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ProProfs Training Maker vs. Docebo: Which Tool Deserves the LMS Crown?

ProProfs Training Maker vs. Docebo

I understand some choices in life aren’t as easy as picking an ice cream flavor! To help you make the best pick from ProProfs Training Maker vs. Docebo, I have compared these two world-class LMS platforms on a bunch of parameters, ranging from UI to reporting. Which of these will give you the best return on investment? Let’s find out!

Features ProProfs Training Maker Docebo
Deployement Type Cloud-based Cloud-based
Pricing Forever free for up to 10 learners. Paid plan starts at $1.97/learner/month for large teams. Custom pricing
User Interface Simple and clean UI. Admins and learners can easily navigate the interface without extensive training. Simple and intuitive UI. Plenty of white space can make the interface look a little boring.
Automation Automate your learning programs with learner self-enrollment, automated notifications & reminders, and report generation. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically suggest relevant courses and training materials to learners.
Customization Customize your LMS with themes, colors, branding, personalized learning paths, and course templates. Use a drag-and-drop functionality to customize courses and learner pages.
Privacy & Security Password-protected courses, two-factor authentication, unique login credentials, single sign-on, GDPR-compliant, and more. Hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. LDAP and SAML standards for secure integrations.
User Management Assign multiple roles & permissions to control access to the LMS. Bulk import learner details from Google account. The Superadmin can add, modify, or delete existing users. Share automated email alerts to new users on account creation.
Gamification Use points, badges, leaderboards, quizzes, and brain games to encourage learner participation and engagement. Allow learners to view their badges and rewards in the My Gamification panel.
Integrations Seamlessly integrates with CRMs, video conferencing tools, WordPress, HRIS, SCORM/xAPI, and more. Integrate it with e-commerce platforms, project management tools, video conferencing apps, and more.
Reporting Generate AI-powered reports to track learner progress, course completion rates, and learner satisfaction. Customize reports to view information about courses, users, and integrated apps.
Support Get 24x7 human support via email, live chat, and phone. An online knowledge base is also available for self-service. Get access to a vast help center.

ProProfs Training Maker vs. Docebo: A Detailed Feature-by-Feature Comparison

I believe in fair comparisons. Simply judging a software system from an online review will not lead to wise decisions.

For this reason, I decided to compare Docebo and ProProfs Training Maker on multiple parameters to understand which tool outweighs the other.

All the points shared below came from my personal experience of using these two LMS platforms, and some inputs were shared by colleagues who are also dedicated users of these products.

1. User Interface

A simple and intuitive user interface (UI) in a learning management system (LMS) plays a crucial role in enhancing user experience and facilitating effective learning. It reduces the learning curve by making navigation effortless, helping learners easily access courses, resources, and assessments.

User Interface

ProProfs Training Maker has given equal consideration to both administrators and learners. Let me quickly explain both sides of the coin.

For administrators, course creation is a walk in the park. As soon as you log in, you can choose from hundreds of course templates or start your journey from scratch. You can effortlessly add images, tests, quizzes, videos, and presentations to make every course stand out.

I’m sure your learners will love this learning portal. A clean and straightforward UI minimizes distractions, allowing learners to focus on the training content. They can easily access the courses meant for them and check progress without switching tabs.

Docebo user interface

Docebo’s user interface is well-designed and, for the most part, intuitive. However, I feel there is a lot of white space that can make the interface appear a little boring or lifeless.

One thing that I find interesting is that learners can choose to complete their training programs by navigating Docebo with a mouse or a keyboard. Learners can access the Menu option from the top right corner of the dashboard and view all their completed, in-progress courses in one place.


I think ProProfs Training Maker is a clear winner here, and I will give it a score of 9.5. I will give Docebo an 8, as there is still room for improvement.

2. Automation


Automation is nothing short of a magic pill. It can help administrators avoid manual or repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency. Automation capabilities can be used to automate course enrollment, user onboarding, progress tracking, and notifications, reducing manual workload for admins and instructors.

ProProfs Training Maker comes loaded with automaton features, so you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Whether it is learner self-enrollment or automated email notifications and alerts, ProProfs will surely help your team save a lot of time.

This powerful LMS can be used to automate quiz scoring and grading. You can even choose to automate your certificate assignment process to avoid human errors.

Also, I really like how I can share automated reminders for the course due dates so my learners never miss completing a course.

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Docebo Automation

Docebo boasts multiple AI-powered automation capabilities, unlike other LMS platforms in the market.

For instance, with Docebo Skills, learners can be automatically suggested courses that are the most suitable for their career advancement and growth.

In addition to AI, you can set specific rules and triggers to automate some repetitive or mundane processes. For example, you can create a simple rule to deactivate a user when he/she has been inactive for 30 days. Such simple triggers can help you save loads of time!


I will give ProProfs Training Maker a score of 7.5 and Docebo an 8. Docebo’s AI-powered automation features make it a clear champion here.

3. Customization

Customization capabilities allow organizations to tailor the LMS platform to their specific needs. It enhances user engagement, promotes a sense of ownership, and ensures that the LMS aligns closely with an organization’s educational goals and corporate identity.

PP TM Customization Customize

ProProfs Training Maker does a great job of helping me mold my LMS as per my unique needs. I can easily customize the text, images, and overall layout of course templates, which are available on topics such as sales training, employee onboarding, company orientation, and more.

I’m sure you will love how easy it is to remove the ProProfs branding with white-labeling features. You can choose your font, and colors and add the company logo to create an LMS that compliments your brand’s visual aesthetics.

But that’s not all. I can customize course certificates to give learners a sense of accomplishment. For instance, I can customize different elements of a certificate, such as the certificate number, course title, percentage, completion date, etc.

Docebo Add New Widget

Docebo’s customizations can be easily configured without any coding or technical knowledge. I like how the tool gives trainers and administrators the option to customize the layout of their learning content.

For example, you can use the drag-and-drop functionality to add different widgets while designing the look and feel of learner pages.

In addition to the layout, admins can customize reports to view specific information on learners, courses, or other details.


I will give ProProfs Training Maker a score of 9 and Docebo a solid 8. The former is a clear winner due to its state-of-the-art customization and branding features.

4. Privacy & Security

PP TM Two-Factor Authentication

Security in an LMS is paramount to protect sensitive employee and institutional data. It safeguards against unauthorized access, data breaches, and ensures compliance with data privacy regulations. Strong security measures, including user authentication, encryption, and access controls, help create a safe learning environment.

ProProfs Training Maker brings a highly secure SaaS platform to meet the demands and expectations of modern corporate learning. No wonder this cloud LMS is hosted at AWS and IBM data centers.

Whether I create a 2-minute-long course or one with 100 pages, I can choose to keep my courses password-protected or open to the public. Both admins and learners can securely access the LMS using their unique login credentials.

I can also add an extra security layer by enabling the Two-Factor Authentication. So what does this mean? Once I enter the login credentials of my ProProfs account, I will have to enter the six-digit security code received on my Google Authenticator App.

Also, ProProfs Training Maker is GDPR-compliant, so you don’t have to worry about the data privacy of your audience.

Learn LMS

As we already know, Docebo is a cloud LMS that offers a secure platform for admins to create courses and learners to get going with their training programs.

In my opinion, the best part is that this cloud LMS is hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers. This means users can enjoy a high uptime rate and secure data backups.

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) are two standards that will help you securely integrate Docebo with other enterprise systems.


I will give ProProfs Training Maker a score of 9 and Docebo an 8 in this one. ProProfs has incorporated multiple security features to keep your training programs safe from data breaches and security threats.

5. User Management

User management in a Learning Management System (LMS) involves the administration and control of user accounts and access within the platform. Effective user management ensures secure access to course materials, personalized learning experiences, and accurate tracking of user progress. It also facilitates communication and collaboration between users while maintaining data privacy and security.

PP TM Instructors

ProProfs Training Maker offers different roles and permissions to control access to the learning portal. For instance, users can be categorized as Super Admins, Admins, Instructors, or Group Admins.

I really like how easy it is to add learners to a classroom. I can either manually add each and every learner (not a quick process) or bulk import learner details from my Gmail or Microsoft accounts (much faster). The best part is that I can even auto-enroll learners using API.

You can also set expiry dates for learner accounts to give limited-time access to temporary employees, interns, or contractual staff members.

Docebo New User

Docebo is a protected and closed platform, meaning only registered users can access it. As the Superadmin, I can easily create new users and modify or delete existing ones.

For every user you create, you need to specify information such as their username, email address, first and last name, language, date format, and other details.

One thing I like the most is that whenever a new user is created, an automated email notification is shared to alert them of their new account. The platform also makes it easier to merge two users to avoid duplicate accounts.


I will give ProProfs Training Maker and Docebe a score of 8. It’s an obvious tie here as both the platforms offer decent user management features.

6. Gamification

Gamification is the process of applying game design principles and mechanics to courses and training modules. Gamification, when done right, can transform conventional learning into a fascinating experience. It gives employees more control over their learning and illustrates their competence via scores and public recognition.

PP TM Leader board

As kids, we all loved playing games and puzzles. ProProfs Training Maker embraces this idea pretty well and offers multiple gamification features to make learning a fun and engaging experience. Why should kids have all the fun?

As learners successfully complete a course, test, or survey, they are awarded points and digital badges. I also like how I can compare the progress of my learners against each other with the leaderboards feature. This really works great in keeping my learners motivated.

Trainers and admins can even check knowledge retention and gaps with really fun quizzes. Trust me, your learners will love completing these quizzes and brain games.

Docebo gives learners the option to instantly view their badges and rewards in the My Gamification panel.

As an admin, I can even enable a Gamification widget to ensure learners can track their badges, contests, and scores right on the main dashboard.

I really loved Docebo’s Reward Marketplace. Let me explain how it works. Learners can visit the marketplace anytime and request rewards based on the points they earned after successful course completion.


In my opinion, ProProfs Training Maker deserves a score of 9.5 and Docebo a 9. Both offer great gamification features, but ProProfs wins this one due to its rich collection of quizzes and brain games.

7. Integrations

Integration allows any LMS to seamlessly connect with other software systems, such as Student Information Systems (SIS), HR portals, content repositories, video conferencing tools, and analytics platforms. Integration streamlines data exchange, automates processes like user data syncing and course enrollment, and enhances the LMS’s overall capabilities.

TM Home Integrations

ProProfs Training Maker seamlessly integrates with multiple tools to help you extend the capabilities of your LMS.

I can integrate ProProfs Training Maker with leading CRM solutions such as Sugar CRM and Salesforce. Similarly, I can integrate it with BambooHR to streamline employee onboarding and training.

If you ask me, my personal favorite is the Zoom integration. I can schedule online meetings and webinars and share content with learners without leaving the ProProfs platform.

Docebo Integration

When it comes to powerful integrations, Docebo isn’t any step behind. It can be connected with some industry-leading business tools and platforms like Google Drive, Asana, Microsoft Teams, Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, Shopify, etc.

Integrations have been organized into categories such as content management, HR & HCM, data & analytics, marketing, etc. I can easily apply filters to quickly search for the integrations I’m looking for.


Again, I think I will give ProProfs Training Maker and Docebo a score of 8 here. It’s a tie as both the tools offer some impressive integration options.

8. Reporting

Well-curated and graphical reports can give you a bird’s eye view of your learning and training programs. LMS reporting provides administrators, instructors, and learners with valuable insights into course progress, performance metrics, and compliance data. This data-driven approach allows for course improvements and proactive decision-making.

PP TM Course UserPage

ProProfs Training Maker furnishes all the nitty-gritty data and analytics that I need to track learner progress, course completion rates, learner satisfaction, and other metrics.

The tool offers four different types of LMS reports – course, user, group, and quiz reports. I can easily create individual learner reports to view the courses they have taken, the courses they are yet to take, and their gradebook (scores received on tests).

In my opinion, the best part is the learner satisfaction ratings. I can easily share surveys with my audience and create reports to understand how useful they find a course or what improvements they would like to see.

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Docebo Training Courses

With Docebo, I can generate custom reports to monitor specific information about courses, training materials, users, and integrated apps.

In order to track information pertaining to a specific course, I can create the Course Summary report. At a single glance, I can see the total number of enrolled learners, the number of days since the course’s launch, the percentage of learners who are in progress or have completed the course, an activity chart for the last 12 months, and so on.

It is quite impressive that I can get a preview of my report before I share it with key stakeholders. You can even choose to schedule reports to automatically receive them directly in your email inbox.


I will give ProProfs Training Maker a score of 8.5 and Docebo a 9. Docebo is the winner as it offers more custom reporting options for improved insights and decision-making.

9. Support

For a solid comparison, it is important to evaluate the customer support of the two LMS. Customer support assists users in troubleshooting technical issues, clarifying doubts, and providing guidance on platform features. Helpful customer support ensures a smooth learning experience, fosters user engagement, and maintains the LMS’s reputation for reliability and user-friendliness.

PP how can we help you

Over the last decade, ProProfs has successfully won the trust of many Fortune 100 and 500 companies with its 24×7, reliable human support.

The SaaS company offers multiple ways to get in touch with its support team. I can easily get my problems fixed via phone support, email, live chat, or by raising a ticket directly on its website.

I personally remember contacting the ProProfs phone support team and it was indeed an amazing experience. The agent was really friendly and guided me on each step to import learners to my online classroom. Customer support at its finest! 

Besides this, you can even check out its vast LMS knowledge base that covers articles on everything from course creation and design to report generation and billing.

Docebo Help page

Docebo is a reliable LMS brand that has offices all over the world, including the United Kingdom, the US, Canada, and France.

To assist users 24×7 and encourage self-service, the company offers a vast knowledge base. I love the fact that all the help articles are well-organized into broad categories such as platform setup, courses, e-commerce, mobile app, etc.

However, that being said, I wasn’t much impressed by the responsiveness of their customer support team. Even some users have expressed their disappointment with slow and unresponsive phone support.


I will give ProProfs Training Maker a perfect score of 10 and Docebo a 7. ProProfs is a clear winner, thanks to its friendly and reliable customer support team.

10. Pricing

Pricing is one of the biggest factors that you cannot ignore during the LMS selection process. Evaluating pricing models, including subscription fees, per-user costs, and additional charges, helps ensure that the LMS aligns with your budget.

Balancing cost considerations with the LMS’s features, scalability, and long-term value is essential for making an informed decision.

PP TM Pricing page

Trust me when I say this, ProProfs Training Maker is one the very few brands that offer transparent pricing details on its website. So why is this even important? Well, it helps build trust, and there are no billing surprises at the end of the month.

There are two subscription-based plans on offer:

  • Free Plan (forever free for up to 10 learners)
  • Business Plan (Starts at $1.97/active learner/month)

The Business Plan offers unlimited courses, unlimited admins, custom domain, custom certificates, and most importantly, access to 100+ premium courses.

If you are a startup or a small business, I suggest you start with the free plan and later opt for the business plan as your learner size grows.

Docebo Pricing

Docebo does not offer clear and transparent pricing details on its website for reasons best known to them.

As soon as you visit their pricing page, you are greeted with a long lead-generation form. You will be left at the mercy of their sales team to get back to you. This might take hours or even days.


I will give ProProfs Training Maker a score of 9 and Docebo a 5. I don’t even need to say it – ProProfs is a clear winner due to its affordable and transparent pricing model.

Which Is Better: ProProfs Training Maker or Docebo?

It has indeed been a nail-biting competition right from the start!

Both the LMS platforms are winners in some areas and need improvements in others.

Even though I have done an in-depth analysis of ProProfs Training Maker and Docebo for each parameter, here is a summary of my findings. (By the way, I’m just inches away from revealing the final winner).

ProProfs Training Maker


  • The best part about ProProfs Training Maker is its rich library of ready-to-use courses. You will find courses designed by industry experts and world-renowned trainers on various topics – sexual harassment prevention, OSHA, HIPAA compliance, workplace safety, and more.
  • The intuitive UI is impressive and easy on the eyes. Admins can easily create interactive courses by adding videos, quizzes, and images to them. On the other hand, learners can easily view the courses meant for them and enjoy a hassle-free learning experience.
  • ProProfs Training Maker helps you build online assessments and quizzes to measure your learners’ knowledge and identify any learning gaps.
  • ProProfs helps you curate training materials and courses in English, French, Spanish, and more than 70 other languages. This will help you cater to the training needs of a global audience.
  • A wide range of gamification features such as points, badges, leaderboards, and brain games will help you keep learners engaged and have fun while learning.


  • The Free plan is limited to only 10 learners
  • Frequent feature rollouts can be confusing for some admins or instructors



  • Docebo comes with a quick and easy setup. Learners can choose to operate the LMS either using a mouse or directly from the keyboard.
  • You can easily add different widgets to enhance the interface appeal. For example, you can add the gamification widget to ensure learners can track their badges and rewards directly from the main dashboard.
  • Docebo takes data privacy and security quite seriously. The platform is hosted at AWS data centers. Moreover, LDAP and SAML are two standards that will help you securely integrate this tool with other enterprise systems.
  • The tool is an industry leader when it comes to custom LMS reporting. You can create custom reports to monitor information about training materials, users, courses, and integrated apps.


  • The company does not offer transparent pricing details on its website
  • Many users feel that Docebo’s customer support isn’t up to mark despite its expensive pricing. Its support team is often slow to respond, and this can really hamper your experience.

The Verdict

o, in this battle of ProProfs Training Maker vs. Docebo, which tool has the upper hand? Which LMS deserves to be a part of your team this year?

Truth be told – ProProfs Training Maker is the clear winner (claps and whistles!) Its library of ready-to-use courses and 24/7 customer support make it an irrefutable choice. If you haven’t used this tool before, I’m sure you will love the simple interface, advanced reporting, and powerful automation features.

When it comes to pricing, ProProfs Training Maker does a much better job than Docebo. It’s absolutely free for up to 10 learners, and even the paid plan starts at a very reasonable price. Right from startups to mid-sized companies to large enterprises, the tool has something for everyone!

FREE. All Features. FOREVER!

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About the author

Kamy Anderson is an online training expert and a product manager. He leads the product vision and strategy of ProProfs Training Maker. Kamy blogs about trends in eLearning, online training, employee training, gamification, LMS, AI, and more. His articles are published in eLearningIndustry, TrainingMag, Training Zone, and Learning Solutions Magazine. You can connect with Kamy on LinkedIn.