Easy Gamification LMS to Increase Completion, Retention & Performance

Engage learners with leaderboards, badges, points, quizzes, flashcards & more
Easy Gamification LMS to Increase Completion, Retention & Performance
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  • tick Training tick Create gamified online courses
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  • tick Training tick Increase completion, retention & performance
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What Is a Gamification LMS?

A gamification LMS is an LMS with gamification features. It supports game elements such as leaderboards, badges, points, quizzes, flashcards and more. The idea behind these learning management systems is to encourage habit-forming learning systems by making learning stimulating, fun, and eventful.

You can deliver the best possible learning experiences by bringing gamification and an LMS together. It is about using internal (personally rewarding) and external (external rewards) motivations in learning that foster a healthy competition.

What Is a Gamification LMS?

Why Use a Gamified LMS?

There are several sound reasons to use gamified learning platforms. Besides driving more engagement in learners, they encourage greater involvement in learning and instill a sense of competition.

When learning becomes voluntary and enjoyable like this, it improves retention and performance.

Gamification in LMS software motivates learners, promotes team collaboration, and builds a sustainable learning culture. Along with this, it promotes the following:

  • tick Training tick Enhanced Learning Experience
  • tick Training tick Increased Ability to Take on Challenges
  • tick Training tick Delivery of Right Learning Goals
  • tick Training tick Improved Completion Rates
  • tick Training tick Short Time to Productivity
Why Use a Gamified LMS?
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All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place

Compelling features that gel well with your gamification plan

Incentivize your learners with points on successfully completing a task, such as an online course, test, survey, assignment, or certification. Ignite their competitive spirit with custom points.


Let your learners display their achievements and get a sense of accomplishment with collectible digital badges. Add a suitable title, description, and image to badges.


Rank your learners according to their capabilities and based on a criteria. Compare them against other learners and motivate them to earn a higher place as the best performer.

Quizzes are the most popular LMS game with scoring, reports, and custom feedback. Make learning engaging and let learners battle it out. Check retention and gaps with a quick round of quizzes.

Improve the cognitive ability in learners with engaging brain training games. Share word search puzzles, crosswords, brain teasers, and trivia to help their memory, logic, quick thinking ability, and brain health.

Support learners in active recall with custom flashcards. Help them retrieve information through cues and small notes that act as memory aids while learning facts, languages, formulas, and many more.

Create well-defined and personalized learning paths for each learner or group. Set up compliance rules and offer guided learning. Let learners decide what, how, where, and when they learn.

Let your course participants collaborate through online group discussions. Allow them to share knowledge and wisdom with their peers anytime, anywhere. Keep knowledge organized and easily searchable.

Share a custom certificate with your learners on successful completion of each course. Keeps them motivated till the end. Make it proof of training participation and completion.

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100+ Professionally Designed Courses & Templates

100+ Professionally Designed Courses & Templates

Kick-start employee training or eLearning authoring with our stock of ready-to-use courses and templates.

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  • tick Training tick Designed by industry experts
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Perfect For

Deliver workplace training on any popular topic, such as sexual harassment, workplace ethics, and managing customer expectations. The LMS lets you create, share, and track online training programs easily.

Bring your new hires up to speed fast and effectively with employee onboarding software. Keep them engaged from day one. Assign induction training courses and track progress in real-time.

Train your employees on the prevention of common workplace injuries and fatalities. Maintain records of different incidents in the workplace as required by laws. ProProfs LMS comes with an OSHA training course ready for deployment.

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Connect ProProfs LMS seamlessly with your favorite tools

ProProfs supports software integrations with several CRMs, email marketing tools, CMSs, and online communication tools. No more switching between two tools. Access the integrated tools from within the training creation software itself.

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