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In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, leadership has become more collaborative, innovative, and strategic. This necessitates businesses to take a different approach to leadership training. Our leadership training template can help you set up the perfect leadership team in your organization through standardized training. Easily create courses on any leadership topics you want and train them. The template is professionally designed and editable.

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Template Outline

Free Leadership Team Training Template
1.   Welcome to the Team!
  • Welcome to the Team!
2.   Leading For Success
  • Why Leaders Are Important
  • Our Vision
  • Goal Setting
  • Test Your Knowledge
3.   Taking the Lead
  • Areas We Are Committed To
  • Our Pledge
  • Flashcards: Taking the Lead
4.   Budgeting Process
  • Key Steps of Our Budgeting Process
  • Flashcards: Our Budgeting Process
  • Test Your Knowledge
5.   Administrative Process
  • Our Administrative Process
  • Administrative Principles
  • Flashcards: Administrative Process
6.   Strategic Initiatives
  • Our Strategic Initiatives
7.   Thank You!
  • Course Feedback
Use This Template

Why Use a Leadership Training Template?

Standardize & streamline online training course creation
Professionally Designed
Professionally Designed

This template is designed by a team of industry experts and it covers topics on goal setting, taking the lead, strategic initiatives, and more. It is tailored to meet the emerging needs of business leaders across industries. The template is learner-friendly and delivers maximum engagement with flashcards and quizzes, ensuring a higher course completion rate.

Makes Course Creation Easier
Easy & Speedy Course Creation

Create leadership training courses by simply importing docs, videos, audio, and PDF files. Get a course publication-ready in minutes without having to spend hours or days on end. Our standard and flexible template allows you to create a course once and reuse it multiple times.

Ensures Consistency in Onboarding
Training Consistency

When you use the same leadership training plan template to communicate the same information to your course participants, it becomes far easier to ensure consistency in training across your organization.

Highly Customizable
Easy Customization

Our sample training plan template for leadership provides a general framework to add training information in the right places. You can easily modify, update, or delete any of the information, any time you want. Changing the cover image and layout, and editing or adding chapters are equally easy.

Compatible With Multiple Devices
Anytime, Anywhere Learning

The leadership training courses you create using this template will work across all devices, including smartphones. They will also be compatible with all browsers and operating systems. So, learning anytime, anywhere, and on any device is a possibility.

Saves Time & Cost
Time & Cost-Saving

A templated course creation process means you can significantly minimize your course development time and cost. All you need to do is add the required content, personalize the template, and it’s good to go.

How To Use This Template

Why Create Online Leadership Training Programs?

Leaders are made, not born. Employees can develop leadership skills through continuous learning, observation, practice, and experience. Leaders are responsible for establishing and communicating the organization’s mission and vision to different teams and departments.

In a complex organizational setup, the concept of shared leadership is also fast gaining ground. It empowers individuals at all levels to play leadership roles in their areas of expertise.

Whichever leadership structure you follow in your business, only standardized leadership training can help you develop capable employees and benefit from their services.

Improved employee engagement, increased productivity, better planning and decision-making, employee retention, and succession planning are some of the key benefits of leadership training.

Personalize with images, videos, & presentations

You can now develop professional online leadership training courses by employing ProProfs leadership template. This training template offers you easy customization options. Organizations can brand their live courses on leadership by adding the logo, color schemes, designs, and messaging.

Adding images, graphs, presentations, videos, and diagrams are equally easy to make learning more engaging and interactive. With a leadership training template in place, you can maintain brand consistency of your online leadership training.

How to use this leadership training template

ProProfs online leadership training template is available with a host of features. Creating personalized leadership training courses has never been so easy and hassle-free.

Add your branding to the training template. You may choose your favorite theme and color combinations to provide a highly personalized learning experience.

Integrate your live leadership course with ProProfs Quiz Maker to evaluate employees’ knowledge retention better. Similarly, you can gather course feedback with surveys.

You can grade and certify your trainees once they’ve finished the leadership training module. As a trainer, you even have the option to track your trainees’ progress using robust reporting features.

Build high-quality training programs with this leadership training template. It does not need software installation or coding knowledge. Your employees now enjoy the liberty to easily access and take their courses through mobile, tablets, or laptops anytime, anywhere.

What makes our online leadership training the best?

Our leadership training template offers numerous significant benefits to instructors and learners.

  • Keep your future managers and leaders engaged with course content that is a natural fit for all training requirements in all industries.
  • Best alignment, composition, color, and typography standards enable you to create personalized courses that appeal to your learners aesthetically.
  • This online training makes smart use of multimedia to lend auditory and visual experiences through different formats. This helps employees retain crucial information for longer periods.
  • You can minimize the unnecessary burden on new employees by facilitating self-paced learning.
  • You can even embed surveys and quizzes in your leadership training module to check retention and collect actionable feedback.
  • These online training courses offer ease of navigation to your employees with intuitive layout and design.
  • Track your learners’ progress, information recap, and retention, and gain insights into their understanding level through reports.
  • Thoughtfully chosen powerful software integrations work best to aid training and learning.
  • Offer your managers and leaders the much-needed support in the form of a knowledge base for references.

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