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What Is Employee Training?

Employee training is a formal program to increase the job-related knowledge and skills of employees. It is intended to develop a workforce professionally so that they become more efficient and productive. Generally, such training programs are tied to business goals. Training managers deploy employee training management software to create, manage, and track employee training.

What Is Employee Training?
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Employee Training Software Features & Benefits

ProProfs employee training software is a feature-packed learning management system designed to simplify every stage of online training. It is the world’s easiest LMS that unlocks all the functionalities you need for a successful employee training program. Streamline and accelerate company-wide training easily.

Premium Course Library
Premium Course Library

Save time on course development with a premium library of 100+ professionally designed and customizable ready-to-use courses.

Virtual Classroom

Easily manage learner groups, group admins, and course assignments, and provide self-help centers using a centralized and secure classroom.

Quizzes For Assessment

Launch engaging quizzes from within a course and assess knowledge retention easily and quickly.

Learner Collaboration
Learner Collaboration

Grow your learners’ knowledge by facilitating social learning through a Q&A community. Never lose a good question.

Learning Paths

Assign well-defined and personalized learning paths to learners by bundling relevant courses.

Learning Management System
Learning Management System

Create, manage, share, and track online courses and tests using an intuitive cloud LMS.

eCommerce Platform
eCommerce Platform

Reach millions of potential customers, sell courses online, and access advanced sales reports. Use secure payment gateways.

Reporting & Analytics
Reporting & Analytics

Track learning progress and outcomes in real-time with insight reports and stats. Make data-driven learning decisions.

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Types Of Employee Training At ProProfs

ProProfs offers the following corporate learning programs

Employee Onboarding

Bring your new hires up to speed fast and effectively. Keep them engaged from day one. Assign induction training courses and track progress in real-time.

Compliance Training

Compliance training regulates business activities and employee conduct for safety and reputation. Never miss the obligation to stay compliant with industry laws & regulations.

Sales Training

Turn your sales teams with industry professionals with advanced sales training programs. Train them on the inner workings of sales so that they can close more deals.

Customer Service Training

Train your customer care agents with proven customer care skills. Educate them on product and service knowledge so that they can resolve any issue timely and efficiently.

Sexual Harassment Training

Create a harassment-free workplace for your employees. Empower them to prevent and report harassing behaviors so they you can build a respectful and safe space for all.

Channel Partner Training

Retain valuable partners, reduce costly mistakes, boost revenue, and ensure brand consistency by training your channel partners.

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How to Create Your Own Employee Training Program

Create online employee training in minutes using these easy steps







Choose a ready-made course

Step 1

Choose a ready-made course or a customizable template from the content library. You can also develop a course from scratch by uploading your existing material.

Design the course

Step 2

Design the course by adding a theme, colors, cover image, and fonts. Quizzes, surveys, flashcards, and polls are other elements you can add to a course or template.

Personalize the course

Step 3

Personalize the courses to help with your branding exercises. Add your logo and messaging and let learners identify and recognize you easily.

Leverage 100+ settings

Step 4

Leverage 100+ settings & configurations, including self-enrollment, course privacy, notifications, security, integrations, and access control.

Share the course

Step 5

Once your course is ready to go, share the course link with your audience via email or embed it on your website. You can also share it on social media.

Track progress in real time

Step 6

After you assign the course, you can track progress and completion in real-time.

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How ProProfs LMS Works

ProProfs LMS is designed to assist you in every step of online employee training - from creating courses to managing, delivering, and tracking them. Streamline your training for maximized results.

How ProProfs LMS Works

Create Employee Training Courses Easily

World’s simplest employee training software for creating online courses

Use online employee training software to easily create web courses that delight your learners. Utilize our extensive library of ready-made courses and course templates including for HIPAA, OSHA, and sexual harassment training. Upload your existing PPT presentations, documents, videos, and other training materials into your online courses. Customize your employee training program courses with your own logo and brand identity, and set up privacy to restrict access. Simplify your online training for employees.

Assess Employees With Quizzes & Tests

Fully-integrated quizzes to assess knowledge retention

Assess Employees With Quizzes & Tests

Training Maker, a training software for employees, is fully integrated with our #1 Quiz software. Embed quizzes, assessments, and tests into your courses using employee training tools to assess knowledge retention and improve learner engagement. Select from scored quizzes, personality quizzes, and surveys. Use any of our thousands of customizable quizzes and ready-made quiz questions. Add 15 different types of questions with automatic grading.

Track Employee Training With Reports

Keep track of learners with employee training tracking software

Assign, manage, and track your learners from our simple employee training software. View who has taken which courses, who still needs to complete assignments, and send reminders using employee training tracking software. See who has taken your courses and what they are spending time on by tracking employee training. Easily manage individual learners and large groups. Ensure regulatory compliance with required courses.

  • Assign courses with employee training LMS
  • See who has taken a course & who needs to
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Share Knowledge & Collaborate

Create employee training manuals, knowledge base & community

Use employee training software to encourage employee collaboration and knowledge sharing

Use staff training software to encourage employee collaboration and knowledge sharing with online FAQs, manuals, help center, or knowledge base. Employees can access 24/7 help in a private or public knowledge base. So you never have to answer the same question twice. Allow instructors and learners to start discussions on topics as well as ask and answer questions. Retain this knowledge so it's always available when needed in the future by current or new employees.

  • Build a secure employee knowledge base
  • Let employees collaborate during and after courses
  • Create manuals & how-to articles
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Why Choose ProProfs LMS For Employee Training?

ProProfs LMS is an intuitive employee training platform with a large customer base. It provides both pre- and post-training support, automates repetitive tasks, and helps optimize teaching and learning for maximum results. It, thus, does the heavy-lifting for employee training online so that you can focus on ensuring the best training outcomes.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

It is the world’s easiest cloud LMS. Even people with zero tech knowledge can use it without any difficulty.

Trusted by Millions
Trusted by Millions

Over 15 million users in 150+ countries use ProProfs to build smarter employees and get happier customers.

70+ Languages Supported
70+ Languages Supported

ProProfs supports 70+ interface languages, enabling you to deliver training in a language that your learners understand.

AI-Powered Reporting
AI-Powered Reporting

The built-in reporting system is powered by AI and provides transparent, objective, and insightful learning data.

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Employee Training Courses By ProProfs

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Powerful Software Integrations

ProProfs plays well with many other tools, magnifying the power of the LMS. The tool is already robust on its own and when you combine it with another software, it becomes invincible.

Powerful Software Integrations
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Beautifully Designed Course Templates

ProProfs course templates are developed keeping in mind the latest trends in aesthetic design and typography. You can easily customize and personalize these templates by replacing the dummy content and media with your training material. These templates save tons of your course development time and resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online employee training?

Employee training refers to training programs that are designed to train employees anytime, anywhere. The objective of employee training is to develop practical knowledge and skills necessary to perform day-to-day operations and achieve the end business objectives. Employee efficiency, increased productivity, and business growth are the driving forces behind a standard employee training program.

How to develop your first employee training program

Developing an online employee training program is easy with ProProfs. You just need to choose from over 100+ premium training courses, add your branding, edit them if need be add any additional interactive elements to your course, and share it with your employees. Read this blog to learn in detail How to Develop Your First Employee Training Program.

What are the types of employee training?

There are five different types of employee training common in all industries. These are Onboarding, Product/Service Training, Soft Skills Training, Technical Skills Training, and Compliance Training. To know more, explore these 5 Types of Employee Training Every Enterprise Should Know.

Why is employee training important?

Employee training is important because it is the only way to keep the process of continuous employee learning and development going. Whether it is training or retraining a workforce, employees find it as a morale booster and an indication that their employer is keen to invest in their professional development. Training is also essential for empowering employees with creative and innovative ideas that the modern workplace responsibilities demand. Take a look at these 6 Benefits of Employee Training No One Told You About.

What is the best employee training software?

The best employee training software is user-centric and offers several solutions that make online training a breeze. It is easy to use, scalable, versatile, and readily fits into even the most complex learning ecosystems. Moreover, it should not burn a hole in your pocket despite the rich features it offers. Here’s a glimpse of the 10 Best Online Training Software for 2022

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