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What Is Assessment Software & How to Choose the Best One?

Assessment software is a software application to assess comprehension, retention, progress, and gaps in learners. A SaaS quiz tool for assessing students, new hires, and employees is an example. Generally, it enables you to create, administer, track, grade, and analyze online quizzes and tests seamlessly. For this, it relies on a set of questions to evaluate participants’ knowledge and skills. You can create an assessment from scratch or choose a ready-made template.

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How to Create an Assessment

Building a test is easy with ProProfs
  • Step 1 : Pick a template or create from scratch
  • Step 2 :Add questions using our question library
  • Step 3 :Add your logo, brand colors & theme
  • Step 4 :Easily share anytime, anywhere

How ProProfs Assessment Software Works

Easily test knowledge, measure performance, or assess skills

Our online assessment software is a dynamic tool that combines AI & machine learning for you to have a hassle-free online assessment system and viable outcomes.

Easily Create Online Assessments

100,000+ ready-to-use questions

Create online assessment tests within minutes with our assessment tool. Import questions from question bank containing 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on a variety of topics. Choose from a collection of 100k+ ready-to-use customizable assessments and edit them to create your own assessment. Choose from different types of questions such as multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true/false, etc.

  • tick Training tick Utilize 100k+ customizable assessments
  • tick Training tick Import questions from question banks
  • tick Training tick Choose from a variety of question types

Personalize Assessments & Certificates

Customize with your brand logo, colors, and fonts

Customize assessments and certificates to give them a unique personality. Our assessment tool lets you add your brand’s logo, match with your brand color scheme, pick from ready-made themes, backgrounds, and beautiful fonts. Choose from 100+ professionally designed themes available on the software. Our education assessment software platform allows you to create an assessment and reward learners with customizable completion certificates which certainly help in boosting learner participation while providing for smooth assessment systems.

Prevent Cheating & Unauthorized Access

100+ settings & configurations

Build your own assessments, secure them and prevent cheating by configuring the security settings in our assessment tool. With our online assessment creator, you can prevent cheating by randomizing questions or changing the order of questions, so learners don’t get the same set of questions time and again. Confine the time for answering each question by setting a restricted time-window on each question. Protect assessments with passwords to avoid unauthorized access. Share private links with selected users and groups.

  • tick Training tick Randomize questions to prevent cheating
  • tick Training tick Protect assessments with a password
  • tick Training tick Restrict the time for answering questions

Automate Grading & Reporting

Save time & effort with automation

Create an online assessment and automate grades and scores for correct answers. With our assessment software platform, you can also give instant feedback based on the answers to make the assessment systems more engaging. Track individual learner performance in auto-generated reports. View details such as the total time taken to complete the quiz, the total number of attempts made, previous scores, and more.

  • tick Training tick Set scores for correct answers in advance
  • tick Training tick Give instant feedback
  • tick Training tick Track performance with reports

All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place

Assessment library

Get access to a collection of 100+ ready-to-use skill assessments curated by experts.

Automated grading

Save hours of your time by pre-assigning scores to correct answers so they are graded automatically when attempted.

Instant feedback

Turn mistakes into learning opportunities by assigning instant feedback for correct and incorrect answers.

10+ question types

Elevate the level of engagement with 10+ question types. Use the record video question type when assessing for hiring.

Question library

Get access to a collection of 100,000+ ready-to-use questions on thousands of topics carefully picked by experts.


Bring a touch of your branding to your assessments by adding your brand’s logo, themes, colors, and more.

Advanced reports & analytics

Get details like the number of correct and incorrect answers, time spent in answering, and more.

100+ settings & configurations

Configure more than 100 settings like notifications, security, availability, and more to suit your requirement.

Completion certificates

Issue customized completion certificates to your learners after they’ve completed the assessments.

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Works Great for All Assessment Needs

Create skill assessment tests and choose the best candidate for a job-role in your company.

Create employee assessment tests to train and assess employees’ knowledge.

Configure 100+ settings to create secure online quizzes or exams that prevent cheating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is online assessment software?

Online assessment software comes with all the necessary features you need to create an online assessment. It lets you create & share assessments and automatically grades them too. You can create an assessment from scratch or choose a ready-made template from ProProfs assessment library and white-label your assessments by adding your brand logo. Check out this guide to better understand What is an Assessment Software?

How to create an assessment online

Creating an assessment online is easy and takes only a few minutes. Pick a template from 100+ professionally designed ready-to-use assessment templates, feel free to make changes to the preset questions, configure quick settings, and take live. Check out this video guide to learn How to Create an Assessment Online.

Why is online assessment important?

Online candidate assessment is easy, quick, accurate, and allows candidates to access the test anytime, anywhere. An online evaluation automatically grades the assessment saving your time and effort.

What is the best assessment software?

Software that can help in the seamless creation of an online assessment easily and quickly is the best assessment software. Moreover, the best assessment software offers a simple-to-use interface and features, along with security configurations to keep your data safe.

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