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Develop custom business team training programs in minutes

Create highly engaging and effective business team training courses using our professionally crafted template. This template is based on the latest aesthetic design and typography standards. Create and publish courses on topics such as business models, business processes, business tools, products and services, growth plans, and more. Track learners' progress and performance using advanced reporting features.

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Template Outline

Free Business Training Template
1.   Welcome to the Team!
  • Welcome to the Team!
2.   Business Model
  • Basic Steps of Our Business Processes
  • Our Products & Target Customers
  • Understanding Our Business Model
  • Our Revenue Streams
  • Flashcards: Business Model
  • Test Your Knowledge
3.   Business Growth Plan
  • Elements of Business Growth Plan
  • Test Your Knowledge
4.   Business Tools
  • Basic Information
  • Test Your Knowledge
5.   Thank You!
  • Course Feedback
Use This Template

Why Use a Business Team Training Template?

Simplify, standardize & accelerate online course creation
Professionally Designed
Professionally Designed

This template is conceived and developed by industry professionals. It covers all the trending topics on business team training. Using it, you can meet the learning needs of modern managers and everyone working for a business. The template is tailored for maximum engagement to ensure a higher course completion rate.

Makes Course Creation Easier
Accelerated Course Creation

Eliminate the need to spend agonizing hours or days putting a training course together. Get it publication-ready in minutes with our standardized template. Create a course once and reuse it an endless number of times.

Ensures Consistency in Onboarding
Training Consistency

When you use the same business team training course template to deliver the same information to your audience, it becomes easy to ensure consistency in training programs across your company.

Highly Customizable
Easy Customization

Our business team training template is easy to reshape since you can update, modify, or delete any information, any time. It provides a general framework, and you can simply add the information you need based on your training requirements.

Compatible With Multiple Devices
Anytime, Anywhere

The business team training course you create using this template will work across all modern devices, including smartphones. It is also compatible with all browsers and operating systems. This enables you to offer a seamless learning experience anytime, anywhere.

Saves Time & Cost
Time & Cost-Saving

Creating a course from the ground up unnecessarily requires a large amount of time, effort, and cost. You can overcome this by deploying our template as it needs just a fraction of the time and cost. Simply add your content, personalize the template, and it’s ready to go.

How To Use This Template

Why Create Online Business Team Training Programs?

Business team training is necessary to create a knowledgeable, efficient, and professional team aligned with your business goals. It is a part of the Lean Six Sigma methodology, which aims at optimizing and improving business performance by eliminating wastage of resources. The content created must be made engaging and informative with actionable items that help learners catch up on the company policies, core competencies, value proposition, and individual and team roles. Only online training can help you achieve it perfectly.

Enhance the overall productivity of your company by creating and administering online business team training sessions. Online business team training courses can help learners acquire knowledge faster and better with multimedia support, quizzes, learning paths, and self-paced mobile learning.

Personalize with images, videos, & presentations

Our business team training template lets you offer a variety of engaging eLearning experiences. For this, you can use different media, such as images, videos, infographics, presentations, and graphs.

Easily customize the template by adding all these online training resources. You can even add branding to your training courses with your logo, theme, color palette, fonts, and messaging, so that your audience can easily identify your brand.

How to use this business team training template

Create professional online training courses using ProProfs’ business team training plan template. You can add your branding elements to deliver a personalized training course. Similarly, you can embed quizzes and surveys to assess learners and gather course feedback.

Track your learners' progress using advanced reporting features. Automate grading and award custom certificates to your trainees on successful completion of the course.

No software installation or coding knowledge is needed. Simply use the template to build beautiful business team training courses.

Learners can access the course anytime, from anywhere, on any device.

What makes our online business team training the best?

Our online business team training offers numerous benefits to instructors and learners that make us stand out from the rest.

  • Easily engage your audience with course content that is a natural fit for effective learning instead of generic study modules.
  • Reduce the unnecessary burden on learners by facilitating learner-friendly pacing of the course.
  • Our online training uses multimedia to support different learning styles and make learning engaging for longer information retention.
  • The courses developed from the template are usually not scripted but are self-directed assignments, which give learners the freedom to focus on their chosen topics, create projects, and take responsibility for their own training.
  • Track learners’ progress, information recap, and retention. Evaluate the level of understanding using reports.
  • Our online training courses offer ease of navigation to learners as they access the study materials easily, from anywhere and at any time.
  • Leverage over 50 integrations and expand the online learning experience.
  • 100% visual literacy - best alignment, composition, color, and typography standards help create personalized courses that appeal to learners aesthetically.
  • Offer corporate learners the much-needed support in the form of a self-help knowledge base.

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