LMS Learning Paths

Provide your learners with well-defined learning paths

  • Bundle existing courses into learning paths
  • Capture feedback to improve course quality
  • Enable guided learning
  • Set up rules for course compliance

Create Learning Paths for Different Courses

Enhance efficiency of learners by 80%

Provide your learners with an end-to-end understanding of your course content from start to finish. Bundle your courses into specific subjects or topics. Arrange them in a sequence to provide learners with a smooth learning experience. Drive trainees from the basic to the advanced version of the course, which helps them excel in a particular subject. Let them take courses in the order of complexity set by their instructor. These factors help you boost learning efficiency by 80%.

  • Create separate learning paths
  • Increase learner efficiency
  • Provide a holistic understanding
Design & Create Learning Paths that are Flexible and Accommodate Your Learners

Launch Surveys & Capture Feedback

Implement survey responses & improve course quality

Include surveys at any point in your course to get feedback from learners. Implement relevant survey responses to enhance the quality of your course. Identify the pain points of learners and accordingly make changes in course content. Give trainees complete anonymity and allow them to fill surveys without any inhibitions. Implement the feedback and refine your learning paths to provide learners with an exceptional learning experience.

  • Enhance course quality
  • Give anonymity to learners
  • Incorporate relevant feedback
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Facilitate Guided Learning

Turn beginners into experts

Provide learners with a well-defined learning path to continuously enhance their skills and help them become experts in a particular subject. Let them collaborate with peers and instructors at every learning point to solve doubts. Track trainees progress at every step and give feedback. Grade your learners at the end of a course and provide them with a consolidated evaluation of their performance.

  • Collaborate at every learning point
  • Track learner performance
  • Give feedback for improvement

Ensure Holistic Compliance of Your Course Rules

Set course availability and expiration dates

Online Learning Paths - Set course availability and expiration dates

Configure settings as per the compliance requirements of your course. Set the availability and expiration date of a course such as sexual harassment awareness course. After the expiry, the course is moved back to the “pending list” for learners. Easily set expiration dates for your course certificates. Include the maximum number of attempts that learners will get to take a course.

  • Easy configuration
  • Set number of attempts for a course
  • Fix the expiration and availability dates
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