Currently, I am an assistant to the Vice President at Touro College, and the Director of Technology Initiatives for Graduate Programs in Education and Special Education. I was a part of the team that wrote and submitted to the NYS Education Department a New Graduate Program.

Touro College


I teach some 400 students a year and train teachers in public schools and professors in colleges. As someone teaching teachers, I needed a robust training making solution that facilitates various kinds of assessments. Future teachers need to learn the skill of creating student assessments effectively. Our goal is that students leave the exam with knowledge and skills and needed a tool to fulfill that goal.


Training Maker is the right teaching tool for me. My current training programs include Algebra and Quadratics for the NY State Regents Examination. Ease of use allows technology newbies to create what I have named T3-Tests. T3 asks students to take an exam but provides within the questions links to definitions, teaching videos, and more. Special features of ProProfs Training maker are too numerous to mention. However, I am most impressed with the product and would like to mention the following as my favorite:

  • Get started right away with Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Interactive training with images using the Image upload feature
  • Random question selection that keeps training fresh and engaging on each attempt
  • Auto emailing of certificates at the click of a button, which saves me time
  • Analysis & Statistics on learning attempts, which include IP tracking and question analysis allowing me to discover gaps in knowledge
  • Question feedback options such as showing the correct answer during or after the training make a strong teaching aid


Training Maker is now a staple tool for students who take all my Graduate Education courses. All my students will become better instructors with this exemplary assessment tool. Everyone should give it a try.

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