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12 Best Employee Motivation Training Courses & Programs in 2024

12 Best Employee Motivation Training Courses & Programs in 2023

The success of any organization heavily depends on motivated and engaged employees. That’s why I have invested significant time and effort to prepare this list of the best employee motivation training courses.

These programs can help unlock the potential of your employees and achieve exceptional results for your organization.

List of Employee Motivation Training Courses 

This list is a culmination of my efforts to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to build engaged and thriving workforces.

1. Motivating Employees Training Course

PP TM Motivating Employees Training Course

In today’s dynamic business landscape, keeping employees motivated and engaged is no longer a luxury but a necessity. This course delves into the essence of motivation, exploring who can be motivated, the profound benefits of motivated teams, and the art of building strong work relationships.

This comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to foster a culture of motivation and high performance. You’ll learn about the importance of keeping individuals and teams inspired, the benefits of motivated teams, and how to build great work relationships.

The employee motivation training course also provides practical strategies for building a positive work environment and boosting the morale of your employees.

You’ll learn how to create a culture of recognition and appreciation, provide constructive feedback, and delegate tasks effectively.

Plus, you can add your own eLearning elements, such as assessments or an employee motivation survey, to measure knowledge and collect feedback.

 So, if you want to create a driven workforce, this course can be a great starting point.

2. Workplace Communication Skills

PP TM Workplace Communication Skills

I believe strong communication is the foundation of any successful workplace. Employees who feel connected and informed are more likely to be motivated, engaged, and productive. 

I’ve seen the impact that effective communication can have on a team. In my previous role, I was part of a team that was struggling to meet deadlines. After we implemented some new communication strategies, we were able to improve our teamwork and productivity significantly.

This experience taught me the importance of communication skills in the workplace. Everyone can benefit from developing their communication skills, and I encourage them to take the Workplace Communication Skills course to learn more about communicating effectively. 

The course covers various topics, including organizational communication, feedback, communicating up, down, and across, and cultural factors in communication. The course also provides practical tips and examples to help learners apply communication skills in different situations. Other similar topics you can find are conflict resolution training, overcoming communication barriers, communication skills for managers, etc. 

PP TM Communication Skills course (2)

I highly recommend this course to any employee who wants to develop their communication skills and become a more effective collaborator. The course is easy to access, self-paced, and interactive. It also includes assessments to test the learners’ knowledge. 

3. SMART Goals Training

Fostering motivation can be challenging, especially when employees feel lost or overwhelmed by their tasks. This is where SMART goals come into play, providing a clear roadmap for success and igniting employee motivation.

The ProProfs SMART Goals training course empowers employees with the skills and strategies to set and achieve SMART goals. This comprehensive course guides learners through defining clear goals, establishing measurable milestones, and creating achievable targets. 

By breaking down large goals into smaller, manageable steps, the course makes the path to success less daunting and more motivating.

The course concludes with a final assessment. This assessment evaluates learners’ ability to apply the principles of SMART goal setting to real-world scenarios, ensuring they can set and achieve goals that drive their motivation and propel them toward success.

4. How to Create a Positive Work Environment

46% of job seekers consider organizational culture important when applying to a company, and 91% of managers in the U.S. say that cultural fit is equal to or more important than skills and experience. 

That’s why creating a positive work environment is essential. 

This employee motivation training course is about creating a positive work environment that fosters motivation, open communication, productivity, and growth for all. It covers the essential characteristics of a positive work environment, such as expressing gratitude, being consistent, encouraging positivity, and promoting collaboration. 

It also provides practical tips and examples on implementing these characteristics in your workplace. This course teaches you how to build an environment conducive to employee development and happiness. 

I liked this course because it is informative, engaging, and relevant. It taught me how to create a positive work environment that benefits others. This course is valuable for anyone who wants to improve their work environment and relationships.

5 Employee Compensation & Benefits Training 

PP TM Employee Compensation & Benefits Training

Employees who feel valued and rewarded for their hard work are more likely to be engaged, productive, and satisfied.

Compensation, in the form of wages, salaries, and bonuses, provides employees with the financial security they need to meet their basic needs and achieve their financial goals. Knowing they are paid fairly for their contributions motivates them to go the extra mile and consistently deliver high-quality work.

I always recommend this employee motivation training program as it provides a comprehensive understanding of this crucial aspect of human resource management.

The course covers the fundamentals of cash compensation, various types of employee benefits, and the policies and guidelines that govern compensation and benefits programs.

By taking this course, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design, implement, and evaluate compensation and benefits programs that are fair, competitive, and motivating for employees.

You will also learn about the legal and ethical considerations of employee compensation and benefits.

6. Building Trust & Influence

PP TM Building Trust & Influence

According to a study, employees in high-trust organizations reported 50% higher productivity, 74% less stress, 76% more engagement, 106% more energy at work, 13% fewer sick days, 29% more satisfaction with their lives, and 40% less burnout than their counterparts in low-trust ones. 

So, building trust is the first step toward creating a highly engaged and motivated workforce. 

In this “Building Trust & Influence” course, you’ll find the perfect motivation training modules to arm your learners with essential skills and attitudes for personal and professional success.

It can empower you to build trust with your peers, superiors, and clients through honesty, reliability, respect, and support.

Your employees can hone their abilities in effective communication, active listening, and persuasive techniques.

Plus, it nurtures an environment that’s a breeding ground for motivation, open conversations, productivity, and overall growth.

Taking this course will boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-motivation, leading to improved relationships and collaboration. 

7. Keys to Innovation Training 

Innovation is essential for any organization that wants to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. By fostering a culture of innovation, we can encourage our employees to think outside the box and develop new and creative ways of doing things. This can lead to new products, services, and processes that can help us improve our bottom line.

This Keys to Innovation Training course is a great way to help you develop your innovative skills. The course covers a variety of motivation training topics, including the concept of innovation, the benefits of innovation, and the barriers to innovation. 

The course also includes practical tools and techniques you can use to develop new ideas.

The course is also available within a larger course called Building a Culture of Innovation, which teaches you how to create a positive work environment that supports innovation and evaluates your efforts.

The course instructor is Kristen Earp, a leadership coach and trainer who supports emerging and experienced leaders to get to the next level of their career success and overall happiness. She has a master’s degree in organizational psychology and two coaching certifications, one through the International Coaching Federation.

8. Mastering Leadership Skills Training 

PP TM Mastering Leadership Skills Training

It covers a range of topics, including responsibility, communication, honesty, motivation, and time management. The best part about this course is that it focuses on creating a positive work environment where trust, collaboration, and growth flourish. 

This employee motivation training course teaches you how to share a common vision with your team, set clear goals, and foster self-development, aligning everyone with organizational goals. 

The emphasis on effective communication, feedback, and autonomy empowers you to motivate your team to reach their full potential.

9. Stress Management Training 

According to APA’s 2021 Work and Well-being Survey, nearly 3 in 5 employees reported negative impacts of work-related stress, including a lack of interest, motivation, or energy (26%) and a lack of effort at work (19%).

So, stress has become an unwelcome companion for many. Its insidious effects can permeate every aspect of our lives, from physical health to mental well-being, productivity, and relationships. 

But what if we could learn to manage stress effectively and reclaim control of our lives?

ProProfs has a course on stress management that empowers you to identify the root causes of stress, recognize its symptoms, and develop effective strategies to manage it. 

Through the course, you will gain the tools to cultivate a positive mindset, embrace relaxation techniques, and design a personalized action plan for stress management.

With its engaging format, videos, quizzes, case studies, and assignments, learning becomes an interactive and enriching experience rather than a tedious chore.

10. Workplace Productivity Training 

PP TM Workplace Productivity Training

Whether seeking to boost your performance or contribute to a more productive team environment, the Workplace Productivity Training course provides the roadmap to success. 

Embrace the opportunity to transform your work ethic, elevate your performance, and achieve the goals you set for yourself.

This employee motivation training program explains essential concepts like time management, task prioritization, and effective communication, equipping you with the tools and strategies to optimize your workflow and maximize your output.

Through interactive modules and engaging exercises, you’ll discover how to identify and eliminate productivity killers, such as distractions, procrastination, and clutter. You’ll also learn how to set SMART goals, leverage technology, and build a supportive network to fuel your motivation and drive.

This course gives you insights into creating a personal productivity plan, tailoring your work habits to your unique strengths, and cultivating a mindset that fosters focus, creativity, and innovation.

11. Team Building Activities 

“Teamwork is the secret that makes common people achieve uncommon results.” – Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha, author

I believe that the strength of a team lies not in individual brilliance but in the collective power of collaboration. 

This employee motivation training course provides a guide to fostering teamwork, enhancing communication, and achieving remarkable results together.

This program explores the psychology of group dynamics, the principles of effective teamwork, and the strategies to cultivate a cohesive and productive team environment.

Through interactive exercises, engaging case studies, and real-world scenarios, you’ll discover the key ingredients for building a thriving team.

You’ll learn how to identify and address communication barriers, foster open dialogue, and create a culture of psychological safety within the team.

The course provides a rich collection of activities to engage team members, promote collaboration, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking.

12.  Giving Great Feedback Training 

I’ve always struggled with how to give feedback that’s both constructive and motivating. I often felt like my feedback was either too harsh or too soft, and it never seemed to have the desired effect.

That was until I took this course on Giving Great Feedback. This course has all the motivation training topics that taught me the importance of timing, specificity, and empathy when giving feedback.

Since taking this course, I’ve noticed a significant difference in the way my employees respond to feedback. They’re now more receptive to it and more likely to take action to improve their performance.

So, I would like you to add this course to your training since it equips managers with the essential skills and knowledge to provide feedback that truly resonates. From structuring feedback effectively to communicating it in a supportive and motivating manner, this course covers all aspects to ensure you deliver positive feedback.

The course instructor, James Galluzzo, brings over two and a half decades of HR development expertise to the table. His expertise, coupled with his passion for fostering leadership skills among managers, ensures that you’ll receive valuable guidance from an experienced professional.

Pick the Right Employee Motivation Training Course

Motivated and engaged employees are the key to organizational success. Invest in your team’s development by exploring these employee motivation training courses. 

When selecting employee motivation training programs, prioritize content relevance, schedule flexibility, interactivity, and program credibility. Ensure the content aligns with organizational goals, offers adaptable schedules, promotes engagement through interactive elements, and is backed by credible sources. 

Also, consider an LMS for easy course delivery. With an LMS, you can manage learner groups, assign group admins, set up roles & permissions, boost training experience, optimize content delivery, and track progress.

Watch: What is a Cloud-Based Learning Management System?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is employee motivation training?

Employee motivation training is a program that helps managers and employees understand the factors that motivate employees and how to create a work environment conducive to motivation. The training typically covers topics such as the different types of motivation, the importance of recognition and rewards, and the role of communication in fostering motivation.

Why is motivation training important for businesses?

Motivation training is important for businesses because it can increase productivity, improve employee morale, and reduce turnover. When motivated, employees are more likely to be engaged in their work, take ownership of their tasks, and go the extra mile. This can lead to better customer service, higher quality products and services, and increased innovation. 

Who should undergo employee motivation training?

Employee motivation training can benefit all employees, regardless of their position or experience level. However, it is essential for managers and team leaders, as they are responsible for creating a work environment conducive to motivation. Additionally, employees new to the company or struggling with performance may benefit from motivation training.

What are the methods for training and motivating employees?

Some general methods to motivate employees include offering opportunities for growth and development through training programs and mentorship, recognizing and rewarding achievements, creating a positive and supportive work environment based on open communication and teamwork, and providing competitive compensation and benefits, such as fair salaries, health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off. Combining these approaches can help organizations foster a more engaged and motivated workforce.

How shall I boost employee motivation?

You can boost employee motivation by promoting a healthy work-life balance, allowing flexible work arrangements or remote work options, and encouraging employee involvement in decision-making and problem-solving. Providing opportunities for skill diversification and challenging projects, as well as fostering a sense of belonging and purpose through social initiatives and community involvement, can also contribute to higher employee motivation. Recognizing and celebrating individual strengths and contributions while aligning personal goals with organizational objectives further enhances motivation in the workplace.

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