Online Compliance Training Software

Educate employees on industry regulations with compliance training software

  • Enable self-paced learning
  • Update content regularly
  • Automate training reports
  • Reduce training costs by up to 70%

Enable Self-Paced Learning

Allow learners to learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere

Allow each employee to learn at their own pace by using the self-paced, multi-lingual learning solution from ProProfs. This online compliance training software is user-friendly and secure. Use it to deploy mandatory training, including HIPAA and anti-sexual harassment. Access courses on different devices with varying screen sizes. Navigating across the courses is easy.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ease of navigation
  • Multi-lingual support
Best compliance training software solution to track learning by building lessons & team sharing

Easily Update Content

Keep pace with the latest industry regulations

Update compliance training content anytime, anywhere

Update online compliance training content anytime, anywhere to keep pace with fast-changing industry regulations. You can also resolve workplace conflicts and cut down the chances of lawsuits with our effective training software. Keep your employees well-informed about your organizational rules and industry-wide procedures with online compliance training courses.

  • Keep employees well-informed
  • Reduce chances of lawsuits
  • Stay compliant

Automate Training Reports

Keep track of learners’ progress through automatic training reports

Keep track of learning milestones, generate reports automatically, and make employee assessment a breeze with our built-in tracking and reporting software. Integrate quizzes and surveys into your general compliance training to get more comprehensive reports on employee performance. Identify key improvement areas and knowledge gaps. Issue certificates on successful completion of training with the help of compliance software solution.

  • Monitor employee performance
  • Automate insightful reports
  • Issue completion certificates

Reduce Training Costs By Up to 70%

Cut down training expenses drastically with compliance training software

Online compliance training lms is cheaper than a physical program

Switch to online compliance training software and reduce your training costs by up to 70%. Train employees across multiple locations using compliance training programs and at a fraction of the costs usually associated with traditional classroom training. Let your employees self-train on your firm’s policies and industry regulations. Reduce dependence on manpower for training your employees.

  • Reduce dependence on manpower
  • Reduce additional expenses
  • Work smarter with compliance software

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