What is an LMS?

LMS stands for learning management system. It is a software application that you can use to create, manage, and track online employee training and educational programs. Being web-based, you can access online learning management software at any time and from anywhere using any device. They offer a one-stop solution covering both pre and post-training phases. People use learning management systems to train learners both locally and remotely.

Types of LMS

A learning management platform falls into different categories and the main ones are:
Cloud-based lms

A cloud LMS system is a web-based training and learning solution that is hosted in the cloud. Users can access them by simply logging into a web portal. There’s no need for downloading and installing software to avail its services.

On-premise lms

On-premise LMS software solutions are hosted locally on a company’s server. They are usually installed, deployed, and managed by an in-house IT team. They entail only a one upfront licensing fee, but tend to take more time to install.

Enterprise-grade lms

Enterprise-grade LMSs are designed to meet the needs of enterprise-wide training, including employee training, customer training, and partner training. They are equipped with all the necessary tools that ensure speed, efficiency, and security in training.

Individual lms

This class of online learning management systems suits the needs of individual trainers and tutors as well as small companies. Features on offer are limited to what individual users generally require. The subscription plans for such tools are also tailored based on the limited features.

Open source lms
Open source

An open source LMS is open to modification, update, improvement, and error fixing by developers. Developers can also use and distribute the software. Ease of customization and access to a community of experts define this type of LMS.

Proprietary lms

LMS software systems that come with an annual licensing fee and are characterized by closed source code are known as proprietary. Such software solutions are developed and maintained solely by the provider. Tech support and integrations come at extra costs.

LMS Features

Some of the in-demand features you’ll find in ProProfs LMS software are:
  • eLearning authoring tool
    eLearning authoring tool

    Course creators can use this feature to build courses and tests either from scratch or by importing existing material.

  • Virtual classroom Software
    Virtual classroom

    The virtual classroom lets you centrally administer learners and courses, make announcements, view reports, and more.

  • Quizzes & surveys
    Quizzes & Surveys

    Quiz and survey tools help you in assessing learners and collecting feedback on the impact of your training.

  • Collaboration tools
    Collaboration tools

    ProProfs offers a Q&A forum where course participants can ask and answer questions, comment, and collaborate on joint assignments.

  • LMS Integrations

    You can magnify the power of the LMS by leveraging smooth integrations with several third-party tools, including email marketing tools, CMS, and CRM.

  • White-label lms

    Remove any references to ProProfs and deploy the LMS under your own brand. Add logo, fonts, and custom designs.

  • LMS Reporting

    This AI-powered LMS reporting & analytics tool enables instructors to track each learner or group’s progress and view delightful training data.

  • Training Certification

    ProProfs supports custom LMS certification to validate completion of a course. You can share this proof of training with learners via emails.

  • eCommerce

    Create and sell online courses on ProProfs or your own website. List them on ProProfs Store and reach more potential buyers.

Benefits of LMS

ProProfs LMS software brings plenty of benefits to end-users.
Ease of course creation
Ease of course creation

Easily create online courses using simple steps. ProProfs LMS is easy to understand and use as it was designed for users of all skill levels.

Course Library
Premium course library

ProProfs offers a premium library of 100+ professionally designed and customizable courses training templates.

Anytime, anywhere learning
Anytime, anywhere learning

Let your learners take courses and tests at the moment they want them using the devices they prefer. Deliver training to a worldwide audience easily.

Real-time training tracking
Real-time tracking

Track attendance and progress of individuals and groups. Check start date and completion date. Get all the learning-related information you need through data visualization.

Low training budget
Low training budget

Take advantage of the most reasonable and transparent pricing structure. Choose a plan that suits your budget and training needs. No more expenses on training venues, printed materials, and hiring trainers.

Reduced learning time
Reduced learning time

Reduce training and learning time by simplifying course creation and administration, removing the need to travel, and making your training fit into everyone’s schedules.


Increase the size of your online classroom easily according to your growing training requirements. Go from training 10 to 500 individuals effortlessly. ProProfs LMS keeps pace with its clients’ changing training needs.

Easy course update
Easy course update

Update training modules or an entire course easily and quickly. With ProProfs, it is as easy as copy-paste. Notify your learners when you roll out the new version.

Why Choose ProProfs LMS?

ProProfs LMS is an award-winning enterprise-grade learning management software. As the world’s easiest cloud LMS system, it enables millions of customers worldwide to simplify, streamline, and optimize corporate training. It is a trusted tool to take charge of online learning.

With ProProfs LMS, you can:

  • Easily create online courses
  • Customize with 100+ settings & configurations
  • Centralize training with virtual classroom
  • Add quizzes for instant assessment
  • Facilitate online collaboration
  • Leverage SCORM, Tin Can, HRIS & 50+ integrations
  • View delightful reports & analytics

How ProProfs LMS Works

Cloud LMS Software

Designed for users of all experience levels & use cases

  • Simplest way to create online courses
  • Administer individuals & groups
  • SCORM, Tin Can, HRIS, & 50+ integrations
  • Online classrooms with 100+ settings
  • Delightful reports & analytics

Simplest Way to Create Online Courses

Create engaging online courses from scratch or use existing content

Create beautiful online courses easily that delight your learners. Build a new course or choose from existing 100+ expert customizable courses in the ProProfs library. Upload your existing training content, including images, videos, presentations, and docs, to make your own online learning system. Add quizzes to courses to assess learners and surveys to gather course feedback.

Simplest way to create online courses

Administer Individuals & Groups

Provide an online learning experience to learners of any size
Administer individuals & groups

Train learners individually or in groups of up to thousands. Centralize your course assignment with the help of a secure virtual classroom. Provide self-enrollment so that learners can register themselves and save your time and effort. Explore 100+ settings to customize your experience with features like reminders, notifications, authentication, restricting attempts and more. Offer topic-specific course bundles or skill-specific learning paths for holistic learning.

  • Manage individuals & groups
  • Allow self-enrollment
  • Utilize 100+ settings
  • Offer course bundles & learning paths

SCORM, Tin Can, HRIS & 50+ Integrations

Record learning experiences using Tin Can & integrate with other tools easily

Measure learning experiences using a Tin Can or SCORM-compliant LMS. You can import your existing training materials into ProProfs easily. Manage learners in one place using Active Directory and LDAP integration. Single Sign-On (SSO) enables an easy login and quick authentication. ProProfs also supports Experience API and integrations with SalesForce, MailChimp and many more useful tools.

SCORM, Tin Can, HRIS, & 50+ integrations

Online Classrooms with 100+ Settings

Personalize learning experiences with 100+ settings & a learner portal

Create online classrooms and train your learners easily and effectively. Centrally manage learners, group admins, and courses with the help of these classrooms. ProProfs LMS software comes with 100+ settings and smart configurations for personalized learning experiences. The learner dashboard on this SaaS LMS system displays the courses, assignments, announcements and more for each learner to facilitate ease of learning.

  • 100+ settings & configurations
  • Online learner portal
  • Personalized learning experience
  • Centralized assignments, announcements

Delightful Reports & Analytics

Get insightful reports & analytics on learners using LMS software

Extract actionable insights with the help of advanced reports. Understand how engaged your learners are or where they face difficulty with a course. Check out various reports to know your learners’ progress, total time spent, completed & pending courses, performance, scores and more. Automated course grading saves time. Delight your learners with instant results and feedback with this SaaS LMS software.

  • Track performance & engagement
  • Completed & pending courses
  • Automated grading & scoring
  • Instant reports & feedback

Perfect For All Use Cases

ProProfs LMS software designed for all kinds of online learning and training programs
Corporate Training

Deliver workplace training on any popular topic, such as sexual harassment, workplace ethics, and managing customer expectations. The LMS lets you create, share, and track online training programs easily.


Easily create coursework and tests for students, and administer them seamlessly using a single dashboard. Assess knowledge retention using engaging quizzes. ProProfs LMS enables you to transition to a paperless learning and testing system.


Train your employees on the prevention of common workplace injuries and fatalities. Maintain records of different incidents in the workplace as required by laws. ProProfs LMS comes with an OSHA training course ready for deployment.

Premium Library of 100+ Courses & Templates

Corporate Training

Kick-start employee training or eLearning with our stock of ready-to-use courses and templates.

  • New courses added regularly
  • Designed by industry experts
  • Easily customizable with branding
  • Engaging quizzes & surveys

Solutions For All Industries

ProProfs LMS Software has training and learning management solutions for every industry.

Customize your LMS training software to meet your specific learning needs and business objectives. The learning management platform plays the role of a continuous source of information for learners, teaching them safety measures, business objectives, industry standards, and policies as well as job-specific skills. Knowledge sharing, discussion, and collaboration among learners through a cloud LMS make learning highly interactive. A user-friendly LMS platform accommodates different learning styles and qualifications of the learners. It is a one-time investment for any organization that guarantees positive long-term results. Employee training and development through such a platform is the ideal method that prevents unnecessary wastage of time and money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What learning materials does an LMS support?

Generally, an LMS supports easy online authoring of content. At ProProfs, we’ve designed our LMS to enable you to reuse your existing content to create courses and quizzes quickly. All courses and templates provided by us are also fully editable. You can upload docs, videos, audio files, presentations, PDF files, web links, recorded webinars, and quizzes for easy and quick course creation. This way, you can deliver multimodal learning to cater to different learning styles and preferences. Here’s a quick guide to How to Add Text, Images, Audio, and Videos to Courses.

Is my data secure in an LMS?

Absolutely. All cloud-based LMS software systems support a failsafe cloud backup system for critical data. The servers are hosted at a secure location to protect user information, and the software products are updated regularly with the latest security patches. Also, you can set up password protection for courses to keep them private and available only to your select audience. Single Sign-On (SSO) in an LMS prevents vulnerabilities related to using multiple passwords, while two-factor authentication makes logins more secure. Find out How Your Data is Safe & Secure With ProProfs.

How do I add my learners to a course?

The most common method to add learners to a course is to upload a large set of them from a spreadsheet in one go or invite them one by one. You can also give them a link to self-enroll in a course. There are other advanced enrollment methods such as API-based enrollment. Check How to Share a Course With Learners.

How do I view reports?

You can view different types of reports within an LMS. For example, ProProfs LMS provides reports on learners, groups, and courses. These reports show information on pending courses, completed courses, and grade books. You can view reports for each learner and group separately, or as a consolidated classroom report. Here’s a quick guide to the Types of Reports & How to Access Them.

How to choose the best LMS software?

To choose the best LMS software, make sure it is easy yet powerful to use. It should serve as a one-stop solution for managing an entire training lifecycle. For example, a SaaS cloud LMS allows you to design and schedule learning as well as train, track, grade, and certify learners seamlessly. Such LMS software tools are generally designed for users of all skill levels and use cases. Here’s a roundup of the 20 best LMS software.

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