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Use our expert-designed courses to develop the top skills expected of an HR executive. Whether it is making a job offer, selecting suitable candidates, onboarding, or communicating compensations & benefits, they should be on top of their game. HR should be well-versed with policies and laws concerning hiring, employment, and termination of employees. Nothing less important is their day-to-day administrative tasks. Train them on these and more topics with ProProfs courses.

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How to Be Professional on a Video Call

Knowing how to take or facilitate a video call is a necessary skill in today's business world. Mastering professionalism during a video call can be learned with some easy steps which you will learn in this course.

How to Interview Job Candidates

Let's face it, conducting an interview isn't always easy or fun, and it doesn't come naturally for most people. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to hire the best and brightest candidates.

Workplace Conflict Management Training Course

Welcome to the workplace conflict management course. Workplace conflict is a natural part of any workplace.

Learn the Art of Choosing the Right Candidate

Interviewing Skills Training Course

This Interviewing Skills Training course provides employees and management personnel with basic skills necessary for hiring.

Terminate Without Breaking the Employee's Spirits

Terminating the Employment Relationship

Terminating an employee can be a tough job. Learn what is the best way to terminate an employee as a manager.

Learn the basics of direct and indirect compensation

Employees Compensation & Benefits Training Course

Employers pay wages, known as direct compensation, to employees for work performed. Additionally, employers may choose to offer an indirect, non-cash form of compensation called benefits.

Evaluate employees on their knowledge and skills

How to Select New Employees

This course is designed to guide a hiring manager through a typical employee selection process.

Make a competitive job offer

Making a Job Offer Training Course

Congratulations! You have found a great candidate to fill your open position. All of the hard work is over. Not quite yet. Between finding the right candidate for your job and having that person start work is the job offer.


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