Oracle HRMS Integration With ProProfs Training Maker

Easily manage employee training along with payroll & benefits

What Is Oracle HRMS Integration With ProProfs LMS?

What Is Oracle HRMS Integration With ProProfs LMS?

Oracle HRMS software integration with ProProfs LMS streamlines all routine HR operations and makes employee onboarding & training easily manageable. It offers you an easier, faster, and more efficient way to manage the modern workforce by centralizing talent management, employee engagement, and training.

The integration enables you to quickly adapt to rapid changes in your industry through strategic management of key HR functions and employee development.

You can easily automate attendance, payroll, benefits, and employee training from a single platform. Optimize how you allocate time and resources to these business functions. Increase your HR team’s productivity by avoiding data duplication and discrepancy.

ProProfs makes it easy to get the integration up and running in minutes.

Why Integrate Oracle With ProProfs LMS?

Easy Setup

Integrating Oracle HRMS with ProProfs is effortless. Anybody can do it regardless of their skill level. Simply go to ProProfs Training Maker settings, enable Oracle integration, enter the API key, and you’re good.

Automated User Management

The integration automates how you add users from Oracle HRMS software application to ProProfs Training Maker for onboarding and ongoing professional development.

Single Sign-On

Easily set up a unified and secure access system with SSO, enabling learners to log in to ProProfs LMS if they are logged into their work account. Get over the hassles of remembering separate passwords.

Easy Course Assignments

Easily assign online training courses to employees by simply sharing a course link via email or embedding the course on your company website.

Data Tracking

Track, collect, and analyze training data based on job responsibilities and skills. Compare it with past performances. View Oracle HRMS reports & stats without leaving your Oracle account.

World-Class Security

The integration offers a strong security system with role-based permissions, secure logins, two-factor authentication, and GDPR compliance to prevent risks.

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