AIC. American Integrity Courses is an online provider of court-ordered educational courses. Our mission is to provide excellent and affordable services for court-ordered courses to help individuals manage and promote their health & wellbeing. Apart from court-ordered courses, AIC specializes in corporate courses and juvenile and adult health & wellness self-improvement education. Our courses are 99.9% nationwide guaranteed.


We needed a platform that offered templates for our educational courses. Creating these courses on a large scale was an uphill task and we thought that purpose-built quality templates would be immensely helpful for our projects.


ProProfs provided a platform where we could easily create educational courses, just the way we wanted, with ready-to-use, professionally designed templates. It was a weight off our shoulders. The customer service and technical team graciously accommodated our every request, and we appreciate them for that from the bottom of our heart!


ProProfs has helped us create a lot of educational courses quickly and sell them online easily. This is significant considering the fact that we provide a wide variety of courses, ranging from anger management to DUI classes online.

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