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  • tick Training tick Easily create training courses for employees
  • tick Training tick Assess retention with quizzes & tests
  • tick Training tick Learner collaboration & social learning
  • tick Training tick Track learning progress with reports
  • tick Training tick Replace or supplement in-person training
  • tick Training tick Provide consistent training to employees
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100,000+ courses & tests created Over 4 million learners

What Is Employee Training?

Employee training is a formal program to increase the job-related knowledge and skills of employees. It is intended to develop a workforce professionally so that they become more efficient and productive. Generally, such training programs are tied to business goals. Training managers deploy employee training management software to create, manage, and track employee training.

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All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place

Save time on course development with a premium library of 100+ professionally designed and customizable ready-to-use courses.

Easily manage learner groups, group admins, and course assignments, and provide self-help centers using a centralized and secure classroom.

Launch engaging quizzes from within a course and assess knowledge retention easily and quickly.

Learner Collaboration

Grow your learners’ knowledge by facilitating social learning through a Q&A community. Never lose a good question.

Learning Paths

Assign well-defined and personalized learning paths to learners by bundling relevant courses.

Learning Management System

Create, manage, share, and track online courses and tests using an intuitive cloud LMS.

Ensure your training participants abide by course completion & certificate expiration dates through automatic reminders.

Track learning progress and outcomes in real-time with insight reports and stats. Make data-driven learning decisions.

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Works Great for All Employee Training Solutions

Bring your new hires up to speed fast and effectively with employee onboarding software. Keep them engaged from day one. Assign induction training courses and track progress in real-time.

Compliance training regulates business activities and employee conduct for safety and reputation. Never miss the obligation to stay compliant with industry laws & regulations.

Turn your sales teams with industry professionals with advanced sales training programs. Train them on the inner workings of sales so that they can close more deals.

Train your customer care agents with proven customer care skills. Educate them on product and service knowledge so that they can resolve any issue timely and efficiently.

Create a harassment-free workplace for your employees. Empower them to prevent and report harassing behaviors so they you can build a respectful and safe space for all.

Train your employees on core workplace skills, such as communication, time management, and team-building. Boost their productivity and performance.

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Perfect Software for Any Industry

No matter what industry or segment you’re in, we’ve got you covered

Create Your Employee Training Program in Minutes

Learn how to create your own online employee training using these easy steps:







Choose a ready-made course

Step 1

Choose a ready-made course or a customizable template from the content library. You can also develop a course from scratch by uploading your existing material.

Design the course

Step 2

Design the course by adding a theme, colors, cover image, and fonts. Quizzes, surveys, flashcards, and polls are other elements you can add to a course or template.

Personalize the course

Step 3

Personalize the courses to help with your branding exercises. Add your logo and messaging and let learners identify and recognize you easily.

Leverage 100+ settings

Step 4

Leverage 100+ settings & configurations, including self-enrollment, course privacy, notifications, security, integrations, and access control.

Share the course

Step 5

Once your course is ready to go, share the course link with your audience via email or embed it on your website. You can also share it on social media.

Track progress in real time

Step 6

After you assign the course, you can track progress and completion in real-time.

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Watch: How to Create an Online Course

How ProProfs Training Maker Works

ProProfs Training Maker is designed to assist you in every step of online employee training - from creating courses to managing, delivering, and tracking them. Streamline your training for maximized results.

How to Create an Online Course
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Assess Employees With Quizzes & Tests

Fully-integrated quizzes to assess knowledge retention

ProProfs Training Maker is a robust employee training software that takes care of every aspect of online training. The LMS is fully integrated with our #1 Quiz Maker software. Embed quizzes, assessments, and tests into your courses using employee training tools to assess knowledge retention and improve learner engagement. Select from scored quizzes, personality quizzes, and surveys. Use any of our thousands of customizable quizzes and ready-made quiz questions. Add 15 different types of questions with automatic grading.

Track Employee Training With Reports

Keep track of learners with employee training tracking software

Assign, manage, and track your learners from our simple employee training software. View who has taken which courses, who still needs to complete assignments, and send reminders using employee training tracking software. See who has taken your courses and what they are spending time on by tracking employee training. Easily manage individual learners and large groups. Ensure regulatory compliance with required courses.

  • tick Training tick Assign courses with employee training LMS
  • tick Training tick See who has taken a course & who needs to
  • tick Training tick Ensure regulatory compliance

Share Knowledge & Collaborate

Create employee training manuals, knowledge base & community

Use staff training software to encourage employee collaboration and knowledge sharing with online FAQs, manuals, help center, or knowledge base. Employees can access 24/7 help in a private or public knowledge base. So you never have to answer the same question twice. Allow instructors and learners to start discussions on topics as well as ask and answer questions. Retain this knowledge so it's always available when needed in the future by current or new employees.

  • tick Training tick Build a secure employee knowledge base
  • tick Training tick Let employees collaborate during and after courses
  • tick Training tick Create manuals & how-to articles
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Why Choose ProProfs Training Maker

ProProfs Training Maker is an employee training software that simplifies online corporate learning for better results. It serves a wide range of customers, providing support before and after training and automating routine tasks. This software takes care of the complex parts of employee training, letting you concentrate on achieving the best training outcomes.

Easy to Use

It is the world’s easiest cloud LMS. Even people with zero tech knowledge can use it without any difficulty.

Trusted by Millions

Over 15 million users in 150+ countries use ProProfs to build smarter employees and get happier customers.

English, Spanish & 70+ Languages

ProProfs supports English, Spanish, and 70+ other languages to train learners in a language they prefer.

AI-Powered Reporting

The built-in reporting system is powered by AI and provides transparent, objective, and insightful learning data.

How to Choose the Best LMS Software for Employee Training

Powerful Software Integrations

  • ProProfs plays well with many other tools, magnifying the power of the LMS. The tool is already robust on its own and when you combine it with another software, it becomes invincible.

  • Easily manage your email marketing lists by integrating ProProfs with Mailchimp.

  • Train and track employee training from within the powerful HR suite.

  • Schedule and attend Zoom meetings without ever leaving the ProProfs classroom.

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Beautifully Crafted Course Templates

Choose from professionally designed online training course templates
  • tick Training tick

    Employee Benefits Information

  • tick Training tick

    Onboarding & Company Introduction

  • tick Training tick

    Employee & Office Policies

tick Training tick Employee Benefits Information arrow
Employee Benefits Information
tick Training tick Onboarding & Company Introduction arrow
Onboarding & Company Introduction
tick Training tick Employee & Office Policies arrow
Employee & Office Policies

We Believe Software Should Make You Happy

We are building a 100-year company with awesome human support

We are building a 100-year company with a mission to DELIGHT customers. People think we’re crazy to offer phone, chat, and email support. We still do it. When it comes to awesome support & building delightful software, we go the distance - try it, and you will love it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my employee list?

You can do this manually by adding names & emails. You can upload from CVS or you can automate by integrating with your HRMS or using an API. You can even allow self-registration. During the onboarding session, which is free for all customers, we would help you identify what might be the right way for you and help you get this going.

Does ProProfs offer pre-made courses?

Yes, it does. ProProfs provides nearly 200 professionally designed and ready-to-use courses for common business needs from sexual harassment, compliance, safety, leadership training and common employee skills. These courses can be easily customized to suit your training and branding needs. They save time and effort in creating training content from scratch. Check out the course catalog. Along with courses, we also offer templates for common needs.

Can I import SCORM-compliant courses into ProProfs?

Yes, you can. ProProfs accepts all sorts of SCORM courses (also you can also import any presentations, docs & videos directly). You can easily migrate training materials that you may have created using other SCORM-compliant learning tools. By importing SCORM courses, you can save time and effort in rewriting content to create new courses. Here’s a quick guide on how to upload SCORM courses to the LMS.

Can I create customized employee onboarding programs?

Absolutely. It provides solutions for employee onboarding programs, including an employee onboarding LMS software and a customizable onboarding template. They are designed to help you onboard new hires faster with role-based training and shorten the time to productivity. The template can be customized with different media types, such as text, audio files, images, videos, PDFs, presentations, company policies, and even logos. The LMS enables you to track progress and completion in real-time and measure training outcomes. For more, watch: How to Create an Employee Onboarding Training Program

How does ProProfs ensure data security and learner privacy?

ProProfs is committed to protecting data privacy and security. It is aligned with key laws, such as GDPR and CCPA and trusted by over 4 million people for its transparency and reliable uptime. They also have a strong Privacy Policy in place that demonstrates their commitment to safeguard user privacy. Web Application Firewall and secure hosting with AWS and IBM are other security measures. ProProfs also supports data portability and access control, such as password protection and user access management, to enhance the security of quizzes, surveys, and courses. Learn more about system reliability & security on our trust page.

Are there detailed reports and tracking features for learner progress?

With ProProfs, you get access to tracking features and insightful and actionable reports. You can easily monitor and measure learner engagement, completion rates, and performance. Similarly, you can track and analyze learner progress through metrics, such as quiz scores, course completion status, time spent on each course section, and more. These reports provide valuable data about learners' strengths and areas for improvement so that you can tailor your training programs accordingly. To leverage these features, watch this video guide: How to Analyze Training Course & Quiz Results

Does ProProfs integrate with HRMS or productivity tools?

Yes, it supports integration with human resource management systems like Oracle HRMS and other useful tools for customer relationship management, collaboration, communication, email marketing, and more. Here is a list of integrations that it currently supports.

Is there mobile access to training materials for learners?

ProProfs is compatible with all portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. In addition to its desktop version, the LMS provides an mLearning solution to enable learning on the go at one’s own pace. You can start a course on a PC and continue or finish it on a mobile. Also, the LMS supports unique QR codes for sharing courses. Learners can simply scan a code and start their training anywhere, even off-sites. For more on the topic, watch: What Is a Mobile LMS & How Can It Help Train Anytime, Anywhere?

Are assessments and surveys built into the courses?

Yes, the courses can feature various assessments and surveys. You’ll find many straightforward functionalities for creating assessments and surveys within the LMS. You can create them from scratch or choose a pre-made template. Assess employees during hiring, onboarding, and ongoing training, Likewise, you can deploy surveys to get feedback on instructors and course content. You’ll find different question types, such as practice questions, pre-knowledge surveys, or end-of-module assessments. Find out How to Create an Assessment Online

Can I create video/audio questions for more engaging assessments?

ProProfs supports active assessment and quizzing through audio and video-based question types. This enables your training participants to upload or record a live video as an answer to your question. It is a fun and engaging way to answer questions and a great tool for your audience to present their ideas. These types of questions are also helpful in requesting customers to record audio/video testimonials. To know how to go about it, read this quick guide: How to Add Audio/Video Response Questions to Your Quiz

Does ProProfs offer automation of certificates upon course completion?

Yes, it does. You can customize a course completion page to show certificates to learners. For this, upload a certificate from your computer, use the template library, or search images online. You can also add a custom message like thank you and congratulations for each learner to go with the certification. Social media sharing links at the end of a course enable participants to display their achievements on social networking platforms. You can match the certificates to your brand identity by using your own logo, designs, and signature. Check out this help article: How to Create, Customize, & Brand a Course Certificate

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