Child Lane, founded in 1984, is devoted to the holistic development of children through education, care, nutrition, and family support initiatives. They have impacted over 160,000 children and families through their Early Care and Education Program, Nutrition Program, and various partnerships. Upholding values of equity, respect, and dignity, their mission is to nurture a child's development, enabling them to reach their full potential. With a vision of providing happy, healthy childhoods, Child Lane strives to maintain safe and supportive environments in light of contemporary challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic.


Childlane.org had the daunting task of ensuring the successful completion and comprehension of nutrition program training for over 500 childcare providers. Traditional methods, such as PowerPoint presentations, proved to be ineffective, as Shannon Greenfield stated, "just putting a PowerPoint presentation on KidCare [our native platform], isn't going to prove to us that they went through and they learned anything." They urgently needed a solution that could efficiently track participants' training progress and validate their understanding of the USDA guidelines.


We found the perfect training software in ProProfs. The platform’s various features, like classrooms and libraries, allowed me to integrate documents, YouTube videos, and quizzes into our training effectively. As I said, "I really like the classroom feature... And I can put everything in the library. So everything is right there at their fingertips." What's more, ProProfs also paved the way for future enhancements in our program delivery, such as voiceovers. With ProProfs, we could clearly see a promising future for our training initiatives.


Shannon found ProProfs quite easy to maneuver and appreciated its efficient process in uploading PowerPoint presentations and creating quizzes. "A lot of the creation of everything was easy," she explained. Childlane.org could effectively deliver the USDA guidelines training and continuously monitor participants' progress using ProProfs. Ultimately, exceptional customer service and efficient problem resolution were the cherries on top, making Shannon a satisfied user. "Anytime I've had a question, they've been able to resolve it very quickly." - Shannon

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