What Is Channel Partner Training?

Channel partner training refers to training a network of channel partners, either locally, remotely, or both. Like other employee training software, it encompasses onboarding, training, development, and certification.

The goal of channel management training and enablement is to educate partners on the best practices of marketing and selling a product and/or service. In the process, you forge strategic business relationships for growth, expansion, and success.

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Benefits of Partner Training

Channel partners make up a major part of a company’s sales force. To ensure that they are always on top of their game, they need channel partner training.

Channel partner training promises several benefits to companies in terms of overall growth. With successful partner training, you can:

Reduce Costs
Reduce Costs

Cost is always a significant factor in business decision-making. Well-trained channel partners are likely to adhere to standard sales and marketing policies, which cuts down the chances of making costly mistakes.

Retain Partners
Retain Partners

Happy partners stay longer in a company. Effective onboarding and ongoing training empower channel partners with the essential skills they need in their trade. This keeps them motivated and delighted.

Boost Revenue
Boost Revenue

Quality training arms your channel partners with product and service expertise. This translates into customer satisfaction and more sales over time. Sales then become a source of revenue.

Ensure Brand Consistency
Ensure Brand Consistency

Consistent messaging and letting your customers easily identify you are two sure shot keys to business success. By training your partners on branding, you help them become ambassadors of your product. This is an unmistakable recipe for brand consistency.

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Key Features of Partner Training

Successful channel training programs are characterized by the following features:
  • Needs Assessment
    Needs Assessment

    To make the training rewarding, you should conduct a thorough assessment of what your partners need to learn. Ideally, a skills gap analysis should precede this professional training program.

  • Training Tool
    Training Tool

    Generally, channel partners are distributed in different regions of the world. Whether you’re training 10 or 100 of them, the right training software such as an LMS will help you streamline, optimize, and scale learning.

  • Communication

    Encourage open and free communication with your partners both during and after the training. This will remove any communication barrier and inject clarity in learning. Eventually, you’ll be able to build a strong network for your business.

  • KPIs

    To know whether your training is actually working as it should, it is necessary to have KPIs in place. Based on your channel partners’ performance in the training, you can use the KPIs to measure against your business goals.

  • Training Materials
    Training Materials

    Sometimes it is not possible to conduct onsite training programs. You need to do it electronically. For this, you’d need professionally designed online courses, videos, webinars, quizzes, and downloadable resources. The key is to make these resources engaging and interactive.

  • Feedback

    Feedback is another important ingredient for successful partner training. They provide valuable data on learners’ progress, grey areas, and the need for improvement in courses. Online surveys can help you gather instant feedback as soon as your partners finish a chapter or course.

Why Use an LMS for Partner Training?

Why Use an LMS for Partner Training?

Traditional classroom training comes with a lot of limitations. This compels many companies to switch to online training.

Learning management systems can make channel partner training a lot easier.

For example, you can configure the tool to enable self-registration of learners and save your time and effort.

Similarly, you can assign roles and permissions to group admins.

Customization and branding are other enablements that some of the best learning management systems offer.

A channel partner training LMS also helps instructors track progress and evaluate learning through detailed reports.

Why Choose ProProfs LMS for Partner Training?

ProProfs has over 15 million users in 150+ countries

This cloud LMS can be a powerful tool for your channel partner training strategy. It is designed to make corporate training easy yet rewarding. The tool offers a complete training solution to businesses of all shapes and sizes. It is customizable, flexible, and scalable.

Easy to Use
Easy to Use

ProProfs is the world's easiest partner training software. Users of all skill levels find it easy and simple to use. It is devoid of all the distracting bells and whistles.

On-Demand Courses + Templates
On-Demand Courses + Templates

A premium library of 100+ professionally designed online courses and training templates on popular business training topics. These resources are easily customizable to suit your specific requirements.

Virtual Classroom

Centrally administer course assignments and learner groups. Let learners access their coursework anytime, anywhere. Provide self-help centers and view delightful reports.

Quizzes & Surveys
Quizzes & Surveys

Make online training engaging with a variety of quizzes. Gather instant feedback on course materials with surveys. You can add quizzes and surveys at the end of each chapter.

70+ Languages
Multilingual Support

ProProfs supports English, Spanish & 70+ other interface languages. Train your partners in a language they understand.

Online Q&A Community
Online Q&A Community

This interactive forum facilitates knowledge sharing among learners. They can ask questions and seek answers from their peers on any topic. This means you never leave a good question unanswered.

Learning Paths

Assign carefully selected course bundles to your learners and let them learn by following predefined paths. Structure partner training for the best experience and outcome.


ProProfs LMS seamlessly integrates with several third-party tools. They include Salesforce, Zoom, and WordPress. Leverage the power of two tools without having to constantly switch between them.

AI-Powered Reporting
AI-Powered Reporting

Check completed and pending courses. Monitor course completion rates and view scores of individuals and groups. Identify knowledge gaps and provide instant feedback.

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What Is ProProfs Training Maker & How It Works

Works Great for All Your Employee Training Needs

Sales Training

Provide continued education to your sales team to help them adapt to industry trends and technologies. Train them on the techniques of maximizing sales and opening revenue streams while ensuring an awesome customer experience.

Web-Based Training

Offer anytime, anywhere training online to employees, channel partners, or just anyone else. Provide them access to courses and tests 24/7. Let them learn on any device. Select from over 70 user-interface languages.

Bring your new hires up to speed fast and effectively with employee onboarding software. Keep them engaged from day one. Assign induction training courses and track progress in real-time.

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How to Upgrade Your Channel Partner Training with ProProfs LMS

ProProfs LMS empowers you to challenge the status quo of employee training and choose a faster, better, and more efficient system. As a one-stop solution, the LMS provides both pre and post-training support. Deliver custom channel partner training solutions anytime, anywhere.

Here’s how to leverage the tool to streamline your channel training programs:

Creating channel partner training programs is easy with ProProfs. You can create engaging courses, either from scratch or by importing existing materials. You can add images, audio, videos, docs, PowerPoint, and SCORM files. Quizzes and surveys are other elements that you can use for an engaging experience.

Creating channel partner
Add your favorite designs

logo, theme, fonts, and color schemes. Create beautifully designed certificates for your learners. The white-label feature lets you personalized training with branding.

Make online partner training easier and meet your specific requirements with 100+ settings and configurations. Set up notifications and reminders, SSO, and enable self-registration.

Easily share courses, lessons, and tests

With your learners. Deliver training on any smartphone, computer, and tablet. You can keep the courses public or private. Send course invites via email. Share courses and tests on social media so that learners find them easily.

Analyze training results

Through delightful reports & stats. This data is auto-generated as soon as learners begin a course. Track progress, completion rate, and total time taken. Check completed and pending courses. Find out the results of in-course quizzes and surveys. You can view individual & group reports.

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FAQs About Partner Training Solution

How do you train channel partners?

The best method would be online training using a robust channel partner training LMS. It lets you centrally manage training from a single platform. This will enable you to easily train dispersed partners and provide consistent training.

What is a channel partner strategy?

A channel partner strategy refers to any program designed to engage, train, and motivate partners to add value to your business and customers. Such a strategy is aimed at enabling channel partners to close more deals, deliver customers’ needs, and grow your revenue. You may train your partners on a range of topics, including communication, trends, and tools & technologies.

Can I create and manage certification?

Yes, you can. ProProfs supports online certification on successful completion of a course. You can design and customize these certificates with your logo, recipient’s name, and signature. You can print a hard copy of this proof of training and share them via email or on social media.

How many languages does ProProfs support?

ProProfs supports 70+ interface languages. With this, you can train different audiences who speak different languages. This increases the user adoption rate and helps you deliver partner training in different regions simultaneously.

Is eCommerce supported?

Yes, ProProfs LMS provides an eCommerce platform for course creators to create and sell their products. You can list your courses on ProProfs Store and make more sales by reaching millions of potential customers. Payment processing is also easy with multiple, secure gateways. Not only this, you can generate advanced sales reports, weekly or monthly.

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