The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is a state agency that protects and improves the health of all Californians. CDPH has a wide range of responsibilities, including protecting the public from infectious diseases, ensuring the safety of our food supply, and promoting healthy lifestyles. In 2020, CDPH worked to protect Californians from COVID-19, which infected over 4 million Californians. CDPH also inspected over 100,000 food facilities and provided smoking cessation counseling and support to over 100,000 Californians.


CDPH was facing challenges in delivering training to its surveyors. The training was previously delivered in person, which was time-consuming and expensive. Surveyors had to travel to the training location, which took up valuable time. Additionally, the training materials were outdated and difficult to update. This meant that surveyors were not always up-to-date on the latest regulations.


  • The training was not always accessible to all surveyors. For example, surveyors who were located in remote areas or who had scheduling conflicts may have had difficulty attending in-person training sessions.
  • The training was not always tailored to the specific needs of the surveyors. For example, some surveyors may have needed more training on certain topics than others.
  • The training was not always engaging or interactive. This could lead to surveyors becoming bored or disengaged, which could impact their ability to learn the material.


CDPH implemented ProProfs Training Maker, an online training platform. ProProfs allowed CDPH to deliver training online, which made it more accessible to all surveyors. The LMS also allowed CDPH to create training modules that were tailored to the specific needs of the surveyors. Also, CDPH could create engaging and interactive training modules helping keep surveyors' attention and improve their ability to learn the material.


The implementation of ProProfs LMS has had a positive impact on CDPH's training program. ProProfs has made training more accessible, effective, and engaging for surveyors. This has led to improved performance and satisfaction among surveyors, as well as cost savings for CDPH.

  • The cost of training was reduced by 50%.
  • The training materials were updated more frequently, which improved the quality of training.
  • Surveyors were more satisfied with the training, which improved their performance.

Overall, the implementation of ProProfs Training Maker has been a success for CDPH. The online training platform has made training more efficient and effective, which has had a positive impact on the department's overall performance.

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