White-Label LMS Solution to ElevateYour Brand & Improve Learning Experience

Customize training with your own logo, themes, layouts, colors, and more
White-Label LMS Solution to Elevate Your Brand & Improve Learning Experience
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  • tick Training tick Feature your courses under your brand
  • tick Training tick Add your own brand logo & messaging
  • tick Training tick Remove all references to ProProfs branding
  • tick Training tick Create personalized certificates & badges
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Represent Everything You Stand For
Add your brand logo, themes, layout & messaging

Remove all references to ProProfs with your branding elements. Make custom training an integral part of your organization. With our white-label online training platform, you can customize the look and feel of your learning platform. Add your brand logo, colors, fonts, themes, and styles to deliver a personalized learning experience. Help your audience easily identify your organization by ensuring consistency in branding and messaging across all your online training programs.

  • tick Training tick Add your company logo
  • tick Training tick Strengthen the connection with learners
  • tick Training tick Build a better learning experience
  • tick Training tick Represent what you stand for
Deliver Training Your Way
100+ settings & customizations

Fine-tune your training portal to align with your training goals. Customize the layout and make your training program look like your own. Choose from 100+ settings & configurations, including adding password protection to courses, chapter skipping prevention, changing course language, setting chapter availability, reordering course chapters, restricting repeat attempts on courses, and more. Gamify your content with points, badges, leaderboards, brain games, and flash cards.

  • tick Training tick Set up your own training portal
  • tick Training tick Configure your online courses
  • tick Training tick Leverage software integrations
  • tick Training tick 100+ course settings
Issue Branded Completion Certificates
Validate achievement & keep learners motivated

Create custom certificates by uploading your own designs, or you may simply choose samples from our professionally designed certificates. Add your brand name, logo, participant’s name, date, and signature to give a personal touch. Set up certificate renewal & expiry dates by sending out reminders. Increase course completion rates. Define milestones for learners before generating course completion certificates. Print & share certificates with your learners via email or social media.

  • tick Training tick Create branded completion certificates
  • tick Training tick Professionally designed templates
  • tick Training tick Set expiry & renewal dates to ensure compliance
  • tick Training tick Print & share certificates

All the Features & Flexibility You Need in One Place

Save time and effort on course development with a professionally designed and editable library of courses and templates.

Manage learner groups, group admins, and course assignments using a centralized and secure classroom.

Track learning progress and get in-depth insights into your training programs with automated reports and stats.

Ensure your training participants abide by course completion & certificate expiration dates through automatic reminders.

Embed quizzes within a course to measure knowledge. Prevent skipping questions and enable learners to record video responses.

Launch surveys at any point in your course to collect actionable feedback. Make improvements based on user responses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a white-label LMS?

A white-label LMS is an LMS that supports customization and personalization to deliver training under your own brand. A white-label training platform allows a company to design the look and feel of training programs with a custom appearance, including logo, themes, fonts, colors, designs, and messaging. This customization feature helps you establish your brand identity, spread brand awareness, and create a stronger connection with your audience. Learn more

How does white-label LMS work?

A white-label LMS lets you remove all the references to the vendor and replace them with your brand name, logo, color, theme, and layout. You can purchase an LMS platform from a SaaS provider and rebrand it as your own. This will add authenticity to your learning portal and promote courses and assessments under your brand name. Read this guide to know more.

Why use a white-label LMS?

A white-label LMS lets you create and deliver online training under your own brand. You can customize the platform to match your look and feel and remove any trace of ProProfs. This way, you can save costs, connect with your learners, boost your brand, and expand your functionality.

How much does white-label software cost?

The cost of white-label software can vary depending on several factors, such as the features supported, the level of customization, and the size of your organization. For instance, ProProfs LMS offers an affordable white-label option that you can include with a plan of your choice. Learn more.

Can we create multiple white-labeled classrooms for different audiences / clients / locations / occasions?

Yes, you can create multiple white-labeled classrooms with ProProfs Training Maker based on your training purpose. You can customize each classroom with a different logo, theme, and brand colors. You can also assign different instructors, learners, create learner groups, and courses to each classroom. This way, you can deliver personalized and relevant training to different audiences / clients / locations / occasions. Learn how to set up multiple classrooms.

Can we manage all the white-labeled classrooms from a single dashboard?

Yes, you can view and edit the settings, content, and reports of each classroom from one place. You can also switch between different classrooms with a simple click. This way, you can save time and hassle while managing multiple training programs.

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