What Is Sales Training?

orporate sales training is education given to sales professionals in order to develop their sales knowledge and skills. Such training programs are driven to meet and exceed a sales team’s performance requirements, improve their sales pitch, and achieve more sales.

This training is also known by the name sales enablement. Companies generally use standardized sales training courses, a learning management system (LMS), and other helpful resources to deliver sales training.

What Is Sales Training?
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How to Create Your Own Sales Training Program

The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to set up a sales training program is through sales training software. Such platforms offer all the necessary tools to centrally manage the training in one place.

For example, the cloud LMS software, ProProfs Training Maker provides customizable and ready-to-use sales training courses and default templates as well as related tools such as a virtual classroom, collaboration tool, quiz-making tool, and AI reporting. This ensures that you’re able to easily take care of every step of the training.

How an LMS Supports Sales Training

A learning management system can be your right hand in sales training. Regardless of your industry and the size of your team, an LMS brings irresistible benefits to users.

Reduced Training Development Time

Reduced Training Development Time

Cut down online training development or design time to half. Free up time to devote to managing learning outcomes.

Training Automation

Training Automation

Automate repetitive tasks such as course announcements and reminders. Avoid duplication of efforts.

Greater Engagement

Greater Engagement

Easily deliver engaging learning experiences by uploading content in different formats, including images, videos, and presentations.

Consistency in Training

Consistency in Training

Prevent learner confusion and increase retention by delivering training consistently across teams and departments, in-house or remotely.

Why Use ProProfs LMS for Sales Training?

ProProfs enjoys 15+ million users in over 150 countries and counting.
Easy to Use
Easy to Use

It is the world’s easiest cloud LMS designed for users of skill levels and experiences. No prior technical know-how required.

Premium Course Library
Premium Course Library

100+ professionally designed & ready-to-use online courses on a range of corporate training topics.

Ease of Customization
Ease of Customization

Easily configure the LMS to tailor it to your specific needs. Train your audience just the way you want.

Gamified Learning
Gamified Learning

Deliver game-based elearning experiences with learning objectives, learning paths, collaboration, badges, and scores.

70+ Languages
70+ Languages

Choose from over 70 interface languages and deliver training in a language that your audience understands.

AI Reporting
AI Reporting

Get insights into course participation, learners’ progress, and course completion using auto-generated & AI-powered reports & analytics.

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Key Features & Benefits of ProProfs Sales Training Software

Get all the necessary features and benefits you’ll ever need from one LMS.
  • Premium Course Library
    Premium Course Library

    Reduce your training development time and cost with 100+ beautifully designed courses ready for deployment.

  • Virtual Classroom
    Virtual Classroom

    Bring instructors and learners under one platform using a centralized and secure virtual classroom.

  • 100+ Settings & Configurations
    100+ Settings & Configurations

    Set up numerous course settings and configurations according to your audience type and their learning needs.

  • Engaging Quizzes
    Engaging Quizzes

    Launch engaging quizzes from within your sales training courses. Check understanding, retention, and knowledge gaps easily.

  • Collaboration Tool
    Social Learning

    Facilitate peer-to-peer learning through an online community-based Q&A forum. Never leave a good question unanswered.

  • Ecommerce LMS
    Ecommerce LMS

    Monetize your online courses and tests using ProProfs ecommerce LMS. Reach out to millions of potential customers worldwide.

How ProProfs Can Help You

ProProfs LMS can help you take the complexities out of sales training
Create Online Sales Training Courses

Create Online Sales Training Courses

Develop the right sales skills through engaging courses

Create beautiful sales training courses from scratch or use the ProProfs course library. Customize the courses with quizzes, images, and videos. Train and reinforce your employees with salesmanship through the best sales training courses. Turn them into sales professionals by keeping them well-informed all the time on trending topics.

  • tick Training tick Develop sales training courses easily
  • tick Training tick Add quizzes & videos to courses
  • tick Training tick Train employees on salesmanship
  • tick Training tick Increase your business sales

Add Quizzes, Surveys & Polls

Make sales training programs interactive and measurable

Measure knowledge and gather feedback through interesting quizzes, surveys, and polls. Encourage active learning by taking the dullness out of your online sales training. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of each learner and let them gain mastery over sales tactics. Bridge knowledge gaps and close more deals using the best sales training system.

  • tick Training tick Embed quizzes & surveys in courses
  • tick Training tick Measure knowledge & gather feedback
  • tick Training tick Bridge learning gaps on time
  • tick Training tick Ensure more successful deals
Add Quizzes, Surveys & Polls
Track Employee Performance in Real-Time

Track Employee Performance in Real-Time

Identify learners who may need extra help during training

Keep track of learners in real-time with advanced sales training tools. Know where they spend most of their time, and where they are stumbling. Monitor learners’ progress and view reports on the online classroom dashboard. Find out completed as well as pending courses and prevent course skipping. Set expiration date on each course to ensure course compliance.

  • tick Training tick Track progress in real-time
  • tick Training tick View reports & stats
  • tick Training tick Prevent course skipping
  • tick Training tick Ensure course compliance

Reward Custom Certificates

Keep your learners motivated with sales training certificates

Use professionally designed certificates. Customize them with your company name, logo, participant’s name, and signature. Use sales training software to design each certificate according to the course objectives. Drag and drop to customize auto-filled content. You can even preview, edit, print, and share the certificates with stakeholders. Set and renew expiry dates for course completion certificates easily.

  • tick Training tick Create custom certificates easily
  • tick Training tick Add brand name, logo & signature
  • tick Training tick Print & share certificates
  • tick Training tick Specify expiry & renewal dates
Reward Custom Certificates
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Sales Training For Every Business & Industry

The best part of sales training is that it finds application in all industries and business types. Companies who deal with a product or service can deploy this training.

Software Sales Training

Equip your sales team to face today’s fast-evolving enterprise software market and informed customers who are always comparing various options on the market.

Software Sales Training

B2B Sales Training

B2B sales involve longer sales cycles and higher average order values. Train your sales personnel on all the nuances of successful B2B sales.

B2B Sales Training

Retail Sales Training

Empower your retail sales associates to effectively communicate your products on offer with customers. Increase buyers’ confidence and achieve more sales.

Retail Sales Training

Insurance Sales Training

Sell more insurance policies and grow your customer base with well-trained insurance sales representatives. Train them on various insurance sales skills.

Insurance Sales Training

Ready-to-Use Sales Training Courses

ProProfs offers professionally designed premium sales training courses
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Powerful Integrations

Connect ProProfs LMS with your favorite third-party tools and unleash their combined effect.

Mailchimp + ProProfs Integration

Easily manage your email marketing lists by integrating Mailchimp with ProProfs LMS.

Zoom & ProProfs LMS Integration

Schedule Zoom meetings without having to leave the ProProfs virtual classroom.

TribeHR Integration With ProProfs

Overcome the challenges of employee training and management from within the TribeHR suite.

Powerful integrations

Designed For All Types of Training

ProProfs LMS is a versatile system that caters to all kinds of corporate training requirements
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Sales Training FAQs

What Does Sales Training Include?

Sales training covers training a sales force on product and service knowledge, sales tools and techniques, industry trends, and customer communication strategies. The idea is to develop the essential sales skills in employees for better customer relationship management and greater sales.

What Are the Types of Sales Training?

Sales training is divided into two main categories. They are management training and sales representatives training.

Management training is designed to equip sales managers with the key skills to plan, manage, and direct sales teams in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Sales rep training, on the other hand, is driven towards ensuring that the representatives are knowledgeable about the products and services they sell and master the art and science of selling.

What Are the Benefits of Sales Training?

There are several ways you can benefit from sales training. It equips a sales team with all the key knowledge and skills necessary to perform their job well. It trains them on all the industry best practices that they need to follow. More importantly, sales training helps build a culture focused on sales to win more customers and earn more revenues.

How to Build a Successful Sales Training Program?

Start by assessing your sales team’s current learning needs. Based on that, develop a training plan spread over days or weeks. Choose the right sales training software and also a sales training course to go with it.

Include elements of microlearning, games, and self-paced learning to make the training more engaging. Reinforce the training with quizzes and social learning. Don’t forget to assess understanding and retention at the end of the training.

What Is the Best Sales Training Software?

ProProfs is a market-leading sales training solution that brings measurable results. This online training software is easy to use and configure. It offers all the necessary tools and resources to assist users at every stage of a training program. They include an authoring tool, virtual classroom, engaging quizzes, collaboration tool, and white-label.

The tool is used by businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

How to Choose the Best LMS for Sales Training?

Based on your audience type and learning objectives, go for a sales training LMS that is simple and easy. This will help you flatten the learning curve. Also make sure it offers all the essential features so that you don’t need to adopt another tool to supplement it.Check reviews and ratings by third-party sites and customers to see if it’s worth your investment.

Adaptability and maintenance are other considerations to keep in mind. The best way to determine whether the software will fit your needs is to request a demo or free trial before clicking the buy button.

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