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Salesforce is an industry leading CRM platform. By integrating Salesforce and ProProfs Training Maker, boost employee productivity and sales by managing online training from within your Salesforce account. Train and educate your reps, partners and resellers quickly and easily.

Key features:

Assign courses and trainings - Use ProProfs Training Maker to create online courses, using existing materials (PDFs, PPTs), such as sales training course, partner onboarding course, leadership development course etc. Assign these courses to your Salesforce reps and partners from ProProfs dashboard.

Track performance and share reports - Track learning outcomes and identify skill gaps by viewing course and learner reports from within Salesforce. Share these reports with managers and other stakeholders at a click.

Single-sign on - With single sign-on you save tons of time as it eliminates the hassle of multiple logins and passwords. You and your reps can easily access all your ProProfs course materials, reports and users, within Salesforce.

Sync Salesforce and ProProfs reports -View ProProfs training reports of any Salesforce user and evaluate their performance pre and post training from within Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Guide Try it FreeGet a Demo

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