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12 Best Employee Training Plan Templates

12 Best Employee Training Plan Templates

Looking for employee training plan templates?

I know that creating training plans from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging.

So, here’s a list of training plan templates that can give you a head start on it.

What Is a Training Plan Template?

A training plan template is a document that outlines the details of a training program, such as goals, target audience, expected learning outcomes, training delivery methods, content, and timeline.

It helps you structure your training plans, familiarize new hires with their upcoming training, and provide consistent training.

Training templates guide you throughout the training planning process and can be used to discuss the rationale, core components, skills, knowledge, outcomes, and assessments.

Here’s a training plan example for you:

12 Employee Training Plan Templates 

Employee training templates can be used as a part of your training plan.

Ideally, a plan should have training topics, mode of training, training time, training templates, ways to track performance, and career development plans.

Here are the top 12 examples of employee training plan templates that I have curated for you.

1. Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is an important process that makes new hires feel welcome from day one. With the right onboarding program, you can adapt your new hires to their new roles faster. Train them on company policies, mission, job roles, standard operating procedures, and more.

Give your employees a clear idea of what they should do from the start. This new employee training plan template provides a streamlined experience where new hires get all the important information, such as organizational policies, company values, team members and structure, and employee handbook.

I have used this free training plan template, and its excellence lies in its professionally designed structure. Crafted by experts, it’s authoritative and covers all crucial topics for effective onboarding with maximum engagement.

Social peer-to-peer learning is encouraged through a Q&A community, promoting real-time collaboration. Its integration with other tools and white-label features for branding further elevate its value.

Watch: How to Create an Employee Onboarding Training Program

2. Company Orientation

Company Orientation

Orientation is an important part of the onboarding process, and it integrates the new hires with the company’s systems, policies, and procedures. The training helps them settle down quickly in the new environment.

Using a template is a standardized way to train, align, and assimilate new hires into a new work culture. Make sure your new employee training plan includes a comprehensive onboarding template, offering a professionally designed structure that efficiently covers company policies, job role-specific instructions, and employee manuals.

I found the template useful and easy to use. It helped me create engaging, informative, and consistent courses. I could also use multimedia and visuals to enhance the learning experience and embed quizzes and surveys to assess the learners’ understanding and satisfaction.

The template provides 24/7 course access to the learners so that they can learn at their own pace and convenience. The template helped me integrate the new hires with the company’s systems, policies, and procedures. I would recommend the template to anyone who wants to create effective and standardized orientation courses for their new hires.

3. Employee Office Policies 

Employee Office Policies 

The Office Policies template is a resource I highly recommend. It has been instrumental in helping me understand and communicate office policies effectively. The template is beautifully designed and customizable, allowing you to add pages, chapters, quizzes, surveys, and other resources. You can easily upload SCORM, xAPI, and zipped files.

It covers essential topics like code of conduct, communication policy, and office environment. The compatibility with multiple devices enables learning on the go. This template ensures consistency in training and saves time and cost.

Leveraging this template will undoubtedly benefit you in creating a comprehensive and engaging training program for your employees.

This professionally designed training template is a crucial asset in onboarding, offering a streamlined approach to course creation. Curated by experts, it covers essential topics, ensuring engagement and a higher completion rate. Its compatibility with various devices facilitates on-the-go learning, promoting self-paced information intake.

4. Employee Benefits Information

Employee Benefits Information 

When new employees join your company, you should provide detailed information on employee benefits so they know what perks and facilities they’ll enjoy. This employee benefits training template is indispensable for organizations investing in employee well-being and talent retention, serving as a vital tool to communicate benefits policies clearly to new hires.

This template allows organizations to provide new employees with detailed information about their benefits plans. Whether it’s medical coverage, life insurance, or retirement plans, the template serves as a comprehensive guide.

Moreover, it ensures consistency in training across the company, leaving no room for confusion. The new employee training template is highly customizable, allowing updates to meet changing requirements.

You can easily add multimedia to this template to boost engagement and completion.

5. IT Onboarding

IT Onboarding

I am impressed by this user-friendly IT Onboarding Training template. Its well-structured layout makes navigating through the various sections a breeze.

The attention to detail in covering essential topics like hardware, software, and support ensures a thorough IT training experience.

The professional design is visually appealing and highly functional. I appreciate the emphasis on consistency, since using the same template for similar training programs organization-wide ensures uniformity in information delivery.

Some additional features, including a library of ready-to-use courses, real-time tracking, and integration capabilities, further enhance its value as a comprehensive and efficient resource for online employee training.

6. Employee Training

Another training template I would suggest is the Employee Training Template based on its significant benefits to my training endeavors. This template has streamlined my course creation process, allowing me to design engaging and informative sessions effortlessly.

The template’s professionally curated layout ensures a standardized and efficient approach to employee training, saving me valuable time without compromising on quality.

With templates, you can train your staff on corporate policies, compliance matters, diversity, equity & inclusion, anti-harassment policies, and more. Using a professional template makes sense to elevate the overall learning experience.

I believe this template will greatly benefit you by providing a seamless and visually appealing platform for crafting impactful training courses. Accessibility, rapid course creation, and the incorporation of multimedia elements make it a valuable tool for anyone seeking an efficient and user-centric approach to online employee training.

7. Business Team Training

Business Team Training

Business team training is essential to the Lean Six Sigma Methodology, which aims to improve business processes by eradicating resource waste and maximizing efficiency and productivity.

It’s a simple yet effective way to make your employees better problem-solvers from day one.

This employee training plan template lets you create an engaging program by enabling you to add different multimedia such as videos, images, presentations, PDFs, and recorded webinars. You can create and publish courses on business processes, business models, business tools, growth plans, and more.

You can deliver a personalized experience by adding branding elements like logos, themes, and color palettes. Similarly, you can add assessments for knowledge retention and surveys to collect feedback.

8. Communication Training

Communication Training

Communication is an important skill that employees need to master for better team collaboration, workflow, and professional relationships.

When employees communicate effectively, it removes misunderstandings, improves work efficiency, and keeps them productive. Employees should develop essential communication skills and also learn how to overcome communication barriers.

A communication training template covers all the important topics that boost employee skills and knowledge in this area.

This template allows you to reduce course development time and create content in minutes easily. The best part is that you get a ready structure to add all the necessary information and other design elements based on your training needs.

9. Leadership Training

Leadership Training

Employees need training in core leadership skills to prepare them to take on more responsibilities. In today’s competitive market, the concept of shared leadership is also rapidly gaining ground.

Only a strong training program can develop capable employees. Leadership training has several benefits: increased productivity and engagement, better team management, efficient workflow, better decision-making, and succession planning.

A professionally crafted leadership training template can help create and deliver an effective program to build tomorrow’s leaders. You can deliver training on core leadership skills, team-building activities, active listening skills, resolving workplace conflicts, and more.

Keep your future leaders engaged and help them retain information by combining different audio-visual experiences through multiple formats.

10. First-Aid Training

First-Aid Training

This general training program educates employees on how to respond to a medical emergency. By providing such training, you can turn your employees into first responders when someone gets injured at the workplace. They can provide primary help to stabilize a patient before the full medical service arrives.

I vividly recall an incident where an employee suffered a seizure in the office. Instead of panicking, the surrounding colleagues immediately began applying the first-aid techniques they had learned in the training. Their quick response stabilized the patient until paramedics arrived, potentially saving his life.

That’s why first aid training is important. With the right employee training plan template, you have a ready structure based on which you can create your courses. This template offers a convenient and effective solution for developing online first-aid training courses.

Professionally designed by experts, it follows the latest typography and aesthetic design trends. The ease of customization is an excellent feature, allowing me to tailor the cover image, layout, and content to meet my specific training needs.

11. Customer Service 

Customer Service 

Customer service is a philosophy everyone in an organization should embrace, from the CEO to the recently hired. Training your customer service team is important because they learn the right techniques and best practices to handle customers.

With proper training, they can effectively communicate with customers, handle escalated complaints, and successfully provide a solution.

You can use this new employee training plan template to design your customer service course. It’s designed by experts who know how to make your courses look stunning and engaging.

You can customize it to suit your needs and teach any customer service topic you want. Whether it’s dealing with objections, presenting your products, listening to your customers, or building lasting relationships, this template has you covered.

And after you launch your courses, you can easily track how your learners are doing with smart reporting features in a learning management system (LMS) like ProProfs Training Maker. Don’t settle for boring customer service training. Try this template today and see the difference.

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12. Technical Training

Technical Training

Accounting, IT, and engineering professionals must demonstrate high technical expertise. In fact, they must complete relevant technical training before and after joining the workforce.

With proper training, employees learn about different functional components, such as hardware, software, internet, and tech support, which are a part of technical job roles.

This template offers a sophisticated solution for creating and launching technical team training courses on any subject. Based on the latest aesthetic and topographical standards, its beautiful design integrates with users’ existing training materials and brand designs.

You can increase the engagement of your courses by incorporating quizzes, surveys, and polls, guaranteeing a higher completion rate and improved knowledge retention. Explore the full potential of this template to deliver visually appealing and impactful technical training experiences.

7 Steps to Create an Effective Employee Training Plan

To create a robust employee training plan, consider the following:

  1. Articulate SMART business goals to determine your strategic targets and achievements
  2. Identify knowledge gaps through pre-training assessments. You should identify participants’ training needs and learning styles because every individual has their way of retaining information
  3. Choose the right training plan template that accommodates text, multimedia, quizzes, games, etc. These templates help organize your ideas and ensure that you cover all the training topics
  4. Develop high-quality courses aligned with learning objectives. Watch this video to know more.

Watch: How to Create an Online Course from Scratch

  1. Use an (LMS) for efficient management, deployment, tracking, and analysis of training
  2. Evaluate training effectiveness using quizzes and real-time reports
  3. Include surveys in your training content to know the impact of your training

Evaluate and Adjust the Training Program

That was all about the steps to create a solid training plan. By following them, you can easily build an impactful training program for your new and existing employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using an employee training plan template?

An employee training plan template streamlines the training process, ensuring consistency, clarity, and efficiency. It saves time and resources, providing a structured framework for effective employee development.

What should an employee training plan template include?

An employee training plan template should include clear objectives, training methods, timelines, assessment criteria, and resources required. It serves as a roadmap for both trainers and trainees.

What does a training plan template look like?

A training plan template typically includes sections for training goals, target audience, training methods, timelines, evaluation criteria, stated training outcomes, and resource allocation. It provides a visual guide, offering a structured overview of the entire training process.

Leverage the Right Training Plan Template

Employee training templates play a key role in fleshing out your training programs. However, you’ll need the right software to build a sustainable program.

The best training software has pre-built templates that enable you to create role-based training programs. You can create the best training plan that meets your business goals and objectives using the templates we discussed above.

To use the best templates, pick the right training software. Apart from templates, these online tools provide authoring tools, ready-to-use courses, customization options, collaboration tools, quizzes, and surveys to help you build effective training.

So, make sure you choose the right training software with templates to streamline workforce training and achieve your learning goals.

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