Access to Counseling Services is a provider of mental health services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Its mission is to provide community-based programs that enable people to meet the challenges of life through counseling, support, and follow-up. The agency comprises more than 50 individual therapists, each with different areas of specialty. It is committed to outstanding care by valuing diversity, integrity, and respect for all.


As our company has been growing, there is a significant amount of training for contractors and employees. Keeping up with the training records was a daunting task. It was imperative for us to simplify and organize a large amount of training that is required by our accrediting bodies.


With ProProfs Training Maker it becomes much easier to organize the information in one place and maintain records of employees and contractors who have completed required training sessions. We can strive towards being a paperless office by maintaining electronic records. The features that we value most are automated scoring, ease of setup, and ability to provide completion certificates. All certificates are stored online in ProProfs and can be downloaded or printed as and when we need them.


ProProfs has made the enormous task of maintaining training records much more simple and efficient. We would surely recommend this tool to others.

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