LMS for Consulting Companies to Help Clients Get the Most Out of Services

Easily build custom training programs for your staff, customers & partners
LMS for Consulting Companies to Help Clients Get the Most Out of Services
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What Is an LMS for Consulting Services?

A learning management system (LMS) for consulting businesses is a software application for managing online training and education for customers. While consultants can use it to train their employees as well, most of them rely on it to train customers who take their services. Whether you’re a financial, healthcare, HR, or political consultancy, an LMS for consulting firms enables you to train your customers on the services you provide so that they get the most out of your services, gain your trust, and become repeat customers.

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100+ Ready Courses or Create Your Own

Premium library with ready-to-go training courses

Implement customized and engaging training programs for your customers using our ready-to-use online courses and templates. Developed by industry experts, these resources can help you deliver impactful eLearning experiences on different topics. Use the courses as-is or modify them to suit your needs. Upload existing training materials and personalize them. It's as easy as drag-and-drop.

Onboarding Training
View All Training Templates

Onboarding Training

Welcome new customers faster with an onboarding template fully customizable to your specific needs. A well-crafted onboarding process helps familiarize customers with your brand, teams, services, and support. Well onboarded customers are informed, more satisfied, and likely to continue to do business with you.

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Compliance Training Courses

Easily provide training to your clients on compliance matters. Make sure they are operating legally by following all regulations. Support them at every step of meeting guidelines and getting audit-ready with purpose-built online courses.

View All Compliance Training Courses
Compliance Training Courses
View All Compliance Training Courses
Safety Training Courses
View All Safety Training Courses

Safety Training Courses

Provide training and expert advice to your clients on workplace safety. Protect your clients’ employees from illnesses, injuries, and fatalities. Use these safety training courses to build a risk-free environment.

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How Our LMS for Consulting Training Works

Create Courses With Existing Content

Upload docs, videos, PDFs & PPTs and add quizzes

Create delightful online training courses in minutes and train your customers. ProProfs LMS for the consulting industry offers a course library containing 100+ expert-designed, editable, and ready-to-use online courses and templates. Add quizzes for knowledge checks. You can also develop courses quickly by using your existing content, such as docs, PDF files, videos, recorded webinars, and presentations.

  • tick Training tick Choose from 100+ ready-to-use courses
  • tick Training tick Upload docs, PDFs, PPTs & videos
  • tick Training tick Add quizzes for assessment
  • tick Training tick Reduce course development time
Offer Safety & Compliance Training

Offer Safety & Compliance Training

Keep your clients well informed, compliant & safe

Companies in industries such as construction and manufacturing often take external safety consultancy services. If you’re a safety & compliance consultant servicing these industries, you can provide training on industry standards. This includes operational procedures, protection from slips & falls, FDA guidelines, fire protection, and quality control measures. ProProfs LMS makes it easy to quickly deliver these and similar training programs. Ensure ongoing compliance with fast-changing industry rules.

  • tick Training tick Safety & compliance standards training
  • tick Training tick FDA & fire protection
  • tick Training tick Operational procedures
  • tick Training tick Keep up with regulations

Easily Manage Multiple Clients for Training

Create classrooms based on users, groups & roles

Create a different classroom for each client, complete with their company logo, colors, and brand messaging. Each classroom can have multiple learner groups based on job roles, courses, locations, or departments. Our learning management system for consultants lets you arrange users into functional groups and create personalized learning paths. Classify learners based on these criteria and assign specific courses or assessments. Moreover, assign roles, such as “administrators” and “instructors” to simplify administration.

  • tick Training tick Create user groups & sub-groups
  • tick Training tick Organize users by profile & location
  • tick Training tick Assign courses & roles
  • tick Training tick Reduce administrative workload
Easily Manage Multiple Clients for Training

Actionable Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Track training progress & completion for each client

Track course progress, quiz results, training histories, and more with our cloud LMS. View pending and completed courses. Check who took a course and when. Data for each client can be maintained in separate silos so it can be safely accessed. An intuitive admin dashboard displays insightful graphs and charts for tracking and analyzing training data. You can filter these reports and export them in downloadable formats such as Excel, PDF, and CSV. The LMS software works seamlessly across devices and platforms, allowing you to generate the reports anytime, anywhere.

  • tick Training tick Track progress & completion
  • tick Training tick Downloadable custom reports
  • tick Training tick Export reports as Excel or PDF
  • tick Training tick Access reports anytime, anywhere

Secure Login With Single Sign-On

Configure LDAP, HRIS & more for each client

The Single Sign-On (SSO) feature in our LMS enables you to authenticate users automatically across websites and applications using one set of credentials. This saves users’ time while significantly enhancing data security. Learners can log in conveniently using their existing Google or social media credentials without experiencing password fatigue. Integration with LDAP further allows you to import your LDAP user base into ProProfs LMS, upload usernames and passwords, and keep all your training courses, learners, and HRIS systems in sync.

  • tick Training tick Enable easy login with SSO
  • tick Training tick Upload usernames & passwords
  • tick Training tick Integration with LDAP
  • tick Training tick Sync with HRIS & existing systems

All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place

100+ Ready-Made Courses & Templates

Choose from 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-use online courses and templates.

Add Quizzes for Assessment

Easily measure retention and gaps with engaging quizzes. Get video responses and prevent question skipping.

Upload Docs, Videos, PDFs & PPTs

Substantially reduce your course creation time by importing your docs, PDF files, videos, and presentations.

100+ Settings & Configurations

Set up the LMS to run it your way by choosing from more than 100 settings for privacy, security, designs, and brand controls.

English, Spanish & 70+ Languages

Easily train a global client base. ProProfs supports English, Spanish, and 70+ other languages.

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Deliver online training on the devices your learners use daily. Our LMS works across all popular devices.

Multiple Instructors/Admins

Simplify training administration and boost efficiency by assigning roles to multiple instructors and admins.

Track Progress & Compliance

Track learners’ progress and course compliance with real-time data visualizations and analytics.

AI-Powered Reporting

View, download, and share intelligent reports on individuals, groups, in-course quizzes, and surveys. Identify retention, gaps, and challenges.

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Works Great for All Your Training Needs

Get your new clients off on the right foot with engaging and impactful employee onboarding software. Educate them on your specialized services.

Make sure your customers meet ongoing compliance requirements in their industry with our compliance training software.

Help your customers stay on top of workplace safety matters with a range of safety training solutions.

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