What Is a Custom Elearning Course Development Service?

Get professional instructional design services to build training courses

Our custom elearning course development service will build professional online training courses on any subject or topic you need. You can provide existing course materials or we’ll develop everything from scratch for you. We have a team of expert Instructional Designers who plan out the perfect course outline and add engaging elements like videos, voiceover, and dynamic content. We can add quizzes and surveys so you can test knowledge retention and measure course satisfaction. You’ll also get our advanced online training software, which makes it easy to share, sell, and assign courses, send reminders, and monitor completion rates. Our custom course development service makes it easy and cost-effective for you to start training today.

Custom Elearning Course Development Service
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The ProProfs Process

Creating delightful learning experiences

We’ve built hundreds of training courses and trained millions of learners, so we know how to do this. Here is our custom elearning design process:

The ProProfs Process

#1 You tell us what you need to teach and who your learners are

#2 We create a course outline and define the content assets to be included, such as videos, tutorials, handouts, worksheets, quizzes, etc.

#3 Our team of Instructional Designers builds, designs, and edits your course

#4 We put your course into our online software

#5 You review the course & we work together to finalize it

#6 We provide you with the complete course and show you how to share it with learners and monitor performance

The ProProfs Advantage

Custom course development + online training software

We will build your course using ProProfs Training Maker, an award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) that makes it easy to share, assign, and manage courses. When the course is ready, we will train you on how to use our platform to manage your learners and monitor how well the course does. You’ll get insights like who has started the course, who has completed it, how they performed on quizzes, and more.

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We Are Experts at Training Course Development

Courses & tests created
Courses & tests created
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Year mission
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Stages of the Custom Elearning Development Process

The standard steps that our instructional designers follow are:
Stages of the Custom Elearning Development Process

Step 1: Planning & Analysis

Instructional designers, along with other stakeholders, brainstorm course objectives, course formats, project scope and goals, and other elements at this stage.

Gathering Content

Step 2: Gathering Content

The elearning development team collects course content and then sorts and organizes them. The content may be sourced from internal resources and online research, or obtained from subject matter experts.

Template Development

Step 3: Template Development

Our IDs take a templated approach to their instructional design process. These professional-grade templates facilitate rapid designing, development, and deployment of elearning.


Step 4: Storyboarding

At this stage, an elearning course is previsualized by arranging the different content in a logical sequence. This is where instructional designers map things out in an orderly fashion based on the content and template they have.


Step 5: Multimedia

Our instructional designers put together multimedia files such as voiceovers, videos, images, infographics, and animations to make elearning an engaging experience for course participants.

Course Development

Step 6: Course Development

After completing all the preliminary tasks, course developers now get down to developing the actual course. For this, we use ProProfs Training Maker, an intuitive elearning authoring tool.


Step 7: Testing

We now come to an important stage in elearning course development. Here, the course is tested to make it deployment-ready by identifying and resolving errors and bugs.


Step 8: Revisions

Before finalizing the course, course designers seek feedback and suggestions from stakeholders and make necessary changes.


Step 9: Implementation

This is the final stage of elearning development where the instructional designers roll out a course and make it available to learners. Our team will train you how to manage the course, share it with learners, and evaluate performance over time.

Custom Elearning Solutions

Get all the necessary resources and tools for elearning in one place
Premium Course Library

Browse a library of hundreds of premium courses on in-demand topics, customizable & ready-to-use.

Premium Course Library

Take charge of all online learning activities using centralized and secure virtual classroom software.

Virtual Classroom
Quizzes & Surveys

Assess knowledge retention the fun way through engaging quizzes. Similarly, you can seek course feedback through surveys with different question types.

Quizzes & Surveys
Elearning Authoring Tool

Take advantage of the world’s easiest authoring tool. Develop delightful online courses and tests in minutes.

Empower your learners to engage in social learning through an online Q&A community. Provide access to peer knowledge and wisdom.

Collaboration Tool

Keep a close eye on learner progress and course completion rate with AI-powered reporting & analytics. Easily make data-driven elearning decisions.

AI Reporting
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  • Professional Course Design
    Professional Course Design

    Design or redesign eLearning courses with the help of industry experts who follow the best practices.

  • Mobile-Ready

    Deliver a single version of a course across multiple devices and platforms without any hindrances.

  • Up-To-Date

    Benefit from the services of our IDs who always remain current with the latest trends in eLearning. They incorporate these trends into the courses they design.

  • Curriculum Design
    Curriculum Design

    Match your learning needs with expected outcomes. Our instructional designers are skilled at choosing suitable topics, interactive media, and other essential elearning elements.

  • Storyboarding

    Get custom elearning storyboards that serve as a prototype for effective learning programs based on your target learners.

  • End-to-End Service
    End-to-End Service

    Take advantage of our end-to-end ID services. We cover the entire process of an eLearning instructional designing service - from audience analysis to development and evaluation.

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We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is instructional design in eLearning?

Instructional design in eLearning is the organized process of designing and developing eLearning courses. Instructional designers analyze the learning needs of a target audience and design content to achieve specific learning objectives. The idea is to build engaging online courses for positive learning experiences. Watch this quick video guide for more details on eLearning Instructional Design.

Why is instructional design in eLearning important?

It is important because first, it relies on a methodical approach to plan, design, and develop eLearning content that aligns with specific learning objectives. It identifies learners’ demographics, their learning gaps, and develops eLearning courses accordingly. Instructional design, thus, is a very scientific method for maximizing learning outcomes.

How do you design an eLearning course?

Instructional designers follow logical steps when designing an eLearning course. They include audience research, needs analysis, storyboarding, testing, arranging course elements, pilot testing, rollout, and evaluation. Here’s a quick video for you to learn How to Design an eLearning Course


How much time does it typically take to design a course?

On average, an instructional designer at ProProfs takes 30-45 days to completely design a course. This covers all the phases of designing - from planning, development, and reviews to taking it live. Completion time may be more or less than this depending on the content required, course length, and other factors.

Will I be able to edit the course after you build it?

Yes. You will have full control over the final course and can make changes as needed. You can add new elements and update existing elements in the course.

Can I offer a certificate at the end of the course?

Certainly, you can. ProProfs offers an option to provide a Certificate of Completion to course participants. You can even set the percentage/score at which learners can get certified.

Can I configure security and learners?

Yes, you can easily set up access control, course security, and tracking. Similarly, you can enable self-registration and bulk upload of learners. Create learner groups and sub-groups and assign them courses by sharing course links. You can also add group admins to oversee those groups of learners.

Do I need to buy the ProProfs LMS?

Ideally, yes. Your course will be built on the ProProfs Training Maker platform. With our LMS, you automatically get access to course management and reporting tools. You also get a premium library of ready-to-use courses and default templates.

Do you develop courses in languages other than English?

Yes. ProProfs Training Maker LMS supports more than 70 interface languages, which means you can train your audience in any of the major world languages.

What makes an eLearning course good?

A good eLearning course is characterized by features like responsive design, multimedia support, and a feedback system. It is engaging, interactive, and promotes collaborative learning. Such courses are goal-oriented and focus on the best possible ways to acquire knowledge. Watch this ultimate video guide to learn How to Create a Professional eLearning Course.

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