Employee Satisfaction Survey Training Course

Learn how to conduct satisfaction surveys, analyze results, and implement changes

Employees who report high job satisfaction tend to remain happy and achieve greater productivity. They feel more invested in a business' success, so they work harder to achieve its goals. This course on assessing employee satisfaction with surveys shows you how to measure employee satisfaction with the help of surveys. You will also learn how to analyze the results of such surveys and implement changes accordingly. The course includes a worksheet, scenario, final assessment, and additional resources.

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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

Employee Satisfaction Survey
1.   Course Overview
  • Course Overview
2.   How to Properly Conduct the Survey
  • Analyze the Results
  • Survey Template
  • Create Actionable Items
  • Checklist: Create Actionable Items
  • Scenario
3.   Conclusion
  • Additional Resources
  • Assessment
  • Course Handouts
  • Course Feedback

About The Instructor

Rafaela Estrella

Rafaela Estrella is the Founder and CEO of Estrellita Consulting, a consulting firm that equips leaders with the knowledge and confidence to navigate difficult conversations in the workplace. 

Fluent in Spanish and English, Rafaela leads DEI conversations, workshops, training, and a wide variety of HR initiatives. Other areas of expertise include HR Management, Staffing, Recruiting & Talent Selection, Training & Development, Performance Management, Employee Relations, Engagement Strategies, Manager/Peer Coaching, Conflict Resolution, and Community Outreach.

As a first-generation immigrant, Rafaela is the first in her family to break many barriers, including graduating from college. As a result, she is inspired to help others break barriers of their own. She taught this course to help you ensure that you are leading at the highest level possible.

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