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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

Crafting Powerful Messages Training Course covers the following:

#1   Course Overview
  • Course Overview
#2   Keep It Simple
  • Get to Know Your Audience
  • Worksheet: The 4 Questions
  • Clarify the Message
  • Worksheet: Clarify Your Message
  • Craft a Compelling Message
  • Applying the Concepts
  • Check Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
#3   What's The Point?
  • Make a List of Key Points to Cover
  • Worksheet: Formulate Your Key Points
  • Create a Call-To-Action (CTA)
  • Creating an Effective & Specified Call-to-Action
  • Worksheet: Create a Call-To-Action
  • Organize Your Key Points
  • 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Message Through Storytelling
  • Applying the Concepts
  • Check Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
#4   Get It Together
  • Put It All Together to Create a Powerful Message
  • Reread & Revise
  • Tips to Create Powerful Messages
  • Share Your Powerful Message
  • Reach Your Audience
  • Applying the Concepts
  • Check Your Knowledge
  • Chapter Feedback
#5   Final Thoughts
  • Final Assessment
  • Course Handouts
  • Course Feedback

About The Instructor

Kristen Bagwell

Kristen Bagwill is the Founder and CEO of COMM-Unity, a fast-growing virtual communications agency that crafts “Communication that Connects.” The COMM-Unity team specializes in connecting small businesses with their audiences through authentic and engaging messaging that matters.

Kristen holds an MBA as well as a Master of Communications. She has over 20 years of experience in a variety of fields from Fortune 500 to nonprofit, finance and HR. In one of her favorite corporate roles, she led a small but talented team in building out a robust learning and development department for employees across a large government agency. 

Kristen credits her phenomenal success in such a diverse career to her exceptional communication skills. She says, “Good communication serves you well—and those around you—regardless of the industry or role you’re in. It’s the only way to truly connect.” 

Kristen is focused on connecting people in fun, real, relevant, and evolutionary ways. Her main goal for this content is to help YOU thrive!

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