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What is HR Training?

HR training is training meant for HR professionals. In this training, HR personnel are trained on their job roles and responsibilities.

Over the years, the roles of the HR department have undergone a drastic change due to evolving business climate and changing HR laws. Nowadays, HR has become more strategic and aligned with business goals.

This has made HR training more organized and specific to achieve measurable results. Online training software plays a crucial role in HR training.

What is HR Training?
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Examples of HR Training

Depending on the participants’ positions and job roles, HR training can be on any relevant topic. So while talent acquisition training can be essential for recruiters or headhunters, administrative HR training is directed at HR generalists. Generally, most companies deploy these HR training programs:

Talent acquisition
Performance management
Compensation management
Diversity & inclusion
Strategic HR leadership
People analytics
HR Training Courses

How to Create Your Own HR Training Program

The best way to develop a professional HR training program is through HR training software. These web-based platforms offer the easiest, fastest, and most effective means to get such training programs up and running in no time.

For example, ProProfs Training Maker is a cloud LMS that you can use to create, design, share, and track HR training courses and tests. You can leverage its premium library of 100+ professionally designed, customizable, and ready-to-use courses and default templates.

You also get access to a virtual classroom, collaboration tool, quiz-making tool, and AI reporting. All this can help you create your HR training.

How an LMS Supports HR Training

An HR LMS for training can help you simplify and accelerate HR training even as you maintain the quality of learning. These HR training solutions offer all the necessary tools, resources, and support in one place.

Short Training Development Time

Short Training Development Time

Reduce your online training development and design time to half. Use the free time to manage learners and their learning outcomes.

Anytime, Anywhere

Anytime, Anywhere

Enable training participants to access courses and tests whenever they want, from wherever they are.

Process Automation

Process Automation

Automate recurring and manual tasks such as course announcements and due date reminders.

Why Use ProProfs LMS for HR Training?

Over 15 million users in 150+ countries and counting

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

ProProfs is the world’s easiest LMS software. It’s designed for users of all skill levels and experiences. Doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Premium Course Library

Premium Course Library

100+ professionally designed & ready-to-use online courses on different employee training topics.

Ease of Customization

100+ Customizations

Easily tailor the LMS to meet your specific training & learning needs. Train your employees just the way you want.

Quizzes & Surveys

Quizzes & Surveys

Make learning fun and engaging with quizzes for assessment and surveys for feedback collection.

70+ languages

70+ Languages Supported

Choose from more than 70 interface languages and deliver training in a language your audience understands.

Delightful Reports & Analytics

AI-Powered Reporting

Get a bird’s eye view of your learners, their learning patterns, and success using AI-powered and auto-generated reports & analytics.

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HR Training Software Features

Supercharge your HR training programs with all the essential features and corresponding benefits in the LMS.

Premium Course Library

Premium Course Library

Set up HR training quickly by utilizing 100+ beautifully designed courses. These resources are editable and ready for deployment.

Virtual Classroom Software

Virtual Classroom

Manage learners and course assignments more easily and benefit from seamless communication via a centralized and secure virtual classroom.

100+ Settings & Configurations

100+ Settings & Configurations

Bend the LMS to meet your exact training requirements. ProProfs is fully customizable.

Quizzes & Games

Quizzes & Games

Launch engaging quizzes from within your HR training courses. Sharpen your learners’ memory through a variety of brain games & puzzles.

Collaboration Tool

Collaboration Tool

Promote social learning through a Q&A-based online community. Provide access to peer knowledge and wisdom.

eCommerce LMS

eCommerce LMS

Monetize your HR training courses online using the ProProfs eCommerce LMS. Reach out to millions of potential buyers worldwide.

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How ProProfs Can Help You

ProProfs LMS can help you take charge of HR training as never before

100+ Ready-to-Use Premium Courses

Deploy training faster with pre-built courses ready to go

Use the readymade courses in the ProProfs library as they are, or modify them to suit your unique needs. Customize them by adding images, videos, PDFs, and quizzes. The LMS supports personalization for branding with logo, theme, and color. You can also create courses from the ground up by using the built-in and intuitive authoring tool.

  • Leverage ready-to-use courses
  • Add videos & quizzes to courses
  • Personalize with branding
  • Create courses with authoring tool
Pre-built training courses
Guided Learning

Provide Guided Learning With Course Bundles

Set up rules for course compliance and offer learning paths

Offer guided learning using course bundles and personalized learning paths. Let your HR professionals learn with ease and at their own pace. Ensure course compliance using our foolproof HR LMS. ProProfs can help you accelerate online training and achieve your business goals faster than traditional classroom training methods.

  • Offer guided learning
  • Ensure course compliance
  • Let learners self-pace their learning
  • Accelerate online training

Track Learning Progress Easily

Use HR training tracking software for real-time monitoring

Use the best HR LMS system to manage learners easily and track their learning progress in real-time. Keep everything organized and accessible in one place. Simply store course material online, put learners in teams and groups, assign them courses, set course expiry dates, and automatically grade their performance.

  • Manage learners in teams or groups
  • Easily track learning progress
  • Access everything in one place
  • Grade learners automatically
training tracking software

Assess Performance With Insightful Reports

Make assessments easy and accurate with delightful reports & analytics

Keep yourself posted on the learning activities of each learner with detailed reports and analytics. The LMS reporting feature in ProProfs lets you assess each trainee’s progress, engagement level, and satisfaction rating. Check completed and pending courses. Pinpoint where your learners spend most of their time and what they skip. Identify and bridge knowledge gaps.

  • Assess progress & engagement
  • Track pending & completed courses
  • Know where learners spend the most time
  • Identify & bridge knowledge gaps
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Ready-to-Use HR Training Courses

ProProfs offers expert-designed premium HR training courses

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Powerful Integrations

Connect ProProfs LMS with your favorite tools. Easily move learning data between different systems

Zoom + ProProfs LMS Integration

Schedule Zoom meetings without having to exit the ProProfs virtual classroom software.

Mailchimp & ProProfs Integration

Easily manage your email marketing lists by integrating ProProfs LMS with Mailchimp.

WordPress Integration With ProProfs

Turn your WordPress site into a delightful online learning portal.

Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools
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Designed For All Training Types

ProProfs LMS is a versatile platform, and you can deploy it for any kind of training program

Employee Onboarding Software

Onboarding Training

Welcome your new hires by deploying engaging onboarding training. Easily train them on your company, internal policies, employee benefits, and products & services.

Sexual harassment training

Sexual Harassment Training

Conducting sexual harassment prevention training is easy with ProProfs. Along with the LMS, you get access to expert-designed, customizable, and ready-to-use sexual harassment training courses.

Compliance training

Compliance Training

Administer OSHA, HIPAA, ADA, FLSA, and other compliance training programs. Easily ensure course compliance through course settings and use assessment quizzes to check knowledge retention.

Customer service training

Customer Service Training

Train your customer care agents with beautifully designed courses delivered through the LMS. Educate them on your products, services, and in-demand soft skills.

Partner training

Partner Training

Keep your channel partners engaged and empower them to help grow your business. Train them locally or remotely through online enablement programs.

Partner training

Safety Training

Create workplace safety training programs for your employees. Train them on all kinds of hazards and accidents and stay compliant with industry regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does HR Training Include?

A formal HR training program includes job-specific training, performance management, career development, mentoring, coaching, succession planning, and strategies for organization development.

The goal is to help acquire in-demand skills and improve competency in HR to increase productivity and performance.

What Are the Types of HR Training?

HR training may fall in any of the following categories:

  • Orientation
  • Job training
  • Interpersonal skills training
  • Technical training
  • Diversity & sensitivity training
  • Refresher
What Are the Benefits of HR Training?

A trained HR team gets opportunities to develop their professional skills. The training also positively impacts employee management and business performance.

HR with the right skill sets helps build a conducive atmosphere where employees can work, learn, and advance their careers.

Training equips HR executives with the essential knowledge of legal and compliance matters necessary while dealing with employees.

How to Build a Successful HR Training Program

You can set up your HR training for success with an LMS. After you identify your training needs and set learning goals, these HR training tools can take over from there.

They help you keep things more organized, automate many repetitive tasks, and simplify each step of the process.

Using these tools, you can easily create, share, and track training courses and tests. Find out How to Create Employee Training Courses Online

Which Is the Best LMS for HR Training?

Ideally, the best platforms for employee training, including HR training, are always easy to use, flexible, mobile-friendly, configurable, and scalable. They offer all the essential tools and support in one central location.

ProProfs LMS software is an example of such solutions. It’s the world’s easiest cloud LMS with a premium course library, 100+ customizations, support for over 70 languages, AI reporting, and many more features.

Here’s a quick look at the 20 Best Learning Management System (LMS)

How to Choose the Best LMS for HR Training

Choosing the best LMS is easy if you keep a few things in mind.

First, you should know your audience type and their learning needs. Based on this, you can search for the right tool that can fulfill the requirements.

The size of your audience, their preferred learning style, and experience level should decide the tool you select. Check the features and benefits in different tools, and read reviews & ratings, and client testimonials.

On the whole, make sure the online HR training platform you choose is intuitive, customizable, and mobile-friendly. To land the best LMS, watch How to Choose the Best SaaS LMS Software

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