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What Is an LMS for Government & Non-Profits & How to Choose the Right One?

An LMS for government, non-profits, and associations is a learning management system designed for government agencies, non-profits, associations, and groups. You can use it to create, design, share, and track online training courses and tests for employees, volunteers, members, and donors. Government entities, non-profits, and similar groups often work with a pool of diverse members from all walks of life and experience levels. While they have as many training needs as for-profit businesses, managing learning in-person and on a large scale is a challenge mainly because of conflicting schedules. Here's a quick video guide to learn how to choose the best LMS for non-profits & government.

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100+ Courses for Government & Non-Profits or Create Your Own

Easily train on policies, procedures, skills, safety, and compliance matters

Simplify training and make record-keeping easy for your employees, volunteers, and members with our ready-to-use online courses and templates. Use our training programs as is or modify them to suit your requirements. ProProfs lets you create courses from scratch. Just upload your existing training material lying in the form of PDFs, Presentations, videos, docs, etc., and create your own training course in minutes with ProProfs.

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Onboarding With Policy & Procedure Training

Onboard new hires faster by easily creating onboarding training courses using templates. A well-designed onboarding course introduces them to company culture, co-workers, and responsibilities. You can also train them on workplace diversity, ethics, and drug-free workplace, offer mass education, and meet annual training requirements. A well onboarded workforce performs better and improves your bottom line.

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Compliance Training Courses

Train your employees and volunteers on compliance, including HIPAA, OSHA, sexual harassment, and more. Make sure they remain compliant and safe and follow your policies and procedures. Offer mass education at scale.

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Compliance Training Courses
View All Compliance Courses
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Workplace Safety Training Courses
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Workplace Safety Training Courses

Educate on operational procedures, preventing slips & falls, active shooter, and workforce safety. Train them on COVID safety and blood borne pathogens. Build a safe work environment for everyone.

Watch: What is OSHA Compliance Training? Requirements & Benefits

Employee Skills Courses

Onboard new hires faster & train them on communication, software skills, and quality management. Train your employees, volunteers, and members on in-demand job skills.

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Workplace Training Courses
View All Skills Training Courses
Watch: How to Create an Online Course

How Our LMS Works

Provide Compliance & Safety Training

Keep learners informed, compliant & safe

Develop training courses and tests for government organizations, non-profits, associations, and groups on compliance and safety topics such as emergency medical services and fire safety. Provide mass education on awareness programs, policies, and procedures. Set reminders to ensure compliance. Train your volunteers and members on software and tools they use daily and let them take training anytime, anywhere. Utilize our built-in authoring tool and create content from scratch. You can also use a regularly updated library of 100+ ready-made courses and course templates crafted by professionals.

Safety & Compliance Training

Create Courses With Existing Content

Upload docs, videos, PPTs & PDFs and add quizzes

Implement training programs rapidly using the content you already have. Easily upload your existing PDFs, docs, presentations, training manuals, and videos. Add quizzes at the end of each chapter to ensure your learners get it. ProProfs LMS is a perfect fit for non-profits, associations, and governments. Onboard new employees and quickly train them on compliance, safety, technology, policies, and procedures.

  • tick Training tick Upload PDFs, PPTs, videos & docs
  • tick Training tick Add manuals, audio & quizzes
  • tick Training tick Import SCORM/Tin Can courses
  • tick Training tick Meet annual training requirements

Manage Groups, Roles & Permissions

Simplify training with learner groups & admins

Get more organized with your training programs by creating learners groups and sub-groups. After you’ve added a group of learners to your classroom, you can send them a joining invitation along with their login details. When you assign a course to a group, all the members in that group get the course automatically assigned. Similarly, you can assign separate instructors and group admins to manage different groups of learners. They have full control over their accounts and they can manage learner groups and courses.

  • tick Training tick Create learner groups & sub-groups
  • tick Training tick Give complete control over accounts
  • tick Training tick Reduce administrative burden
Manage Groups, Instructors, Roles & Permissions

100+ Security Settings & Configurations

Set up course privacy, security & notifications

Tailor the LMS to meet your specific online training requirements by choosing from more than 100 options for LMS settings. Choose when your course or its chapters become available to learners. Set the number of course attempts allowed and due-date reminders. Add your logo, theme, and messaging for easy brand recognition. Send automated email notifications to learners when you assign a new course or get notified when learners complete a course. You can also enable learner self-registration and single sign-on.

  • tick Training tick Need-based LMS customization
  • tick Training tick Configure course availability
  • tick Training tick Branding & personalization
  • tick Training tick Self-registration & SSO

Get Reports & Issue Certificates

Access real-time reports on courses & quizzes

Gain insights into learning patterns, progress, milestones, and challenges through tracking and monitoring. Check completed and pending non-profit online courses on an intuitive admin dashboard. Identify and bridge knowledge gaps. You can also oversee the engagement level and satisfaction ratings of your learners. Filter reports based on your requirements and export them in downloadable formats like CSV, Excel, or PDF. Make data-driven learning and development decisions. Issue custom-designed completion certificates to participants and keep them motivated.

  • tick Training tick Advanced reports & stats
  • tick Training tick Completed & pending courses
  • tick Training tick Engagement & satisfaction ratings
  • tick Training tick Make informed decisions
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Beautifully Crafted Course Templates

Choose from professionally designed role-based training templates
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    Employee Benefits Information

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    Onboarding & Company Introduction

  • tick Training tick

    Employee & Office Policies

tick Training tick Employee Benefits Information arrow
Employee Benefits Information
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
Onboarding & Company Introduction
tick Training tick Employee & Office Policies arrow
Employee & Office Policies

All the Features & Benefits You Need In One Place

100+ Ready Courses & Templates

Pick from 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-go online courses and templates.

Easily measure online learning with beautiful quizzes. Get video responses and prevent question skipping.

Upload Docs, Videos, PDFs & PPTs

Cut back your course creation time by uploading your existing content. Accelerate training development.

English, Spanish & 70+ Languages

Easily train a global audience in a language they understand. ProProfs supports English, Spanish, and 70+ other languages.

100+ Customization Options

Choose from over 100 options for settings and configurations for courses, classrooms, users, and branding.

Anytime, Anywhere

Deliver online training for non-profits, associations, and government agencies on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Assign roles to multiple instructors and admins. Simplify training administration and boost efficiency.

Track Progress & Compliance

Track learners’ progress and training compliance in real-time with data visualizations and analytics.

AI-Powered Reporting

View, download, and share intelligent reports for individuals, groups, in-course quizzes, and surveys.

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Works Great for All Training Needs

ProProfs LMS is versatile - deliver all kinds of online training programs

Create awareness about workplace safety, including COVID guidelines, with robust LMS software. Build a safe workplace.

Easily train your audience on POSH, OSHA, diversity & sensitivity, and FDA by using online training software.

Streamline onboarding by providing an amazing start to your new hires’ journey with your organization.

Acquire in-demand skills such as business communications and presentation skills. Develop strong and positive relationships with others.

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