virtual classroom.

Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Give your learners the freedom to access training resources from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Quizzes for Assessment

Share engaging quizzes for formative & summative assessments. Launch them from within a course for knowledge checks.

Collaboration & Discussions

Promote peer-to-peer social learning with an online Q&A forum. Build an active learners’ community.

Reporting & Analytics

View auto-generated & actionable reports and statistics. Gain insights into course status, difficulty areas, and more.

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How to Create an Effective Diversity Training Course

Create diversity training programs in minutes in easy steps







Pick a Template

Step 1: Pick a Template

Create a course from scratch using a beautiful template or choose a ready-to-use course from our library. Easily import your existing training materials.

Customize Look & Feel

Step 2: Customize Look & Feel

Design the course by adding your favorite theme, background image, color combinations, and fonts. Include quizzes, surveys, flashcards, and polls to make learning engaging.

Add Your Company Logo

Step 3: Add Your Company Logo

Personalize the course with branding. Add a logo, tagline, and value proposition. Make it easy for your target audience to identify and recognize you.

Configure Settings

Step 4: Configure Security

Choose from 100+ customization options for course privacy, course availability time, notifications, access control, security, and software integrations.

Share Anytime, Anywhere

Step 5: Share Anytime, Anywhere

Share your course link with your audience via email. You can also embed it on your official website or share the course on social media platforms.

Track Progress in Real-Time

Step 6: Track Progress in Real-Time

As soon as you share a course, you can start tracking your learners’ progress, course completion, and quiz scores in real-time through in-depth reports and statistics.

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How Diversity Training Software Works

ProProfs LMS software is engineered to simplify online training programs by taking care of the nuts and bolts. It streamlines and accelerates training while maximizing results through engagement.

Easily Create Diversity Training Courses

Use our pre-built workplace diversity courses or create from scratch

Easily develop cultural diversity training courses and train your workforce to build an all-inclusive work environment for everyone. You have the option of using the fully-customizable courses from our library or creating your own diversity course from scratch. Empower your employees to recognize and tolerate cultural differences. Deliver consistent training to different batches of learners using the same course. Build a harassment, conflict, and litigation-free workplace. Encourage growth and productivity with diversity awareness training.

Easily Create Diversity Training Courses
Add Quizzes, Videos & Presentations

Add Quizzes, Videos & Presentations

Make learning engaging & ensure 100% compliance

With ProProfs, diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs become engaging and you can ensure a higher course completion rate. Make information stick around for long with appealing images, videos, and presentations. This will lead to better compliance. Assess retention by embedding quizzes at the end of each chapter. Get audio/video responses and prevent question skipping. Gather feedback on course effectiveness using online surveys and opinion polls. Improve your courses based on this actionable data.

  • tick Training tick Make learning engaging & fun
  • tick Training tick Ensure compliance with training
  • tick Training tick Get instant user feedback
  • tick Training tick Improve your course content

Train Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Provide them the flexibility of time & place to learn

The employee diversity training software by ProProfs lets learners access training from virtually anywhere and at any time. Employees can take the course from the office, home, or even while working remotely since the training can be fitted to suit their lifestyles and work schedules. They can access the course from PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets as the employee training software is platform-agnostic. All this enables learners to self-pace learning based on their convenience.

  • tick Training tick Anytime, anywhere learning
  • tick Training tick Mobile-ready software application
  • tick Training tick Adapt learning to personal schedules
  • tick Training tick Facilitate self-paced learning
Train Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

100+ Customization & Branding Options

Easily personalize your courses, classroom & certificates

Adding brand identity to your diversity training courses, virtual classroom, and completion certificates is easy. Put your logo, color schemes, and tagline to spread brand awareness. Upload the course on your website so that it becomes a part of your website content. Use the same branding elements and let your classroom describe you as soon as users log in to take your diversity training programs. Similarly, you can add your course participant’s names and your signature to certificates.

  • tick Training tick Create your brand identity
  • tick Training tick Add logo, colors & messaging
  • tick Training tick Upload courses to your website
  • tick Training tick Issue custom completion certificates

Get Smart Reports & Analytics

Assess progress, course completion, engagement, & performance

Get a bird’s eye view of course status, course completion rate, total scores, time taken, and other granular details with advanced reports and stats. The data visualization makes it easy to get an accurate and quick idea of how different learners or groups are doing with your training. You can download, view, and share course reports, reports of quizzes within your course, user reports, and group reports. These reports make learning measurable and show whether your efforts are actually paying off.

  • tick Training tick Access advanced reports
  • tick Training tick Visualize learning data
  • tick Training tick Download & share reports
  • tick Training tick Make learning measurable
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Why Use ProProfs LMS for Diversity Training?

ProProfs LMS is intuitive, versatile, and customizable. It automates many of the recurring tasks and optimizes training for best results. What’s more, it comes with awesome support.
Easy to Use

It is the world’s easiest cloud LMS for corporate training. Even people with zero technical knowledge can use it like a pro.

Trusted by Millions

More than 15 million users in 150+ countries use ProProfs to build smarter employees and get happier customers.

Ease of Customization

The online training platform is easily configurable to fit your unique training requirements. This enables you to train people just the way you want.

AI-Powered Reporting

Making data-driven L&D decisions becomes easy with the built-in reporting system powered by AI. Ensure transparency and accountability in teaching and learning.

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Professionally Designed Course Templates

Our course templates are easily customizable with branding and user-owned training material. They are based on the latest aesthetic design and typographic standards. You can minimize your course development time by using these templates.

tick Training tick Employee Benefits Information arrow
Onboarding & Company Introduction Template
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
Brand Standards Training Template
tick Training tick Employee & Office Policies arrow
Communication Training Template
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
Marketing Training Template
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
First Aid Training Template

Powerful LMS Integrations

  • Amplify your online training experience through integrations with native and third-party apps. Easily set up integrations between ProProfs and numerous other tools and enhance the power of the LMS.

  • Create an interactive online learning environment by integrating the LMS with our Q&A platform.

  • Easily manage and grow your email marketing lists by integrating Mailchimp with ProProfs LMS.

  • Schedule, host, and participate in Zoom meetings without leaving the ProProfs virtual classroom software.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Diversity Training Program?

Online diversity training for employees is an educational program designed to create awareness about the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.

It teaches how employees should overcome unconscious bias, discrimination, and prejudice, and help build a diverse workplace where people from different cultural backgrounds can co-exist.

Such programs promote healthy professional relationships and a positive business reputation by not letting one’s color, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and gender come in the way.

What Are the Different Types of Diversity Training?

Diversity training is divided into the following main types:

  • Awareness Training
  • Basic Training
  • Skill-Based Diversity Training
  • Intermediate Diversity Training
  • Diversity Audits

At times, the training is conducted based on different diversity aspects, such as physical diversity, psychological diversity, cultural diversity, and socio-economic diversity.

What Are the Best Diversity Training Programs?

The best diversity training programs are formal training conducted routinely based on clear objectives. Such training uses effective learning management systems that keep learning organized, measurable, on time, and on budget. Also, the best training is comprehensive and adheres to applicable equal employment laws.

How Much Does Diversity Training Software Cost?

The cost varies depending on what’s included under a plan. Generally, the pricing plans are based on the number of learners or admins per month or per year. You will find plans from the basics to the premium level. In most cases, the costs are billed annually.

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