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LMS for Financial Service Providers
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  • tick Training tick Train employees on compliance & regulations
  • tick Training tick Anti-money laundering & CDD courses
  • tick Training tick Upload PPTs, docs, videos & manuals
  • tick Training tick Assign courses to individuals & groups
  • tick Training tick Prevent financial frauds & scams
  • tick Training tick Ensure information security through GDPR
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100,000+ courses & tests created. Over 4 million learners

What Is an LMS for Financial Service Providers?

An LMS for financial service providers is an online training platform to create, share, and track training programs for financial service teams, such as new hire onboarding, product training, compliance standards, and financial skills development. In the U.S., 1 in 10 adults falls victim to a financial scam or fraud every year. Recent estimates place consumer fraud loss at more than $5.8 billion annually. Incidents like this necessitate employee training on policies and procedures to ensure financial services security and compliance.

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Ideal Business Services LMS for Your Industry

Empowering business service teams across diverse industries

A business services LMS gives you the learning and development solutions you need, no matter your niche or the type of services you provide.

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100+ Courses for Financial Companies or Create Your Own

Out-of-the-box content solutions for safety, compliance & industry relevant skill development

Simplify your financial services employee training with our ready-to-use online courses and templates. These resources are designed and developed by industry experts for a delightful learning experience. Use them as is or make modifications to suit your unique requirements. Import your existing content and personalize your course with just a few clicks.

Compliance Training Courses
View All Safety Courses

Onboarding With Policy & Procedure Training

Easily onboard new hires by creating onboarding training courses using templates. A well-crafted onboarding course introduces them to company culture, team members, and job roles. You can also train them on frauds, scams, confidentiality, guidelines, business processes, due diligence, workplace diversity, ethics, and drug-free workplace. Well on-boarded employees perform better and improve your bottom line.

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Compliance Training Courses

Train your employees on compliance laws, regulations, and policy & procedure. Create awareness about financial instruments and risk management. Make sure they follow business processes, due diligence, and the guidelines of governing bodies.

View All Compliance Courses
Compliance Training Courses
View All Compliance Courses
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Safety Training Courses
View All Safety Courses

Safety Training Courses

Improve the operational efficiency and safety of your workforce. Educate them on COVID safety and active shooter scenarios. Deliver security awareness training such as protection of sensitive data.

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Employee Skills Training Courses

Simplify employee onboarding and develop workplace skills. Train your employees how to use custom software and deliver soft skill training on any topic such as sales and client service, etc.

Workplace Training Courses
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How ProProfs LMS for Financial Services Works

Offer Safety & Compliance Training

Keep your employees informed, compliant & safe

Whether you’re a bank, insurance company, or brokerage firm, navigating tight safety and compliance regulations is a part of doing business. Improve your adherence to these protocols with ongoing safety and compliance training. Train your workforce on anti-money laundering, anti-bribery & corruption laws, proliferation financing, information security, active shooter scenarios, and more. ProProfs’ user-friendly financial services training software can help you simplify and accelerate your industry training programs.

  • tick Training tick Provide compliance & safety training
  • tick Training tick Comply with strict regulations
  • tick Training tick Follow governing bodies’ guidelines
  • tick Training tick Simplify industry specific training
Compliance Training Courses

Create Courses With Existing Content

Upload PDFs, docs, PPTs & videos and add quizzes

Develop your customized courses in minutes with an easy-to-navigate LMS. Upload your existing content such as PDF files, docs, videos, and presentations. You can also easily create online courses using our library of ready-to-use and customizable courses and templates. Add engaging quizzes to check comprehension and identify gaps. Save valuable time you’d otherwise invest in creating these courses from scratch. ProProfs LMS is easy to use for people of all skill levels; no coding knowledge required.

  • tick Training tick Upload PDFs, videos, docs, PPTs
  • tick Training tick Add online quizzes for assessment
  • tick Training tick Access a course library
  • tick Training tick Reduce course development time

Build a Better Workforce

Develop knowledge and skills on any topic

Improve your employees’ efficiency, productivity, and safety with professional training. Onboard new hires faster and more effectively with onboarding software and purpose-built courses. Keep your team engaged and motivated with ongoing programs on industry policies & procedures, financial instruments, and skills training that positively impact them. Provide education to promote a drug-free workplace. Cover all your bases with record-keeping for audit trails. Keep employees and customers safe from fraud and scams by minimizing financial risks.

  • tick Training tick Effective onboarding training
  • tick Training tick Train on skills & policies
  • tick Training tick Ensure efficiency & productivity
  • tick Training tick Minimize financial risks
Build a Better Financial Industry Workforce

Manage Users by Groups or Locations

Assign courses or roles based on teams & groups

With ProProfs LMS for financial services training, you can easily organize users into distinct functional groups. Create, update, or search for individuals and groups, and assign them courses, learning paths, and roles. Classify learners into groups based on their job profiles and locations to ensure clarity and focus when sharing training assignments. Similarly, you can assign roles to training administrators, allowing them to perform a set of tasks called privileges. Assign specific roles like “admins”, “instructors”, or “managers” and reduce the administrative burden.

  • tick Training tick Create user groups
  • tick Training tick Organize learners by profile & location
  • tick Training tick Assign courses & admin roles
  • tick Training tick Reduce administrative workload

Real-Time Tracking & Reporting

Track progress & performance with reports

The financial services LMS by ProProfs autogenerates real-time progress and completion reports. This keeps you posted on how your learners are performing. Check their training start and end time with an intuitive executive dashboard that displays a quick and easy-to-understand overview in charts and tables. You can configure this data according to your requirements and export it in downloadable formats such as Excel, PDF, and CSV. The LMS works across all devices and platforms, so you can generate these reports anytime, anywhere.

  • tick Training tick Access real-time training reports
  • tick Training tick Monitor learner progress anytime, anywhere
  • tick Training tick Easily configure training data
  • tick Training tick Build custom downloadable reports
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Secure Your LMS With Single Sign-On

Import LDAP users & sync with your HRIS

Leverage the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature in our financial services training system and provide a convenient and safe way for learners to access the platform. Based on a federated identity system, the SSO identifies and authorizes user credentials across an organization, removing the chances of password fatigue or phishing. Integration with LDAP, an open standard used to access other directory services, further allows you to import your LDAP user base into ProProfs LMS, upload usernames and passwords, and keep all your training courses, learners, and HRIS systems in sync.

  • tick Training tick Easy logins with SSO
  • tick Training tick Upload usernames & passwords
  • tick Training tick Integration with LDAP
  • tick Training tick Sync with HRIS & existing systems

Beautiful Course Templates

Professionally built role-based training course templates
  • tick Training tick

    Employee Benefits Information

  • tick Training tick

    Onboarding & Company Introduction

  • tick Training tick

    Employee & Office Policies

tick Training tick Employee Benefits Information arrow
Employee Benefits Information
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
Onboarding & Company Introduction
tick Training tick Employee & Office Policies arrow
Employee & Office Policies

All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place

100+ Ready Courses & Templates

Access 100+ professionally designed, editable, and ready-to-use online courses and templates on numerous topics.

Engaging Online Quizzes

Easily measure retention and gaps with engaging online quizzes. Get video responses and prevent question skipping.

Upload Docs, PDFs, PPTs, Videos

Reduce your course development time. Easily import your existing policies, PDFs, videos, and presentations.

Choose from over 100 options for setting up course privacy, security, notifications, reminders, and branding.

English, Spanish & 70+ Languages

Easily train audiences in a language they understand. ProProfs supports English, Spanish, and 70+ other major languages.

Anytime, Anywhere

Liberate your users from desktop learning. ProProfs LMS is device-agnostic and accessible across devices.

Assign roles to multiple instructors and admins, reduce their workload, and increase their efficiency.

Track Progress & Compliance

Track each learner or group’s progress with real-time data visualizations and analytics.

AI-Powered Reporting

View, download, and share detailed reports, in-course quizzes and surveys. Identify gaps and retention.

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Works Great for All Training Needs

ProProfs acts as a one-stop solution for delivering delightfully diverse online training programs

Promote a culture of compliance with training on safety, security, SOPs, and policies.

Train employees on maintaining information security, enforcing code of conduct, and preventing criminal activities.

Put your new hires into a productive mode from day one with our powerful employee onboarding software.

Transform your employees into confident leaders with leadership & management training.

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