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ProProfs LMS offers a host of online tools to turn your WordPress site into an eLearning portal. Assign courses, quizzes and more to your users at a click and access detailed courses reports, centrally from your WordPress account. Set-up courses for sale online and sync your WordPress user data with that of ProProfs.

Key features:

Embed online courses and assign training from your WordPress dashboard - Assign training to your WordPress (WP) users with online courses embedded on your webpages. You can automatically assign courses as soon as new users subscribe to your site. You can also fully brand and white-label your online courses to make them match your site’s content.

Access courses and training reports directly from the WordPress dashboard - Track course reports right from your WP account, including details such as who took your course, details of courses assigned to users, the courses completed or pending by users and much more.

Sell courses online with a payment gateway set-up - Use ProProfs secure online payment gateway and start selling courses from your WordPress site. You can also user ProProfs as a platform to sell courses online.

Get quizzes, surveys, polls and more - ProProfs LMS offers you not just courses but the full eLearning suite, where you can create and assign quizzes, surveys, polls and more to your WordPress users.

Import WordPress users-data into ProProfs - ProProfs API helps you to instantly import new WP users into ProProfs and start assigning them courses and test. This save your tons of time and effort.

Enable Single Sign On - With ProProfs single sign on integration with WordPress, you can access all your courses and reports from your WordPress dashboard. Likewise, your users will get to take courses and view certificates without ever leaving your site.

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