Assess learner progress and course completion rates

Monitor individual progress and make adjustments accordingly

Are your classroom learners participating and completing the various online training modules and activities? Is their overall progress satisfactory and according to plan? Or, do you need to intervene and provide supplementary resources to help improve their ability to understand and retain knowledge? These, and many other crucial questions can be effectively answered with the help of LMS reporting. ProProfs LMS has various insightful reports on individual as well as group progress, as well as course completion and pending reports that allow you to step in and make necessary changes to your online training as and when needed.

  • tick Training tick Monitor individual as well as group progress
  • tick Training tick Identify top performers
  • tick Training tick Improve your online courses
  • tick Training tick See completed as well as pending courses

Monitor learner participation and course engagement levels

Make sure your learners reap full benefits of your online courses
Assess Learner’s Level of Engagement with Training Reports

Whether you’re deploying onboarding or anti-sexual harassment training, corporate learners must participate actively in your online training courses to make the best out of them. ProProfs LMS reports are among the most effective ways to assess their level of involvement. See which of your learners have taken the courses offered by you and which ones are still to complete them. Track learners who take specific courses, how they interact with your courses and how often. Delightfully insightful learning management system reports help you determine whether your learners are genuinely invested in the online training modules, or if they lack the necessary motivation. Low learner participation rates, for example, can indicate that your online training program needs improvement.

  • tick Training tick Assess learner’s level of engagement
  • tick Training tick See who’s taken a course and who is yet to
  • tick Training tick Check where learners spend time and what they skip
  • tick Training tick Make sure your learners are motivated

Insightful online assessment reports

Monitor specific individual skill sets and knowledge gaps

Create highly professional online courses using LMS software. Easily embed quizzes and surveys to engage and assess learners. View quiz reports gaining insights into how long it takes for learners to complete a quiz, their overall grades and answers to each question and more. Use LMS report to find the aspects of quizzes, courses or assessments the learners struggle with and why. Check out various reports to know your learners' scores, performance and more. Give instant results & feedback using score reports and help learners fill their knowledge gaps.

  • tick Training tick Create courses, embed quizzes & surveys
  • tick Training tick Monitor who has taken a course & who needs to
  • tick Training tick Track performance & engagement
  • tick Training tick Assess knowledge gap & give instant feedback
Analyze Detail Report with Tin Can API

Check learner satisfaction ratings

Use surveys, quizzes, and polls to get learner feedback
Build Feedback & Suggestion Forms with LMS Reporting Feature

ProProfs LMS comes integrated with tools for conducting online surveys, quizzes, and polls that allow for useful user feedback. Powerful reporting suite allows you to compile all of learner feedback and data into beautiful graphs and charts. With these insightful reports to your aid, you will not only be able to determine the satisfaction levels of your learners but will also be able to identify the strong and weak areas of your online training courses. User feedback enables you to personalize the online learning experience and make it relevant and relatable. For example, your learners might ask for incorporating more games to increase engagement, or develop byte-sized materials for boosting retention. Reports allow you to sort such feedback in the order of popularity to prioritize actions.

  • tick Training tick Integrate surveys, quizzes, and polls
  • tick Training tick Gather insightful user feedback
  • tick Training tick See user satisfaction levels
  • tick Training tick Build feedback & suggestion forms
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