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What Is ProProfs LMS Integration With Zoom Meetings?

Zoom LMS integration is a simple way to take your eLearning authoring and training to the next level. You can easily schedule and hold meetings, video-conferences, and webinars alongside your online learning. Whether you’re talking about local teams or remote teams, real-time meetings and content sharing are just a few clicks away.

The integration offers a reliable way to engage with your learners consistently and build trust.

Features & Benefits of Zoom Meetings Integration With Training Maker

Here are some of the key features and benefits of bringing ProProfs LMS and Zoom together.

  • Single Sign-On

    This feature lets your learners log in to Zoom Meetings from within ProProfs LMS. There is no need to enter login credentials separately for the two tools. Learners also don’t need to remember their login IDs and passwords, which can be problematic at times. Log in once, and they can access the two tools easily.

  • Scheduling Zoom Training Sessions

    Ease of scheduling meetings is another benefit that the ProProfs Zoom integration offers. Admins no longer need to jump frequently between the two platforms to schedule sessions. You can set up a session in the LMS, and the details are automatically displayed in Zoom Meetings. This reduces your efforts and saves you tons of time.

  • Automated Notifications

    Automate notifications to all your course participants about upcoming meetings and events, so they don’t miss any of them. Streamline the calendaring process with timely email notifications sent to each individual trainee. Let them know of any last-minute changes to your online interactive sessions. Do all of this easily from ProProfs LMS.

  • Data Tracking

    Enrolling learners in online sessions in an LMS and collecting attendance data from Zoom is a laborious process. By integrating Zoom with ProProfs, you can circumvent it. Let Zoom share all the consolidated data so that you can find it there in the LMS. All you need to do is simply log in to ProProfs.

  • Easy Setup

    Like other integrations with ProProfs Training Maker, Zoom integration with the LMS is straightforward. Any instructor or admin can do it. There is no need to consult an IT team or a developer. Simply go to ProProfs Training Maker settings, enable Zoom integration, and enter the API key, and you are good!

Connecting Zoom with ProProfs LMS is easy. Follow the step-by-step instructions in the integration guide and start scheduling Zoom meetings from within your ProProfs classroom in minutes.

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