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Get employee training courses online for free. We at ProProfs, offer a list of top training programs for employees' development on topics like compliance, safety, HR, sales, customer service, skills, and more. These online employee training courses include handouts, scenarios, flashcards, placeholders, and end-of-chapter assessment quizzes for knowledge check. You can add your own branding and personalize the course content by uploading your existing training materials, such as videos, presentations, PDF files, podcasts, recorded webinars, and graphics. Learners can take the courses on PCs, smartphones, and other portable devices in a self-paced manner, anytime, anywhere. Our state-of-the-art reporting features make it easy to keep track of your courses and learners with actionable data on pending & completed courses, progress, milestones, challenges, and scores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you build a course for me?

Yes. Our custom elearning course development service will build professional online training courses on any subject or topic you need. You can provide existing course materials or we'll develop everything from scratch for you. We have a team of expert Instructional Designers who plan out the perfect course outline and add engaging elements like videos, voiceover, and dynamic content. We can add quizzes and surveys so you can test knowledge retention and measure course satisfaction. Yo'll also get our advanced online training software, which makes it easy to share, sell, and assign courses, send reminders, and monitor completion rates.

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