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12 Best Sexual Harassment Training Courses in 2024 (+ Guide)

12 Best Sexual Harassment Training Courses

In addition to the tools you use to deliver online training, the course materials matter a lot. It is with the courses that you’ll be transferring knowledge successfully to your learners.

This is true for any eLearning program, including compliance training such as sexual harassment training.

In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the top sexual harassment training courses and programs so that you can get down to delivering the training right away. Also, check out the related guide that follows.

Sexual Harassment Course Top Features Pricing
Sexual Harassment Training Courses by ProProfs Training Maker

  • Federal & state-compliant
  • Customizable
  • Self-paced
  • Easy administration
  • Tracking & reporting
Forever free for small teams. Paid plan starts at $1.97/learner/month for large teams.
Individual & Organizational Training by SexualharassmentTraining.com

  • User-friendly
  • Individual & organizational training
  • Cumulative group discounts
  • Zero administration
  • Nationally recognized certificate
$14.99 to $29.99 per employee
Sexual Harassment Training for Employees in the Workplace by Udemy

  • On-demand courses
  • Free & paid courses
  • Downloadable resources
  • Mobile & TV access
  • Completion certificate
Paid versions start at $4.67/learner
Traliant’s Preventing Workplace Harassment Training

  • Available for different states
  • Compliant with state laws
  • Broadcast quality
  • Fully customizable
  • Bite-sized modules
Custom quote
Federal Sexual Harassment Training Requirements by EasyLlama

  • Federal & state-compliant
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Microlearning
  • Video content
  • Tracking & reporting
Starts at $19.95 per training
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by Compliance Training Group

  • Comprehensive curriculum
  • Focus on state requirements
  • Interactive exercises
  • Real scenarios
  • Up-to-date information
Starts at $19.99 (single-user e-learning enrollment)
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by HIPAA Exams

  • Expert-led
  • Self-paced
  • Discounted course bundles
  • Access to experts
  • Yearly reminder
$14.95 to $34/user
NAVEX’s Workplace Harassment Training

  • Adaptive & microlearning
  • Topic-wise modules
  • Culturally relevant
  • Regularly updated
  • Available for managers & employees
Custom quote
Harassment Prevention Training for Your Industry by Kantola

  • Award-winning videos
  • Exceeds federal & state requirements
  • Customizable
  • Flexible delivery
  • Annually refreshed
Custom quote
Harassment Prevention Training by Ethena

  • 93% positivity score
  • Automatically administered annually
  • Training modules
  • Customizable
  • Optional microlearning
$20 to $50 per learner, annually
Inspired eLearning’s Anti-Harassment Training

  • Meets federal & state requirements
  • State-specific programs
  • Designed by veterans
  • Optimized for engagement
  • Excellent support
Custom quote
Positive Workplace: Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bullying by Clear Law Institute

  • 50-state compliant
  • In-house legal expertise
  • Story-based approach
  • Effortless administration
  • Excellent track record
Custom quote

List of Sexual Harassment Training Courses

I compiled these training resources based on my long experience in the training & eLearning industry, peer recommendations, and user feedback.

1. Sexual Harassment Training Courses by ProProfs Training Maker

“Sexual harassment is a human rights violation and should never be tolerated.” – Tarana Burke, MeToo pioneer

ProProfs Training Maker is a leading provider of workplace training courses. Its sexual harassment prevention training courses are professionally designed, customizable, and self-paced. These ready-to-use courses meet all mandatory federal and state compliance requirements.

I’ve personally taken many of the courses. These courses contain relatable scenarios, handouts, activities, flashcards, chapter feedback, and quizzes for final assessments.

You’ll also find a placeholder where you can add your company’s sexual harassment policy.

A powerful cloud LMS enables users to deliver and track progress in real-time. Other features include a centralized and secure virtual classroom, a Q&A forum, and completion certificates.

Learners can take the courses anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Sexual Harassment Training Courses by ProProfs Training Maker

Why ProProfs Training Maker Courses?

  • The courses meet the latest training requirements mandated by federal & state governments
  • You can easily customize the courses by adding relevant images, videos, company policy, and more
  • Participants can work around their busy schedules to take a course, pause, save, and resume at any time
  • Available in English and Spanish languages for both employees and supervisors

Course Duration:

1-2 hours, depending on whether the course is meant for employees or supervisors.


Starts at $1.97/learner/month with a dedicated 24/7 customer success manager at no additional cost.

Case Study: How AppFolio delivered a compliance training program with complete flexibility & freedom

2. Individual & Organizational Training by SexualharassmentTraining.com


SexualharassmentTraining.com (SHT) provides sexual harassment training programs for both individuals and organizations.

The individual training is for a single individual looking to either obtain their certification as proof of training for compliance purposes or to further their knowledge.

The organizational training is for organizations looking to train their employees and supervisors on sexual harassment laws and proper behavior.


I found it fast, easy, and painless to meet compliance requirements with SHT’s training, just as its website claims. It is also completely learner-friendly. Learners can complete the training online on any device, anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

Why SHT Courses?

  • A unique zero administration system removes the need for manual administration of training registration and certification
  • A Spanish version of sexual harassment training course at no additional cost
  • Nationally recognized certificates for those who complete sexual harassment training
  • Not just email support but also phone support to ensure responsive customer service

Course Duration:

1-2 hours


$14.99 to $29.99 per employee. Individual and organizational versions are available.

3. Sexual Harassment Training for Employees in the Workplace by Udemy


As the provider of the largest selection of online courses, Udemy was one of the first names that came to my mind while thinking of sexual harassment courses. Several top companies use these courses for their internal training programs.

You can select from over 200 different courses related to sexual harassment and discrimination. They include free harassment training materials.

As long as your course participants meet the course completion deadlines, they can learn at their convenience in a self-paced manner.

Videos, downloadable resources, and TV access are the highlights of Udemy sexual harassment courses, which come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Participants receive certificates on all paid courses.

Why Udemy Courses?

  • Learners get customized training course recommendations. All they need to do is answer a couple of questions
  • Once you purchase a course from Udemy, you enjoy lifetime access to it
  • The courses are updated regularly and learners can always stay up-to-date with training
  • Udemy is noted not only for its huge selection of courses but also for its affordable courses

Course Duration:

34 minutes to 2 hours


Free courses available. Paid versions start at $4.67.

4. Traliant’s Preventing Workplace Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Traliant

What I like most about Traliant is that it provides broadcast-quality compliance training. Its mission is to let learners rethink how they look at compliance training programs by transforming them from boring to brilliant.

That’s why every piece of course content it offers is engaging, updated, and customizable.

The company provides workplace discrimination and harassment training for different states. It also offers harassment prevention courses for different industries.

Traliant delivers training using bite-sized episodes, storytelling, gamification, and videos.

Why Traliant Courses?

  • You get a free trial of a full course before you go for the paid version
  • You can easily customize the courses by adding audio, videos, graphics, company policies, and branding
  • Traliant was founded and run by industry veterans and former executives of leading compliance training companies
  • A user-friendly licensing system to deliver the latest content for continuous learning

Course Duration:

20 minutes to 2 hours


Custom quote

5. Federal Sexual Harassment Training Requirements by EasyLlama

sexual Harassment EasyLlama

In addition to a consolidated training platform, EasyLlama provides several compliance training courses. It makes learning easy, engaging, and interactive.

Apart from sexual harassment, the courses deal with discrimination, retaliation, bullying, and other forms of harassment in the workplace. The idea is to promote an inclusive workplace through training programs that rely on modern and relevant content.

You’ll find high-quality videos based on real-life examples as a part of the training. They are relatable and helpful. There are also microlearning sessions lasting 5-10 minutes each.

Other highlights include seamless integrations with LMS, HRIS, and other useful tools and real-time tracking and reporting.

Why EasyLlama Courses?

  • The training is fully compliant with all federal & state laws surrounding workplace sexual harassment
  • The courses are mobile and tablet-friendly, which makes things easy for deskless workers
  • Up-to-date, practical, and relevant content in tune with the MeToo era
  • Available in more than 100 languages, including English and Spanish

Course Duration:

1 to 2 hours


Starts at $19.95 per training for 5 employees

6. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by Compliance Training Group

Compliance Training Group

“Every employee has the right to work in an environment free from sexual harassment.” – Janice Harper

Compliance Training Group specializes in delivering a variety of compliance training programs, including sexual harassment training.

The courses are comprehensive and they cover key federal discrimination and sexual harassment laws. There are nationwide and state-specific courses designed for supervisors and employees.

These resources are developed by legal and HR training experts. The training programs can be used to reduce the risk and expense arising out of unethical, illegal, or irresponsible employee behaviors.

Compliance Training Group’s clientele includes government agencies, multinational corporations, non-profits, public utilities, law firms, and small businesses.

Why Compliance Training Group Courses?

  • There are no contracts, minimums, or membership fees
  • On-demand employee background checks at competitive rates
  • You can purchase a single-seat training enrollment anytime
  • A video library covering numerous compliance topics for engaging experiences

Course Duration:

1 to 2 hours


Starts at $19.99 (single-user eLearning enrollment)

What Is Compliance Training? Requirements & Benefits

7. Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by HIPAA Exams

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training by HIPAA Exams

HIPAA Exams is an IACET-accredited online training provider. It primarily focuses on healthcare, workplace safety, and legislative compliance.

The sexual harassment training offered by HIPAA Exams aims to create a harassment-free workplace by covering topics such as identifying and preventing harassment, understanding its consequences, and developing a prevention plan.

The courses are designed to be completed online and typically take about 60 minutes to complete.

HIPAA Exams also provides a user-friendly online learning platform for learners to access its courses at their own pace and convenience.

Why HIPAA Exams Courses?

  • Up-to-date and expert-led online training content
  • Powerful tracking, reporting, and yearly reminder
  • Certificate available upon completion of a course
  • Access to expert help whenever users need it using chat, email & phone

Course Duration:

1 to 2 hours


$14.95 to $34/user

8. NAVEX’s Workplace Harassment Training

NAVEX’s Workplace Harassment Training

NAVEX is a leading governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) solutions provider that helps organizations manage their compliance challenges. With a strong focus on smart GRC decision-making, NAVEX Global is trusted by many organizations worldwide.

Its policy and training solutions support customers’ ability to comply with sexual harassment training requirements. This way, they can adapt to changing regulations and help build an ethical and healthy company culture.

The courses come in various forms – full-length, microlearning, and adaptive learning. These culturally relevant and industry-leading training programs are aligned with current legislation.

The courses are made up of engaging content with self-customization options.

Why NAVEX Courses?

  • The courses have been the premier training resources in the market for nearly 20 years
  • The training takes into consideration the diverse backgrounds and experiences of employees
  • Tools and guidance to address sexual harassment effectively
  • Actively supports organizations in creating a safer and more respectful workplace

Course Duration:

1 to 2 hours


Custom quote

9. Harassment Prevention Training for Your Industry by Kantola


While looking for established providers, I also came across Kantola (now acquired by Traliant). The company takes pride in its more than thirty years of experience in the training industry.

Its training programs cover topics such as workplace diversity, bullying, harassment, and workplace violence. They feature scenes and situations to enable participants to connect more deeply with the content.

The courses contain high-quality employee training videos. You can deliver the training in multiple languages using four different eLearning formats.

You can also expect practical guidance on how to build a harassment-free and safe work environment for all.

Kantola’s proprietary and feature-rich LMS makes it easy to deliver automated online compliance training at no added cost. If you already have a training platform, you can easily integrate Kantola’s courses into your system.

Why Kantola Courses?

  • Its courses exceed all federal and state requirements and it has you covered regardless of your location
  • Partnership with Littler, the world’s largest labor & employment law firm
  • The courses work on all existing LMS and they are SCORM and Tin Can-compliant
  • World-class courses that drive real change in the workplace

Course Duration:

1 to 2 hours


Custom quote

10. Harassment Prevention Training by Ethena

Harassment Prevention Training by Ethena

Ethena is an online compliance training platform that provides organizations with modern and effective sexual harassment training programs.

Its training is designed to meet the challenges organizations face today. With Ethena you can “deliver the right training, at the right time, without overtraining.”

I am impressed with how the training is well-structured and covers legal requirements. The inclusive tones and fresh references are equally notable.

Ethena sexual harassment program has received a 93% positivity score and over 875,000 learner ratings, indicating the satisfaction of the program attendees.

Overall, it makes its online training memorable and enjoyable because it believes that compliance training isn’t just about avoiding the worst outcome.

Why Ethena Courses?

  • It delivers the right content using the right platform
  • Hundreds of integrations to deploy training the way you want it
  • Hotline & case management suite to navigate tricky situations at work
  • Analytics dashboards to track training completion and get in-depth reports

Course Duration:

40 minutes to 3 hours


$20 to $50 per learner, annually

11. Inspired eLearning’s Anti-Harassment Training

Inspired eLearning’s Anti-Harassment Training

Inspired eLearning is dedicated to fulfilling the ever-evolving needs of employee training. In addition to cybersecurity and HR training, it specializes in harassment training.

Its sexual harassment courses cover many in-demand topics and meet all federal and state requirements.

The engaging, regularly updated, and award-winning training content makes an ideal solution for both government and private organizations.

The courses offer text and voice translation in more than 10 different languages, including English. So, the medium of instruction is not an issue. You can even evaluate your trainees’ understanding of a course through final examinations.

Why Inspired eLearning Courses?

  • The training courses are consistent with all the federal and state requirements
  • The courses are developed by instructional designers with decades of experience
  • Backed by Fisher Phillips, a renowned employment law firm in the U.S.
  • Inspired eLearning is noted for its excellent customer service with quick response time

Course Duration:

1 to 2 hours


Custom quote

12. Positive Workplace: Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bullying by Clear Law Institute

Positive Workplace: Preventing Workplace Harassment and Bullying by Clear Law Institute

Organizations must take a proactive approach to sexual harassment prevention, rather than reacting only to incidents.” – Chai Feldblum

Finally, I’ve Clear Law Institute, a training organization whose credibility stems from its leadership by the former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Michael W. Johnson.

The institute provides accurate, practical, and engaging continuing education on various topics, including compliance. It also provides advisory services to employers worldwide.

Its sexual harassment training fulfills the harassment and anti-bullying requirements at the federal and state level. By handling all technical aspects, Clear Law Institute makes it effortless to roll out the training to employees.

The online courses are based on actual cases. After each scenario, learners are asked a question and they then receive feedback.

Why Clear Law Institute Courses?

  • Family Feud-type interactive learning games where learners enter all the characteristics protected by federal harassment law
  • Focus on exploring the gray areas that employees often face in real-life
  • The courses address new topics related to workplace harassment
  • Experts answer questions about training content at no additional cost

Course Duration:

45 minutes to 2 hours


Custom quote

Those were the best sexual harassment training programs you can deploy as a part of your organization’s POSH initiatives.

Next, let’s see some information related to such courses and programs.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Sexual harassment prevention training is a formal training program designed to educate individuals about the laws, policies, and behaviors related to sexual harassment in the workplace. It aims to increase awareness, foster a respectful and inclusive culture, and provide practical strategies to prevent and address incidents of sexual harassment.

This training equips participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote a safe and inclusive environment for all.

For more, watch this explainer video: What Is Sexual Harassment Training?

What Is a Sexual Harassment Training Course?

A sexual harassment training course is a course meant to educate employees on how to identify, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace. It aims to raise awareness about the forms and consequences of harassment, teach strategies to foster a respectful work environment, and outline the correct procedures for handling and reporting incidents.

These courses also inform participants about relevant laws and organizational policies to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities.

Why Are Sexual Harassment Courses Important?

Sexual harassment courses are crucial because they educate employees on how to recognize, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment in the workplace. These courses help create a safer, more inclusive environment by promoting awareness and understanding of what constitutes harassment, the legal implications, and the proper channels for reporting incidents.

By empowering individuals with this knowledge, organizations can reduce incidents of harassment, comply with legal standards, and foster a respectful work culture.

What Are the Key Features to Look for in a Sexual Harassment Training Course?

Look for programs that are tailored to the specific needs of your industry. Consider the quality and credibility of the training provider, the format and delivery method, and the ability to customize the content.

Additionally, consider the training’s effectiveness in engaging employees and promoting behavior change, as well as any available post-training support or resources.

What Should Be Included in a Sexual Harassment Course?

It should include information on what constitutes sexual harassment, different types of harassment, reporting procedures, and consequences for violating policies. It should educate participants on the effects of harassment and how to respond as a bystander.

Prevention strategies should also be emphasized. Interactive elements, such as case studies and quizzes, can help reinforce learning.

Talking about reporting procedures in workplace harassment situations, here’s a short video that explains the responsibility:

How to Conduct Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual harassment training involves a combination of legal education, awareness activities, and interactive learning, underscored by the choice of the right courses and training software, such as a learning management system (LMS).

Start by providing a detailed explanation of sexual harassment, including legal definitions and real-world examples. The training should also clearly communicate the organization’s policies and reporting procedures.

Incorporating role-playing, case studies, and discussions can actively engage employees and enhance their understanding and response to harassment scenarios.

Regular, mandatory training sessions, led by knowledgeable facilitators, are essential to fostering a respectful and safe work environment.

Find the Best Sexual Harassment Courses

Hopefully, this list helps you find the best sexual harassment prevention courses. Choose the one that suits your training and business objectives. You’ll find both paid and free sexual harassment training courses.

In addition to these courses, you would need a robust LMS, such as ProProfs Training Maker, to manage, deliver, track, and analyze them.

Test the waters with such tools before taking the plunge.

Remember, only when you’ve the best platform and courses available can you deliver impactful sexual harassment training.

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