What is eLearning Authoring Software?

eLearning authoring software is a web-based solution to create online training and learning content, such as courses, lessons, and tests. Course creation software may come as a standalone tool or built into a learning management system (LMS).

eLearning Software makes it easy to create custom eLearning content and roll it out worldwide. It also supports collaboration among all stakeholders and easy content update.

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Features of eLearning Authoring Software

Everything you need to create & share beautiful online content
  • 100+ Premium Ready-to-Use Courses
    100+ Premium Courses

    Leverage 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-use courses &templates to make course creation easy and fast.

  • Virtual Classroom Software
    Virtual Classroom

    Add learner groups, assign courses & tests, and view detailed progress reports in centralized and secure virtual classroom software.

  • Quizzes & Surveys

    Choose from over 100 customization options for course privacy, notifications, branding, security, and more.

  • 100+ Customizations
    Collaboration Tool

    Let your learners collaborate and learn from their peers through a Q&A-based online community.

  • Collaboration Tool
    Quizzes & Surveys

    Add engaging quizzes for assessment and surveys for course feedback. Choose from different templates and question types.

  • AI-Powered Reporting

    Optimize your courses and the learning experiences through reports. Understand your learners better and make data-driven decisions.

Why Do You Need eLearning Authoring Software?

Leverage online course development tool in more ways than one
Easy to Use
Accelerated eLearning Development

Training development software speeds up online content creation through rapid authoring. It reduces time on course design and layout with readymade templates and themes.

Trusted by Millions
Ease of Update

Easily modify and update eLearning content to keep pace with the evolving needs of your learners. It is as easy as drag-and-drop.

Ease of Customization
Increased Participation

Easy access to the tool coupled with a self-help knowledge base, instant communication, and 24/7 support ensure higher participation rates in eLearning programs.

Supports Different Formats
Better Knowledge Retention

With support for learning in different engaging formats, eLearning ensures that learners easily connect with your learning goals, learn better, and results in a high retention rate.

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How Does ProProfs eLearning Software Work?

100,000+ courses & tests created so far. Over 4 million learners

World’s Simplest eLearning Authoring Tool

Create online courses from scratch or use existing material

Easily create delightful online content in minutes with the help of our LMS authoring tool. This eLearning software makes web-based content development simple, easy, and quick. No technical experience is needed to get started. Create content either from scratch or simply use the pre-built training courses and training templates from our library and link only on training templates. Add quizzes, images, docs, podcasts, presentations, and videos to make learning engaging.

  • tick Training tick Build custom courses
  • tick Training tick 100+ customizable courses
  • tick Training tick Add images, quizzes & videos
  • tick Training tick No technical skills needed
Enable Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Train Learners Anytime, Anywhere

Let learners self-pace learning with the pause & resume feature

Empower learners to learn whenever they want and from wherever they are. Create eLearning courses that work on all devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Once you publish a course, you can easily share it via email and embed it on your website. You can even share it with private groups having their own login credentials. The tool supports 70+ interface languages.

  • tick Training tick Anytime, anywhere access
  • tick Training tick Courses work across devices
  • tick Training tick Public or private courses
  • tick Training tick 70+ languages supported

Learning Management System

Administer learners & courses using a single dashboard

Our eLearning software is not only an authoring tool for online programs, but also a centralized LMS classroom for managing online learning. Add or remove users, create, assign, and track courses and tests, make course announcements, send reminders, and launch quizzes using a powerful eLearning system. Administer small groups or thousands of learners with ease. Leverage our complete learning solution and get measurable results.

  • tick Training tick Virtual classroom LMS
  • tick Training tick Easily administer learning
  • tick Training tick Train any number of learners
  • tick Training tick Complete learning solution

Delightful Reports & Analytics

Get all learning-related statistics and insights in one place

Derive actionable reports and analytics to keep track of learning progress in real-time. Check participation and completed and pending courses. Find out where learners face difficulty and the total time taken by individuals & groups to complete a course or test. Get consolidated reports of learners and know their overall performance, engagement level, and satisfaction ratings with a reliable eLearning authoring tool. Easily make informed learning decisions.

  • tick Training tick Real-time learning tracker
  • tick Training tick Completed & pending courses
  • tick Training tick Engagement, satisfaction, & scores
  • tick Training tick Identify problematic areas
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Why Choose ProProfs eLearning Authoring Software?

An award-winning solution with over 15 million users in 150+ countries & counting
Create Online Courses
Easy to Use

ProProfs is the world’s easiest eLearning authoring tool designed for users of skill levels.

Make Learning Engaging
Premium Library

Access a library of 100+ professionally created and customizable courses & templates ready for deployment.

Train Local & Remote Employees
Highly Configurable

Customize the authoring software to deliver online learning & training just the way you want.

Create Online Courses
Gamified Learning

Add game elements, such as learning paths, scores, badges, and brain games to make learning exciting.

Make Learning Engaging
Multilingual Support

Deliver online learning in a language your audience understands. ProProfs supports English, Spanish & 70+ other languages.

Train Local & Remote Employees
AI-Powered Reporting

Extract insightful learning data with the AI-enabled and auto-generated reports & analytics.

100+ Ready-to-Use Courses

A regularly updated premium library of expert-designed & customizable online courses
Sales Training Template
Building a Culture of Innovation

Make innovation a part of your company culture. Learn what it takes to continuously innovate and translate innovative ideas into actions.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training Course
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training Course

This course covers fundamental topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI). It highlights the impact of these aspects on an organization and covers some tactics and steps organizations can take.

Communication Training Template
Leading Successful Teams

Lead teams to professional success with proven management and leadership skills. Find out the factors that make up a winning team.

Marketing Training Template
OSHA Compliance Training

Keep your employees safe, productive, and happy. Understand how to maintain records of work-related injuries and illnesses.

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Powerful Integrations

  • Connect the eLearning authoring software with other useful tools. Easily move learning data between these systems.

  • Schedule and organize Zoom meetings without having to leave ProProfs Training Maker.

  • Easily manage your email marketing lists by integrating ProProfs online training software with Mailchimp.

  • Build a WordPress LMS to create and manage online content easily.

Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools
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Works Great for All Your Employee Training Needs

Bring your new hires up to speed fast and effectively with employee onboarding software. Keep them engaged from day one. Assign induction training courses and track progress in real-time.

Sales Training Software

Ensure ongoing compliance with industry laws and regulations with compliance courses designed by subject-matter experts.

Channel Partner Training

Train your HR executives on their fast-changing roles & responsibilities. Create HR courses on job-related topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an LMS Authoring Tool?

An LMS authoring tool or eLearning authoring software is a piece of software training administrators and instructional designers use to build eLearning content, such as courses, tests, and lessons. Content authoring tools let you create content either from scratch or by uploading your existing content to a purpose-built template. For this, you can utilize different media types, including text, images, audio files, PDFs, presentations, and videos.

How Do You Make an eLearning Course?

Creating an eLearning course for the first time is easy. You need to follow some logical steps. Gather the right content for your target audience, be clear about your eLearning objectives, choose the right eLearning creation software to design, share, and manage your content, test-run the course with a small group of end-users, and collect feedback. If the result is positive, you’ve successfully created your course.

What is the Best eLearning Authoring Software?

It depends on what you’re looking for in such a solution. That said, a tool that is easy to use and versatile is considered suitable for most use cases. Along with this, the tool should provide ready resources so that you don’t need to create content from the ground up. Add to this excellent customer support to help address any queries or problems you might have.

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