First Aid Training for Construction Workers

Ensure a safe environment for your employees at construction sites with first aid training

Construction workers face daily risks to their health and well-being due to the nature of their jobs. Physically strenuous work and the use of heavy machinery and equipment increase the chances of accidents, injuries, and even fatalities. Train your employees and supervisors on workplace safety within the context of construction work. Enable them to identify and evaluate potential hazards at construction sites. Along with this, empower them to gain practical insights into administering immediate first aid interventions for various types of injuries and emergencies situations. Build a safe and secure environment for everyone.

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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

First Aid Training for Construction Workers
1.   Course Overview
  • Course Overview
2.   First Aid for Different Types of Hazards
  • Slips & Trips
  • CPR
  • Falls
  • Overhead Hazards
  • Electrical Hazards
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Chemical Hazards to Skin
  • Burn
  • Confined Space
  • Chapter Feedback
3.   Conclusion
  • Assessment
  • Course Feedback
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