Customize an Existing Course

Create engaging online courses from scratch or use our professionally designed templates. Add your existing presentations, documents & videos, along with quizzes & surveys. Get reports & track learners across all devices.

Create a course from scratch

A library of hundreds of premium SME-taught courses on common business topics like customer service, HR, compliance, sexual harassment, sales & more.

100,000+ courses & tests created. 4 Million+ learners.

Create Delightful Courses Easily

Make your idea of creating a course a reality. Use one of the easiest online course creation tools to develop online training courses. No download, no setup fee, no hassles! Zero learning curve. Creating an online course couldn’t be simpler.

Create training course

Create training courses from existing content such as Word docs, presentations and more. You can also import content from other Learning Management Systems such as Articulate, iSpring, Captivate and more.

Customize training courses

Design your courses from scratch by using course authoring software or pick a style from a library of hundreds of templates. Bring your course ideas and we’ll take care of the rest. Customize as needed using our 100+ settings for common business workflows like security, compliance, integrations with other tools & more.

Publish online training courses

Create fully functioning virtual classrooms with our learning management system and integrate with third-party tools like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Campaign Monitor, Infusionsoft, and more.

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How to Create an Online Course: Step-by-Step


Create online courses quickly


Use templates/start from scratch


Customize your courses


Make your courses engaging


Share or sell online courses

Create online courses quickly

Easily create online courses by using an entire library of hundreds of premium courses taught by experts. These resources are designed by subject-matter experts and fully editable.

What is an eLearning Course Authoring Tool?

Use templates/start from scratch

Leverage beautifully crafted default templates on a range of training and eLearning topics. Tailor them to meet your specific needs. You can also create courses from the ground up using an intuitive authoring tool.

Customize your courses

Build custom online courses by importing your existing content, such as images, videos, podcasts, PDFs, docs, and presentations. You can also add branding so that your audience can easily identify you.

Make your courses engaging

Make your courses engaging

Deliver mobile-friendly courses that work across all devices to enable self-paced learning. Add engaging quizzes, surveys, brain games, and polls. Provide a Q&A-based online community for learners to collaborate.

Share or sell online courses

Easily share your online courses with a worldwide audience or monetize them using an eCommerce LMS. Embed your courses into your website or on social media so that learners can find them easily.

Create Beautifully Designed Courses

Create a course either from scratch or use professionally designed templates

Use course creation software to create a course online easily from scratch. Develop your design or layout. You can also utilize our professionally designed ready-to-use training templates to reduce your efforts. Customize courses according to your course objectives and personalize them by adding your company logo, brand name, color, and designs. Add custom completion certificates with your company logo and your signature.

  • tick Training tick Create online course from scratch
  • tick Training tick Design your own course using templates
  • tick Training tick Customize with logo, brand name, colors
  • tick Training tick Generate completion certificates
Create Beautifully Designed Courses

Add Videos, Quizzes, Surveys & Presentations

Create engaging online courses using videos, quizzes, surveys, and presentations
Add Videos & Quizzes

Help learners identify critical information easily through engaging course content. Use videos, images, flashcards, and presentations. It is easy to test a learner’s progress through quizzes and gain valuable feedback about the course through surveys.

  • tick Training tick Create engaging online courses
  • tick Training tick Add flashcards, videos, images, & presentations
  • tick Training tick Track learner’s progress with quizzes
  • tick Training tick Get valuable feedback using surveys

Create a Course Effortlessly

A library of hundreds of SME-taught courses or create from scratch

Create a training course by customizing one from a library of hundreds of courses taught by experts, which include sexual harassment, food safety, and healthcare. You can also import and personalize content from other learning management systems. Design your own course or use professional templates from the library. You can share courses as a link, embed them on your website, or sell courses at our

  • tick Training tick Learn directly from experts
  • tick Training tick Import and personalize content from other LMS
  • tick Training tick Design new courses or use templates
  • tick Training tick Easily share or sell courses online
Create a Course Effortlessly

Generate Reports & Track Learners

Auto-generate reports to track learners & identify areas for improvement

Keep track of the learners and auto-generate reports on their learning progress. Embedded quizzes to identify knowledge gaps and update content accordingly. Set reminders for those who are yet to take the course online. Create a course integrated with Tin Can and SCORM for a delightful learning experience.

  • tick Training tick Track learner’s progress easily
  • tick Training tick Auto-generate reports on learners’ performance
  • tick Training tick Identify knowledge gaps and update content
  • tick Training tick Send reminders to course takers
  • tick Training tick Tin Can & SCORM integrations

Anytime & Anywhere Accessibility

Create a course that supports high adaptability & offers unrestricted accessibility

Create online courses without any software installation. Courses are adaptable to different devices including laptops, smartphones, and desktops to facilitate ‘anytime’ and ‘anywhere’ accessibility. You can create a course in multiple languages. Configure over 100+ settings to develop secure courses online and provide private or public accessibility.

  • tick Training tick Support all devices and languages
  • tick Training tick No software installation required
  • tick Training tick Configure settings for private or public access
Anytime & Anywhere Accessibility
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Create Training, Assessments & More

Choose a variety of content types to create courses in minutes
Build Interaction

Build Interaction

Drive engagement in your online courses by embedding all kinds of interactive training materials such as Youtube videos, online wikis, slides, etc.

Add Assessments

ProProfs Training Maker comes integrated with the world’s largest Quiz Maker, helping you test learners with quizzes and assessments.

Add Assessments
SCORM & Tin Can

SCORM & Tin Can

Import SCORM and Tin Can-compliant courses from other Learning Management Systems such as Articulate, iSpring, Captivate, etc.

Sync PowerPoint Presentations

Make learning easy and fun with PowerPoint presentations and slides that explain concepts easily with a combination of images, text, videos, and audio.

Sync PowerPoint presentations
Online Questionnaires

Online Questionnaires

Use online questionnaires to evaluate the skill level of learners before they start the course and gather their feedback at the end.

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Add Quizzes, Surveys or Flashcards

Add to your course: Quizzes for testing, Surveys for feedback, Flashcards for learning
Create a Quiz
Create a Quiz

Quizzes test your learners on how well they learn and retain your course content. You can add short quizzes throughout your course or provide a longer quiz at the end of your courses.

Create a Survey
Create a Survey

Surveys help learners provide feedback on courses or instructors. Use surveys to determine if learners are getting what they expected as well as capture recommendations.

Create a flashcard
Create a Flashcards

Flashcards make it easy for learners to identify the most critical information and study it anytime, anywhere. This improves the retention of course information.

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Also at ProProfs

Create a Project

Manage tasks and track projects

Create a Knowledge base

Create online FAQs and knowledge bases

Create Online Flashcards

Study or create online flashcards

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Top Features You Need to Create Online Courses

Put a comprehensive set of enabling features to work and take charge of online training like never before
Premium Course Library
Premium Course Library

Access a library of hundreds of expert-taught courses. These resources are easily customizable to tailor them to your specific needs.

Virtual Classroom Software
Virtual Classroom Software

Stay connected with anyone, anytime, anywhere using a centralized & secure virtual classroom. Add learners, assign courses & tests, and track progress from one dashboard.

Quizzes & Surveys
Quizzes & Surveys

Add engaging quizzes and surveys to your courses for assessment and feedback purposes. Keep learners motivated and excited about learning.

100+ Customizations
100+ Customizations

Bend the LMS just the way you want with over 100 settings & configurations. Set up course privacy, security controls, notifications, and more.

Collaboration Tool
Collaboration Tool

Enable your learners to engage in a collaborative learning experience with a Q&A forum. Provide access to peer knowledge and wisdom.

Reports & Analytics
Reports & Analytics

See course participation, monitor progress, spot problem areas, and view data visualizations. Make informed decisions through AI-powering reporting.

Premium Library of Hundreds of SME-Taught Courses

Save time & cost on course development by using a library of hundreds of courses taught by experts
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Beautiful Online Course Templates

Choose from over 100 beautifully crafted and editable default templates.
These templates are developed based on the latest trends in typography and aesthetic design.

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Connect ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools

Magnify the power of the LMS by integrating it with other helpful tools for emailing marketing, CRM, and CMS. Access these tools directly from ProProfs without switching platforms.

  • tick Training tick MailChimp
  • tick Training tick Zoom
  • tick Training tick Salesforce
  • tick Training tick Highrise
  • tick Training tick Campaign Monitor
  • tick Training tick TribeHR
  • tick Training tick BambooHR
  • tick Training tick SugarCRM
Powerful integrations
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Course Creator Software Solution for Any Need

Online training software designed for all kinds of online learning and training programs
Employee Training Software

Train your employees online with a user-friendly tool. The feature-rich LMS is designed to make all aspects of training successful.

eLearning Authoring Software

Easily build intuitive courses using eLearning authoring tool. Deliver eLearning programs whenever and wherever you want.

Employee Onboarding

Put your new hires in a productive mode from day one. Train them on company culture, products, services, & policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an online course for free?

To create an online course for free, start by choosing the best free online course builder, such as ProProfs Training Maker, Teachable, Thinkific, or Google Classroom. These platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, customizable templates, and essential features like quizzes and learner tracking without any cost. Begin by planning your course content, then use the chosen platform to upload your materials, create interactive elements, and publish your course. Promote your course through social media and other channels to reach a wider audience.

How to create an online course to sell?

Start by picking a topic you're passionate and knowledgeable about. Next, craft a curriculum that caters to your target audience's needs. This includes choosing engaging formats like videos, quizzes, or workbooks, and deciding on a platform to host and sell your course. There are several platforms available, each with its strengths: Udemy is a popular marketplace for established instructors, while ProProfs Training Maker offers a user-friendly interface and various course creation tools for training managers and teachers. Consider your needs, budget, and technical comfort level when choosing the platform that best suits you.

How long does it take to create a course?

Depending on your training topic and whether you use a ready-made course or template, it takes just minutes to create a beautiful course. Keep the 10-minute rule in mind, that is, any chapter (containing text, presentation, or video) should take only about 10 minutes for learners to complete. Here’s a video guide for you to quickly learn How to Create an Online Course.

How to embed a course on a website

It’s easy to embed a course on any website with ProProfs. Just copy the embed code of your course, set your preferred resolution, and paste the code to your website's HTML editor - that’s it. Here’s a detailed guide for you to learn How to Embed a Course on a Website.

What software should I use to create online training courses?

A cloud-based learning management system (LMS) with a built-in rapid authoring tool is highly recommended. These platforms can streamline the course creation process. Develop multimedia-rich content by including videos, quizzes, surveys, and assessments for interactive and effective online learning experiences. By adopting these tools, you can focus on crafting high-quality training materials without worrying about complex software or integrations. Updates to course content can be done instantly in real-time.

How do I get started with online course creator?

Getting started with it involves planning and production. First, identify your topic, ideal learners, and learning objectives. Then, outline your course content and choose formats like video lectures, quizzes, or downloadable materials. Decide where to host your course and how you'll price it. Take advantage of free trials and demos with online course creator software. Additionally, reading user reviews from other course creators can be a goldmine of insights. Reviews often highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of a platform, helping you make an informed decision before you invest. Finally, record your content, create a sales page, and market your course to your target audience.

What are the best online course platforms?

There are many great options for the best online course platforms with certificates, each with its strengths. Coursera and edX offer prestigious credentials from top universities and companies, while Udemy boasts a massive course library for upskilling in almost any area. Platforms like Skillshare and FutureLearn are equally great for creative and personal development courses, while Udacity and LinkedIn Learning focus on career-specific programs.

For a more user-friendly and feature-rich option, ProProfs Training Maker is the best. It allows you to create engaging courses using a variety of content formats, including existing documents, presentations, videos, and quizzes. The LMS also offers a library of pre-built courses and templates to jumpstart your creation process. The platform shines in its ease of use and robust tracking features, making it ideal for training employees, students, or even selling courses online.

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