Stress Management Training Course

Discover effective work-related stress management techniques

A large majority of employees today suffer from work-related stress. A cluttered work environment, lack of job clarity, lack of information, tight deadlines, failure to maintain work-life balance, long working hours, and lack of job security are some of the common stress triggers. Stress can affect you emotionally and physically. This course can help you manage stress in the workplace, maintain mental hygiene, and improve the quality of your life. The course includes a handout, case study, scenario, and final assessment. This information is also available within a larger course: Manage Your Task, Time & Stress

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What's Covered in This Course?

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Course Outline

Stress Management Training Course
1.   Course Overview
  • Course Overview
2.   What Is Stress Management?
  • Know Your Stress Triggers
  • Handout: Stress Trigger Chart
  • Worksheet: Self-Reflection
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Empathy & Social Skills
  • Mental Health & Life Balance
  • Handout: Keys to Maintain Good Mental Hygiene
  • Case Study
  • Scenario
3.   Conclusion
  • Assessment
  • Course Handouts
  • Course Feedback

About The Instructor

David Thirumur

David Thirumur, your instructor for this course, is an award-winning transformational coach, leadership speaker, and training expert.

He’s worked with over 115,000 people across 34 different countries in various capacities. He has also conducted over 1,000 training and speaking events around the globe and has spent countless hours in one-to-one coaching and strategy meetings. 

His clients are from a wide variety of backgrounds, ranging from multinational corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Genpact, ANZ, Convergys, Fidelity Group, etc., to solo entrepreneurs, and small businesses in countries such as Nigeria, Uganda, Moldova, and Nepal. As such, he has a diversity of experience, and this comes in handy with his clients as he never takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach, but rather he helps each individual and organization find the solutions particularly suited to their unique needs. He has won international awards for training, coaching, and speaking. 

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