Easily Create Courses

Use the best blended learning tools for teaching and training

Create, share, manage, and track all your educational content from a single blended learning platform. Use existing material, ProProfs library, or simply create from scratch. Add quizzes and surveys to courses to make them engaging and interactive. Supplement physical classroom-based learning with a blended solution. Provide a rich hybrid learning experience to your learners.

Teach Anytime, Anywhere

Let learners attend training sessions whenever and wherever they want

Self-Paced Blended Learning Models

Give learners the freedom to learn independent of time and place using blended learning software. Use our blended learning classroom to eliminate the need for a venue and daily commuting. Allow learners to access course materials through multiple devices. Encourage self-paced learning, and let learners control what, when, and how they want to learn. Increase their learning efficiency.

  • Allow anytime, anywhere learning
  • Provide access on multiple devices
  • Enable self-paced learning
  • Improve learning efficiency

Track Learners Using Reports

Identify course completion rate and knowledge gaps

Keep track of learning milestones, and get insights into key problem areas of each learner in blended learning models. Learn who has taken a particular course, and who is yet to take it to ensure compliance. Analyze progress reports to gauge the effectiveness of online courses. Create and share training evaluation surveys to gather feedback and improve your training programs.

  • Access reports & analytics
  • Track learning milestones
  • Bridge knowledge gaps
  • Improve training programs

Save Training Time & Minimize Effort

Reuse the same training material to train different learners

Get over the daunting task of conducting classes in an instructor-led environment with the help of the best blended learning software. Build a healthy combination of classroom lectures and online learning, regardless of whether you’re deploying onboarding training or sexual harassment training. Reuse the same training material to train different learners on similar topics. Save time and resources by switching to blended learning platforms. Offer engaging instructional material such as videos and presentations.

  • Combine classroom & online learning
  • Vary your instructional materials
  • Reuse existing material
  • Save time & effort


  • Easy & Simple Blended Learning Solutions
    Easy & Simple

    Designed for all skill levels; no software download or installation required.

  • Customized Online Course
    Custom Courses

    Tailor courses to meet the learning needs of each learner.

  • Easy Scheduling Course
    Easy Scheduling

    Administer courses easily using a single platform.

  • Virtual Classroom Software
    Virtual Classroom

    Manage learners and courses in online classrooms.

  • Easy Knowledge Sharing
    Knowledge Sharing

    Allow knowledge exchange using collaborative tools.

  • Detailed Learner Progress Reports
    Knowledge Measurement

    Use detailed progress reports to track learning milestones.

  • Access Course Anytime & Anywhere
    Anytime, Anywhere Learning

    Enable learners to learn when they want it and from where they want it.

  • 100+ Settings in a Blended Learning LMS
    100+ Settings

    Leverage over 100 settings and configurations for control access, privacy, and security.

  • Sell Hybrid Learning Course Online
    Sell Courses

    Monetize your blended learning courses using secure online gateways.


  • Recommended for compliance training!
    I can safely recommend ProProfs to any of our customers requiring competency or compliance testing in multiple languages, or need an instant online assessment tool with kick-ass database capabilities!
    Steve Donaldson
    Steve Donaldson,

    Assistant Director of Media Training, IPC Training

  • Create online training & tests easily!
    Makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!
    Dan LaPasha
    Dan LaPasha,

    Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

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