Track Courses Made in Any eLearning Software

Upload courses with one Tin Can API LMS and record experiences in another

Track courses made in ProProfs or other eLearning tools such as Articulate, Adobe Captivate, and iSpring using ProProfs Tin Can-compliant LMS. When you upload your course to ProProfs, you access learning experiences such as chapters completed or quizzes taken by your learners, even if the course was created using any other Tin Can LMS. The data is captured in a Learning Record Store (LRS) through eLearning API tracking and provided in an easy-to-access report.

  • tick Training tick Track courses made in different LMSs
  • tick Training tick Capture learning experiences on any platform
  • tick Training tick Access Tin Can learning data in LRS
  • tick Training tick Get delightful reports

Record Learning Experiences in LRS

Understand exactly what your learners are doing
LRS Tin Can Xapi

Access the repository for your learning records with the help of the LMS. It stores learners’ interactions with your course content and tells you which learners completed a chapter, took a particular quiz or watched a video. The data is stored in the LRS as Tin Can statements.

  • tick Training tick Know who completed a chapter
  • tick Training tick Find out who took a quiz or watched a video
  • tick Training tick Learn who attempted a course
  • tick Training tick Store learners’ interactions in LRS as statements
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Assess & Improve Training Programs

Evaluate and improve training content using reports

Get data on the impact of your courses using Tin Can LMS. Record every single interaction of learners with your course content. Identify not just who took your course but also whether or not they liked your course. This is critical in a state-mandated compliance training like sexual harassment training. Assess the impact of training on learners by recording learning experiences. Improve your course based on the data around learning experiences.

  • tick Training tick Record detailed learner reports
  • tick Training tick Know who took your courses
  • tick Training tick Assess training impact by recording experiences
  • tick Training tick Improve courses based on learning data

Allow Easy Platform Transition

Start learning on a computer and finish it on a smartphone
Track Learning Across Devices & Platforms with Tin Can XAP LMS

Work harmoniously with different software through interoperability specifications. Unlike SCORM, Tin Can learning enables you to start training or eLearning on one device and finish it on another. This easy and seamless transition between two different platforms makes online learning even more powerful.

  • tick Training tick Leverage platform interoperability
  • tick Training tick Switch between devices smoothly
  • tick Training tick Easily transition between platforms
  • tick Training tick Make online learning more powerful

Benefits of Tin Can API

XAPI Tin Can LMS Integration

Integration with other eLearning tools

Create a course in an authoring tool and host it in a separate LMS. Use Tin Can Experience API LMS or simply Tin Can-compliant LMS to share data among tools. Track learner reports from a central location. Use multiple eLearning tools to create a successful training program.

Collect Data from Multiple Devices with Tin Can Compliant LMS

Data collection from multiple devices

Keep an eye on the progress of learners across multiple devices. For instance, a learner starts the course on a desktop, reads a part of it on a tablet, and finally, finishes the course on a smartphone. Track all these activities, regardless of which device they used to take the course.

Tin Can API LMS Tracking Scores of Multiple Tests

Tracking scores of multiple tests

Track the test scores of learners for a particular course using SCORM. Tin Can integration for learning tracker also allows you to track the scores of multiple tests (pre-training and post-training), which are not necessarily a part of the course or training. This Tin Can eLearning tracking feature is a great improvement over SCORM.

Assess & Track Learner Interactions with Experience Api or XAPI

Assessment & improvement of training

Assess and track learner interactions with your course content, such as how many learners clicked a particular image or watched a certain video in your course. Such information in a Tin Can LMS helps you identify the impact of your course accurately and improve your training programs accordingly.

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