Customer Service Training Course Template

Develop personalized customer service training programs using a beautifully designed course template

Create effective customer service courses using this professionally designed online template. It is based on the latest trends in elegant design and typography standards. The template is customizable and can be used to build courses on customer service topics, such as handling objections, presentation skills, active listening, and building customer relationships. Once published, you can track your courses and learner progress using smart reporting features.

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Template Outline

Free Customer Service Team Training Template
1.   Welcome to the Team!
  • Welcome to the Team!
2.   Who Are We?
  • Our Team Structure
  • Our Vision
  • Our Philosophy
  • Flashcards: Who We Are
  • Test Your Knowledge
3.   Customer Profile
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Flashcards: Customer Profile
  • Test Your Knowledge
4.   Customer Service Etiquette
  • Basic Etiquette
5.   Channels We Use
  • Flashcards: Channels We Use
  • Test Your Knowledge
6.   Our Policy
  • Customer Service Policy Playbook
  • Flashcards: Our Policy
  • Test Your Knowledge
7.   Thank You!
  • Chapter Feedback
Use This Template

Why Use a Customer Service Training Template?

Simplify, standardize & accelerate online course creation
Professionally Designed
Professionally Designed

This template is meticulously designed by subject-matter experts and it covers topics on customer profile, customer service etiquette, customer service policy, and more. It is tailored to meet the varying training needs of all companies and deliver maximum engagement so that you can ensure a higher course completion rate.

Makes Course Creation Easier
Easy & Fast Course Creation

Cancel the need to spend endless hours or days developing a training course. Get it publication-ready in minutes with our standard training template. Create a course once and reuse it multiple times.

Ensures Consistency in Onboarding
Consistency in Training

When you use the same customer service training template to administer the same information to your audience, it becomes comparatively easy to ensure consistency in training across your organization.

Highly Customizable
Ease of Customization

The template provides a general framework for you to add information in the right places. You can modify, update, or delete any of this information, any time you want. Also, you can add or change the cover image, layout, and edit or add chapters.

Compatible With Multiple Devices
Anytime, Anywhere Learning

The customer service training course you create out of this template will work seamlessly across all popular devices, including smartphones. It will also be compatible with all browsers and operating systems. So, learning anytime, anywhere, on any device is possible.

Saves Time & Cost
Time & Cost-Saving

Using a customizable customer service training plan template means you bring down the course development time and cost significantly. Simply add the required content, personalize the template, and it’s ready for sharing.

How To Use This Template

Why Create Online Customer Service Training Programs?

Customer service training educates your customer-facing team members on your products and services, value proposition, and customer service best practices. Training is one way to build confidence in your employees so that they can deal with customers satisfactorily. When you take such programs online, it adds the conveniences of anytime, anywhere learning, better engagement, and higher knowledge retention.

Help your employees learn how to interact with different customers and give their best shot at client servicing. Improve their first impression by training them on strong communication skills and street-smartness. Through training, your employees can learn about varied customer situations, resolving their queries faster and better.

Personalize with images, videos, & presentations

Make online training more learner-friendly by catering to their preferred learning styles. Include images, short-form videos, infographics, presentations, flashcards, and graphs in your customer service training template.

ProProfs also supports branding to add a company logo, theme, color schemes, fonts, and other unique elements. This helps in creating a brand identity with your audience.

How to use this customer service training template

ProProfs’ customer service training template is easy to use. You can create custom training courses by leveraging the template’s supporting structure. Add your existing content and embed quizzes and surveys. Similarly, you can add brand elements such as a logo, tagline, favorite fonts, and colors.

Similarly, sharing the course is easy. You can do share the course link via email or simply embed the course on your website. Learners can access the courses any time, anywhere, and on any device.

Track trainees' progress in real-time using advanced reports. Learners are graded automatically, and you can issue custom completion certificates.

There is no need for any software installation or coding knowledge. Anyone can use the template to build beautiful customer service training courses.

What makes our online customer service training the best?

Our customer service training is not only learner-friendly, but it also makes the lives of instructors easy

  • It naturally fits into the learning needs of every organization in any industry.
  • It reduces the time and labor that go into creating professional training courses.
  • Smart use of multimedia keeps learners engaged and motivated to learn and complete the training.
  • Personalize the training with your logo, preferred theme, background image, color composition, and typography standards.
  • Assessment and course feedback become easy with a variety of online quizzes and surveys.
  • Intelligent reports enable you to track learners’ progress and check knowledge retention.
  • Learners can access your courses and other training resources from anywhere and at any time since the training is delivered over an intuitive SaaS LMS.
  • Powerful integrations with native and third-party apps enhance the learning experience.
  • Offer a regularly updated self-help knowledge base to your course participants for references.

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