What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is an online learning environment where instructors and learners come together just like in a physical classroom. The only difference here is that the online version relies on communication tools to manage all training and learning activities.

The best thing about online classroom platforms is that they provide a centralized place to add learners, create learner groups, assign courses and tests, and track progress in real-time. Teaching and learning have never been this easy.

How to Create a Virtual Classroom

Creating a virtual classroom is easy with ProProfs’ online training platform. Just follow the steps below to set it up quickly.
Create Virtual Classroom

Step 1

On the Training Maker dashboard, click ‘Classroom’.

New Classroom

Step 2

Click ‘+ New Classroom’ & give it a name

start assigning courses

Step 3

Add learners & start assigning courses

How Does Virtual Classroom Software Work?

The virtual classroom software by ProProfs provides a controlled environment for you to take charge of online learning seamlessly.
Add Learners
Add Learners

Once you’ve created a classroom, you'll be prompted to add users. You can add a username or email manually. In case you’ve a large number of learners, you can bulk import them from an Excel sheet or your MS or Gmail account.

Create Groups
Create Groups

Using the online teaching software, you can create learner groups and sub-groups to keep things more organized. When you assign a course to a group, all the members in that group are automatically assigned the course.

Send Classroom Invites
Send Classroom Invites

Once you’ve added a group of learners to your classroom, you can send them a classroom invitation along with their login details. This informs your learners that they’ve been added to the classroom.

Track Progress
Track Progress

You can track each group’s learning progress through various group reports. They include courses taken, courses pending, and grade books. The grade books show total points and average scores.

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Create Online Courses & Tests

Easily create virtual training courses and quizzes using fully-integrated online classroom software

Create a course from scratch or use templates and ready-to-use courses. We have over 100 customizable courses and templates that you can use to get started in no time. Embed quizzes for assessment and surveys for feedback into courses. Include images, videos, podcasts, presentations, documents and more in courses to increase engagement and maximize knowledge retention.

Train Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Empower your learners to attend training sessions whenever they want, from wherever they are
Train Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

You can train anyone anywhere in the world with the best virtual classroom software. ProProfs virtual classroom works on all devices, and we support more than 70 languages. You can set your courses open to the public or restrict classroom access using a password or single sign-on. The online classroom materials are available 24/7.

  • tick Training tick Works on all devices
  • tick Training tick 70+ interface languages
  • tick Training tick Keep courses public or private
  • tick Training tick Available 24/7

Administer Any Number of Learners

Train small groups or thousands of learners with an LMS that scales as you grow

Our virtual classroom platform lets you train just a handful of learners or thousands with equal ease. Group learners by department or location. Set up learning paths using course bundles. ProProfs is Tin Can and SCORM-compliant, and you have the options to allow learners to self enroll or utilize single sign-on (SSO) integration using API, LDAP or Active Directory.

  • tick Training tick Train small groups or thousands
  • tick Training tick Learning paths & course bundles
  • tick Training tick Tin Can & SCORM-compliant
  • tick Training tick Single sign-on

Provide Self-Help Within Online Classrooms

Integrate knowledge base so that you never answer the same question twice
Provide Self-Help Within Online Classrooms

ProProfs Knowledge Base software is included with our online classroom. You can create FAQs, manuals, and help centers to provide your learners with 24/7 self-help resources. With complete access to the information they need, your learners don’t have to ask you the same question repeatedly. They can access the knowledge base anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

  • tick Training tick Online FAQs, manuals, help center
  • tick Training tick Provide instant 24x7 self-help
  • tick Training tick Never answer the same question again
  • tick Training tick Access anytime, anywhere & from any device

Get Delightful Reports & Analytics

Track all course participants and measure results in real-time

Get valuable insights to oversee learner participation, completion, and pending tasks with our advanced reports and analytics. The online classroom software enables you to track performance, completion rates, and engagement quickly and easily in a simple learner dashboard. You can view details by individual, group, and course. Continually improve classroom participation and engagement.

  • tick Training tick Advanced reports & stats
  • tick Training tick Track performance & engagement
  • tick Training tick See who has taken a course & who needs to
  • tick Training tick View results based on individual, group, or course

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Virtual Classroom Features

Facilitate uninterrupted learning with the help of compelling features in our virtual training software
  • Measure Knowledge
    Measure Knowledge

    Integrated quizzes & surveys to assess learning objectives.

  • Share Knowledge
    Share Knowledge

    Distribute knowledge with collaboration and knowledge base tools.

  • 100+ Customizations
    100+ Customizations

    100+ settings for security, access control, branding etc.

  • 50+ Integrations
    50+ Integrations

    Works great with all your favorite tools including Salesforce, LDAP, Active Directory, etc.

  • Simple & Easy
    Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access training courses on laptops, tablets or smartphones

100+ Ready-to-Use Courses

A premium library of professionally designed and customizable employee training courses
How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Create a positive environment that is conducive to your employees. Build a strong workplace culture based on communication and collaboration.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training Course

This course covers fundamental topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI). It highlights the impact of these aspects on an organization and covers some tactics and steps organizations can take.

Interviewing Skills Training Course

Learn how to select the right candidate for a job by asking the right questions. Avoid interview faux pas and conduct successful interviews regardless of your industry.

OSHA Compliance Training

This course provides an overview of recordkeeping for work-related injuries & illnesses as required by OSHA. Keep your employees safe from workplace hazards.

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Powerful Integrations

Powerful integrations
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Works Great for All Your Employee Training Needs

Employee onboarding LMS

Welcome your new hires easily and effectively with our online employee onboarding software. Keep them engaged from day one.

Compliance Training Software

Stay compliant with your industry laws and regulations. Educate your employees on the standards for safety and well-being.

Distance Learning Software
Distance Learning

Our distance learning software makes it easy to train remote employees. Enable self-paced learning via a centralized virtual classroom.

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We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom is a digitized, online version of a traditional physical classroom. It serves as a centralized and secure platform to assign, manage, and track courses or quizzes as a part of enterprise training or educational program. You can facilitate real-time collaboration, build an active learning community, and automate reports. Here’s a quick read for you to learn What is a Virtual Classroom?

What are the different types of virtual classrooms?

Virtual classrooms are divided into five main categories. 1) Rotation model 2) Flex model 3) Enriched model 4) A la carte model and 5) Fully virtual classroom. Here’s more on what a virtual classroom is, its features and advantages, and the Types of Virtual Classrooms.

What are the advantages of a virtual classroom?

A virtual classroom such as the one provided by ProProfs is secure, centralized, and time-saving. You can easily add courses, assign roles and permissions, and send out reminders to learners. Learners can self-enroll using group join codes, and log in using their unique usernames and passwords.

How to create an online classroom

You can easily create an online classroom with ProProfs. Simply create a new classroom, give it a name, and add your courses, learners, instructors, and group admins. Customize the classroom with your favorite theme, font, and language. Your classroom is now ready. Here’s a quick guide on How to Create a Virtual Classroom.

What is the best Virtual Classroom software?

The best Virtual Classroom software applications are easy yet powerful to use and serve as a one-stop solution for managers and teachers to deploy for remote training or learning. Designed for all skill levels and use cases, you can easily add admins, allow self-enrollment of learners, share courses and track progress - all from a single executive dashboard. Here’s a roundup of the 10 Best Virtual Classroom Software for 2023.

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