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ProProfs LMS features give you everything you need to automate organization-wide learning. With these top LMS features, you can create online classrooms, enable groups to collaborate, discuss, and learn. What’s more, you can view reports, monitor learner progress and create quizzes and surveys to assess employees and capture feedback. Here’s how you can do it:

Course Building

Create and deploy top quality training with ProProfs’ user-friendly course builder.

  • create online courses
    Easy to create courses

    Easily create custom courses with an intuitive authoring tool and professionally designed templates

  • Integrating Quizzes and Surveys
    Add quizzes & surveys

    Test memory retention and gather feedback by integrating quizzes and surveys

  • Brain games
    Brain games

    Boost cognitive skills of your learners with exciting brain games

  • Course library
    Course library

    Get access to professionally designed and customizable online training courses

  • Make online courses accessible to multiple users
    Shared folders

    Make learning resources accessible to multiple users or groups with shared folders

  • Sell your courses online
    E-commerce platform

    Sell your courses, tests, and quizzes on ProProfs Store or any other site of your choice

  • 100+ Ready-to-Use Editable Courses
    Library of Hundreds of Premium Courses

    Includes courses you can use as is or edit as needed on topics such as compliance, safety, sexual harassment, soft skills & more. Browse courses.

  • Knowledge Base & Training Manuals
    Knowledge Base & Training Manuals

    Create searchable manuals & a knowledgebase to ensure information is easily accessible to learners or customers anytime.

  • Upload Docs, Presentations & Videos
    Upload Docs, Presentations & Videos

    Import existing content directly into your course including YouTube videos, PDFs, docs & more.

  • Reuse existing course content
    Ready-to-Use Courses

    Access an entire library of hundreds of premium online courses.

  • Ready to Use Templates
    Ready-to-use training templates

    Free, customizable & role-based training templates for all businesses

  • Add voice-over to your course
    Voice-Over, WYSIWYG

    Add voice-over to your content, and use WYSIWYG program

  • Import SCORM courses
    Import SCORM courses

    Easily import SCORM-compliant content and centrally access learner data

  • Easily download training resources
    Download & Share Resources

    Easily download PDF files, Word docs & Excel sheets and share with anyone.

  • Easily share courses via link or online classroom
    Easily share courses with learners

    Share courses via email, website embed, social media link, an SMS alert, or a downloadable QR code.

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White-Label Your Courses

Remove ProProfs branding, create custom courses & feature them under your own brand with our white-label LMS

  • Fully Customized Courses
    Custom designs

    Use custom designs that resonate with your brand

  • Choose Colorful course themes for your online training
    Colorful themes

    Choose from colorful and topic-specific themes

  • Add your own logo
    Branding & logo

    Add your own logo and brand messaging

Learning Management System

Manage learners with designated learning paths, course bundles, and online classrooms. Create unlimited groups, assign courses, and track learning in a centralized location.

  • Create Learning paths
    Learning paths

    Provide a well-defined roadmap for learning based on the unique needs of each learner

  • Offer course bundles
    Course bundles

    Offer course bundles as a package for different training programs including sexual harassment and HIPAA

  • Schedule course chapters
    Schedule chapters

    Define specific time for courses to become available

  • Users & group management to assign courses
    Users & group management

    Create user groups and assign courses. Arrange users in a hierarchy based on your organizational structure.

  • Learning Record Store
    Learning Record Store

    Record learners’ interactions with course content, centrally access learning data, and analyze learning experiences.

  • Create Online classrooms
    Online classrooms

    Assign courses, view reports, and do more with centralized online classrooms

  • Single Sign-On
    Single Sign-On

    Automatically authenticate users who are logged into your website or have an account in your HR or user management system.

  • Assign Roles & permissions
    Roles & permissions

    Assign roles to system administrators and give them access to courses and user settings. Enable collaboration between instructors.

  • Create Course Group admin
    Group admin

    Add or delete group admins and control how you manage groups of learners

  • Enable self-enrollment
    Self enrollment of learners

    Enable self-enrollment and save your time and effort

  • Bulk-invite learners
    Bulk-invite learners

    Invite learners in groups to take a course

  • Gamification

    Boost training completion, retention, and performance with badges, points, leaderboards, quizzes, and more.

  • Get instant notifications for completed course
    Notifications on course completion

    Get instant email notifications for completed courses, due courses, and certificate expiration

  • Get instant notifications for completed course
    Calendar Reminder

    Set tasks on your training calendar and send timely email reminders to participants so they never miss a session.

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Testing & Assessment

Use quizzes to ask a variety of question types to test knowledge retention. Embed quizzes into your courses for formative assessments to ensure understanding and keep learners engaged. Ask open-ended questions using surveys or scored quizzes.

  • Video/Audio Responses
    Video/Audio Responses

    Use Quiz Maker to create quizzes that capture or play audio/video responses. Employees can also upload audio or video recordings of them performing tasks to ensure understanding.

  • Integrated Scored & personality quizzes
    Scored & personality quizzes

    Create a variety of quizzes such as scored quizzes, personality quizzes, and more

  • Make quizzes secure or private
    Private quizzes

    Make quizzes secure or private and accessible to only select users using smart settings

  • Embed variety of question types
    A variety of question types

    Our quizzes support different question types such as multiple choice, matching, and fill in the blank

  • Easily upload Excel files
    Excel upload

    Easily create questions on an excel document and bulk-upload them

  • Offline Authoring
    Offline authoring

    Develop your quizzes without the need to remain online all the time

  • Randomize and shuffle quiz questions
    Randomization & Shuffling

    Randomize and shuffle quiz questions as well as answers for a different experience

  • ILT & Webinar Tracking
    Mandatory & optional questions

    Keep your quiz questions either optional or mandatory for learners

  • Add Timed quizzes
    Timed quizzes

    Prevent cheating by setting expiry time for your quiz questions

  • Create custom scores & results
    Scoring & result customization

    Create custom scores & results and choose what a quiz taker sees on their report

  • Access quizzes and tests on your mobile

    Access quizzes and tests seamlessly on your mobile devices such as smartphones

  • Share courses and quizzes on social media
    Social media sharing

    Share courses and quizzes on social media platforms so that learners find them easily

  • Capture leads with lead generation quizzes
    Capture leads & contact info

    Capture leads and gather details of prospects with lead generation quizzes

Learner Experience

Provide a collaborative learning environment to learners. Enable them to save and resume courses at their own convenience. Manage announcements easily. Leverage multi-lingual support.

  • Multi-Lingual support
    Multi-Lingual support

    Supports English, Spanish & 70+ other languages for training a worldwide audience.

  • Integrate Discussion & collaboration
    Discussion & collaboration

    Provide a question & answer forum for knowledge sharing through ProProfs Collaborate.

  • Send Course announcements
    Course announcements

    Send out announcements to learners and ensure course compliance

  • Set Compliance & reminders
    Compliance & reminders

    Set reminders for course completion dates and ensure ongoing compliance

  • Save & resume courses
    Save & resume courses

    Let learners pause, save, and resume courses and self-pace their learning

  • Build a collaborative learning environment
    Collaborative learning environment

    Build a collaborative learning environment by integrating Collaborate and Training Maker

  • Build a collaborative learning environment
    Video Conferencing

    Easily schedule, host & attend video conferences without ever leaving the classroom.

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Reporting & Tracking

Use compelling features in our learning management system to track learners and obtain learning reports. Share reports via links or in downloadable formats, such as a PDF.

  • Real-time reporting
    Real-time reporting

    Get real-time learner reports based on detailed statistics and analytics

  • Real-time reporting
    Track Time

    Track time spent on each page or module and on the course.

  • Individual & group reports
    Individual & group reports

    Monitor individual and group progress and generate reports for each

  • Courses completed & pending reports
    Courses completed & pending reports

    Get access to reports showing pending and completed courses in one place

  • Grade book reports
    Grade book reports

    Obtain scores of your learners on the courses and quizzes they have taken as a group

  • Export reports as Excel or PDF
    Export reports as Excel or PDF

    Export test reports in popular formats such as Excel, PDF, and more

  • Shared reports & certificates with Email
    Email reports & certificates

    Share learning reports and completion certificates with learners via emails

  • Shared reports & certificates with Email
    ILT & Webinar Tracking

    Schedule & track instructor led training (ILT) and webinars to monitor progress & completion.

  • IP tracking
    IP tracking

    Track not only when and by whom a course was taken, but also the IP address

  • Easily Filtered results
    Filter results

    Filter learning reports by time such as today, yesterday, last 7 days, and more

Integrations & API

Integrate ProProfs Training Maker with your favorite tools such as MailChimp and Salesforce. Take advantage of software interoperability using Tin Can API-compliant LMS.

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Security & Permissions

Configure your security settings to make courses either public or private. 100+ security settings and access controls.

  • Password-protect courses
    Password-protected courses

    Allow public access or password-protect courses

  • User & role-based permission training courses
    User & role-based permissions

    Create unlimited group admins & instructors to manage accounts . Let them give or revoke privileges for their group members.

  • Complete data ownership
    Complete data ownership

    Get ownership over data related to learning activities

  • Secure online LMS login portal
    Secure online login portal

    Each user can log in using their own login credentials

  • GDPR-Compliant

    We protect personal data and privacy of all end users

  • Cloud based World Class Infrastructure
    World Class Infrastructure

    Our cloud infrastructure is hosted with Amazon and IBM

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