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ProProfs LMS unified eLearning suite perfectly complements Tribe HR’s powerful HR suite. With this integration hiring managers, trainers and supervisors can screen potential candidates better, identify and correct employee’s skill gaps as well as conduct exhaustive employee reviews.

Key features:

Screen potential candidates better - When you hire for a new role from the TribeHR job descriptions page, you can also attach tests to the page. When potential candidates apply for a job, they will be prompted to take the pre-employment test. Once the candidates take the test, you can see their results within TribeHR and screen candidates better.

Conduct robust employee reviews - Along with employee skills, goals, kudos and notes include their test and course reports in the review process. You can instantly view the reports on each employee’s review page without even leaving TribeHR.

Measure the skill-level of new and existing employees - Measuring the skill level of new hires and existing employees is important for a company's growth. Hiring managers and supervisors can create targets skill tests and assign them to employees within TribeHR. The test report help to identify any skill or knowledge gaps in employees. You can also assign specific courses to enhance employees skill -sets and track their progress over time with course reports.

Train employees within TribeHR -Instead of uploading documents after documents of company policies and memos to TribeHR for employees to read, trainers can instantly assign a consolidated course to employees at a click. These courses can be segmented according according to different departments and instructors can track employees performance with course completion reports, test reports and more.

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