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Beautifully designed template to develop professional training courses

Breathe life into your marketing team training ideas with this template. Create, publish, and share engaging marketing courses on topics such as direct marketing, digital marketing, brand strategy, inbound marketing, and more. This customizable marketing training template is crafted using the latest aesthetic designs and typography standards. Deliver self-paced online training courses. Track learners' progress and performance using intelligent reports, and more.

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Template Outline

Free Marketing Training Template
1.   Welcome to the Team!
  • Welcome to the Team!
2.   Marketing Team Structure
  • Marketing Team Structure
3.   Our KPI’s
  • Our KPI’s
4.   Marketing Playbook
  • Marketing Model
  • Our Marketing Strategy
  • Flashcards: Marketing Playbook
  • Test Your Knowledge
5.   Marketing Tools
  • Search Engine Optimization Software
  • Our Marketing Toolkit
  • Flashcards: Marketing Tools
  • Test Your Knowledge
6.   Thank You!
  • Course Feedback
Use This Template

Why Use a Marketing Training Template?

Create online training courses faster than you think is possible
Professionally Designed
Professionally Designed

This template is designed by online training experts to meet the ever-present need to build a knowledgeable and high-performing market team. It covers major topics such as marketing team structure, marketing strategy, marketing model, and marketing tools. You can use it to improve employee skills. The template naturally fits into the needs of any organization, any industry. It has been fashioned for maximum engagement to ensure a higher course completion rate.

Makes Course Creation Easier
Accelerated Course Creation

Templated course creation can reduce your training development time and costs because there's no designing from scratch. The general outline is already there and all you have to do is add your existing content and branding. This removes the need to spend hours or days developing a course. You can get your course publication-ready in a matter of minutes. Even better, you can reuse the template every time you want to put a course online.

Ensures Consistency in Onboarding
Consistency in Training

Deliver consistent marketing team training programs by using a well-formulated and standardized course template. Deliver the same type of information, the same way to different audiences. One advantage of this is you can build an identity of your own through your courses. Our template makes it easy to ensure consistency in online training across an organization.

Highly Customizable
Customization Options

Our marketing team training template is easily customizable and this makes it suitable for any marketing training plan. You can mold it to meet your specific requirements by adding your existing training content. Make your course easily recognizable with a unique logo, color combinations, fonts, and messaging. Easily modify, update, or delete any of the information, any time you want.

Compatible With Multiple Devices
Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Since the marketing plan template is hosted in a cloud LMS, the course you create using this template will work across all popular devices, including smartphones. Regardless of the operating system, web browser, and screen size, the course will be compatible with all of them. This translates into a seamless online learning experience undeterred by time, place, or device.

Saves Time & Cost
Time & Cost-Saving

A course template like this saves a significant amount of time and reduces labor costs without necessarily compromising the quality of training. You can create a course once and reuse it as many times as you want. Best of all, you can avoid technical errors as this template is designed by experts and already tried and tested before rolling out.

How To Use This Template

Why Create Online Marketing Team Training?

Marketing is a critical aspect of any business and is directly responsible for the growth and success of an organization. Effective online marketing training bridges the skills gap by helping marketers gain practical market insights.

Such training creates awareness about products and services and covers topics related to advertising, promotions, public relations, and sales.

It can help a marketing team learn different marketing skills, including branding, campaign and market planning, lead nurturing, digital marketing strategies and others. Adequate training in marketing can ultimately help a company realize its objectives.

Personalize with images, videos & presentations

Our marketing team training template supports a rich variety of media, such as images, videos, audio files, presentations, PDFs, and infographics. You can easily customize the template by adding these resources to make your course engaging. You can even create a branded course by using the white-label feature to remove any references to ProProfs.

How to Use This Marketing Training Template

ProProfs online marketing training template comes with an array of features. Creating personalized marketing training courses has never been this easy. In addition to branding, you can embed surveys and quizzes to assess your learners. Track your trainees’ progress with smart reporting. Automatic grading and completion certification are other helpful features.

There is no need to install any extra software or know any coding language. Simply use the marketing training template to build beautiful and engaging training courses. Learners can easily access the courses on their devices for any time, anywhere learning.

What makes our online marketing team training the best?

Our online marketing training promises unparalleled benefits to both instructors and learners, making us stand out from the rest.

  • The training is designed for maximum engagement through custom course content that is a natural fit for all platforms, learning styles, and brand strategies.
  • Relieve the training participants of the unnecessary burden by creating self-paced and engaging courses available anytime and anywhere.
  • The smart use of multimedia shortens the learning curve and results in better retention of information.
  • You can integrate the training course with quizzes and surveys to test knowledge retention, generate training feedback, and gain insights for further course improvement.
  • You can easily track learners’ progress, information recap, and retention using advanced reports.
  • The simple layout and design of the template ensure ease of navigation and enhance the learning experience.
  • Thoughtfully selected integrations such as Google Analytics work best to enhance the learning process.
  • Best alignment, typography standards, and color composition help create personalized courses that appeal to learners aesthetically and offer 100% visual literacy.
  • Offer your marketing team the much-needed support in the form of a knowledge base for references.

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