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100,000+ courses & tests created. Over 4 million learners

What is an LMS for Business Service Providers?

A learning management system for business service providers is an online platform for training employees on compliance, procedures, and job skills. Whether you provide consulting, financial, technology, training, or consumer services such as vacation planning, you want employees to do the right thing the first time. This solution simplifies training and makes record-keeping easy.

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Ideal Business Services LMS for Your Industry

Empowering business service teams across diverse industries

A business services LMS gives you the learning and development solutions you need, no matter your niche or the type of services you provide.

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100+ Courses for Business Service Providers or Create Your Own

Customizable & ready-to-go training courses designed by industry experts

Simplify your business services training and record-keeping with our ready-to-use online courses and templates. Use our training programs as is or modify them to suit your unique requirements. Import your existing materials and personalize them to meet your unique needs.

Compliance Training Courses
View All Safety Courses

Onboarding With Policy & Procedure Training

Onboard new employees by easily creating new employee onboarding training courses using templates. A well-crafted onboarding course helps introduce your hires to culture, co-workers, and job roles & responsibilities. You can also train your incoming employees on business processes, the tools you use, and operations & administration such as order processing. Well on-boarded employees perform better and improve your bottom line.

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Compliance Training Courses

Train your employees on compliance laws, rules, and standards. Avoid the risks of legal liabilities and improve productivity & efficiency.

View All Compliance Courses
Compliance Training Courses
View All Compliance Courses
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Workplace Safety Training Courses
View All Safety Courses

Workplace Safety Training Courses

Educate your employees on safe workplace practices through health and safety-related topics.

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Employee Skills Courses

Onboard new hires faster & train them on customer handling, software skills, and service & sales.

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Workplace Training Courses
View All Skills Courses
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How Our LMS System for Business Services Works

Provide Policy & Compliance Training

Keep your workforce informed, safe & compliant

Easily create training programs on sexual harassment prevention, workplace diversity, COVID safety, business processes & tools, and more. Utilize quizzes to ensure employees have a deep understanding of your business policies and procedures and send automatic due-date reminders to ensure course compliance. When it’s time to create a new course utilize our built-in authoring tool to develop courses from scratch or access our library of 100+ premade courses and course templates designed and developed by professionals.

  • tick Training tick Harassment & DEI training
  • tick Training tick Business process training
  • tick Training tick Automatic reminders
  • tick Training tick 100+ expert-designed courses
Compliance Training Courses

Create Courses With Existing Content

Onboard new hires & quickly train on job skills

Save valuable time you’d otherwise invest in creating courses from the ground up. Onboard new hires and quickly train them on job skills and compliance topics using your custom course content. Accelerate online training programs by easily uploading your existing documents, PDF files, training manuals, videos, and presentations. You can also import SCORM and Tin Can courses. Be sure to add quizzes at the end of each chapter to see if the information is retained.

  • tick Training tick Build custom courses easily
  • tick Training tick Upload docs, videos, PDFs, PPTs, & manuals
  • tick Training tick Import SCORM/Tin Can courses
  • tick Training tick Add quizzes to test engagement

Manage Groups & Assign Permissions

Train based on teams, locations or roles

Create learners groups and sub-groups and train them more effectively based on roles, locations, or teams. Once a group of learners is added to your classroom, you can send them a joining invitation and their login details. Send course work or tests automatically to members of any group. Similarly, you can assign multiple admins and instructors to manage different learning groups and give them full control over accounts and assignments within their group.

  • tick Training tick Create learner groups for custom training
  • tick Training tick Send coursework, tests & training automatically
  • tick Training tick Train based on role, team, or location
  • tick Training tick Give instructors & admins control over groups
Manage Groups, Instructors, Roles & Permissions

100+ LMS Settings & Configurations

Set up course privacy, security & notifications

With customizable LMS settings and configurations, you can easily manage every aspect of training, from course registration all the way through to course completion. Mold the business LMS according to your specific teaching and learning needs by choosing from 100+ options for software settings. Add your logo, background image, color schemes, and messaging to create a unique identity. Allow learner self-registration and single sign-on (SSO). Choose when your course or its chapters become available to learners. Set the number of course attempts permitted and due-date reminders.

  • tick Training tick 100+ LMS customization options for branding
  • tick Training tick Self-registration & SSO
  • tick Training tick Configure course availability
  • tick Training tick Due date and new course notifications

Get Reports & Award Certificates

View real-time progress reports & issue certificates

Access insightful reports on learning patterns, progress, milestones, and challenges. These reports show you all learner data such as who took a course and when, or who is still pending to take the course. AI driven reports also help you identify knowledge gaps via quizzes. You can also filter reports based on your needs or download them in popular formats like Excel, PDF, and CSV. Issue custom-designed completion certificates to keep participants motivated and keep your team moving forward.

  • tick Training tick Insights on completed & pending courses
  • tick Training tick Identify knowledge gaps via quizzes
  • tick Training tick Create custom completion certificates
  • tick Training tick Make informed decisions
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Beautifully Crafted Course Templates

Pick from professionally designed course templates for role-based training
  • tick Training tick

    Employee Benefits Information

  • tick Training tick

    Onboarding & Company Introduction

  • tick Training tick

    Employee & Office Policies

tick Training tick Employee Benefits Information arrow
Employee Benefits Information
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
Onboarding & Company Introduction
tick Training tick Employee & Office Policies arrow
Employee & Office Policies

All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place

100+ Ready Courses & Templates

Access a library of 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-go online courses and templates.

Add Assessment Quizzes

Use beautiful quizzes to measure retention and gaps. Get audio/video responses and prevent question skipping.

Upload Docs, Videos, PDFs & PPTs

Minimize your course development time by uploading your existing docs, presentations, videos, audio, and PDF files.

100+ Settings

Set up your courses, users, and classrooms according to your needs. ProProfs supports 100+ options for customization.

English, Spanish & 70+ Languages

Easily train a global audience in their preferred languages. ProProfs supports English, Spanish, and 70+ other languages.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Give learners the flexibility to access training from any device, anytime, anywhere.

Multiple Instructors/Admins

Assign roles to multiple instructors and admins to simplify training administration and boost efficiency.

Track Progress & Compliance

Keep track of progress and training compliance with real-time data visualizations.

AI-Powered Reporting

View, download, and share insightful reports on individuals, groups, in-course quizzes, and surveys.

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Works Great for All Training Needs

Our LMS for business services is versatile. Use it to deliver all kinds of online training programs.

Easily train your business services team on sexual harassment, diversity, emergency preparedness, and other topics.

Simplify and accelerate new hire onboarding by providing an amazing start. Make it engaging, impactful, and sustainable.

Train your employees on in-demand skills such as business communications, high performance habits, and influence & persuasion.

Create awareness about workplace safety such as COVID and active shooter scenarios. Build a safe workplace environment.

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Easily Train Employees on Compliance, Policies, and Skills

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