What is Call Center Training?

Call center training is training that call center agents and supervisors undergo to learn various aspects of quality customer service. It can be on contact center basics, soft skills, products, service skills, or call center management. Over the years, contact centers are increasingly focussing on a digital-first approach, security policies, omnichannel support, and customer experience. So most of the training programs in call centers will be based on these themes.

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How to Create a Call Center Training Program

The easiest and most effective way of creating a call center training program is through an LMS. You can deliver different courses and tests at a time and enable participants to learn at their own pace.

An LMS usually comes with a built-in authoring tool or a course library or both. In addition, some of them are integrated with a centralized virtual classroom, quiz-making tools, collaboration forums, and reporting. All this makes an LMS a one-stop solution for call center training.

Why Use an LMS for Call Center Training?

Call center training software such as ProProfs LMS can be the best tool for call center agent training. Whether you own a big or small call center company, the LMS can help you streamline and take complete control of training programs.

Easy Course Creation
Easy Course Creation

Create call center training courses easily using an intuitive authoring tool or a premium library of 100+ ready-to-use courses and templates. Anyone can use the LMS as it is designed for people of all skill levels.

Engaging Experience
Engaging Experience

Make your online training programs highly engaging by adding quizzes, videos, presentations, brain games, and other interesting eLearning elements. Keep learners motivated and focused to achieve a higher course completion rate.

Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop
Mobile, Tablet, or Desktop

Let your learners access the LMS from any device, anytime, and from anywhere. They can initiate learning on a PC and wrap it up on a laptop or smartphone.

Real-Time Learning Data
Real-Time Learning Data

Extract valuable learning data on course participation, progress, learning patterns, completion, total time taken, etc. Identify and bridge knowledge gaps and make data-driven training decisions.

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How ProProfs LMS Works

The call center training software by ProProfs serves as a complete solution for online learning & development.

Create Call Center Training Courses

World’s easiest call center training software for creating online courses & tests

Easily create online call center training courses, lessons, and tests using an intuitive authoring tool. A simple interface keeps it easy and quick. You can also access a premium library of 100+ ready-to-use courses and default templates. These resources are professionally designed and fully customizable with your existing materials and branding.

  • tick Training tick Create courses & tests
  • tick Training tick eLearning authoring tool
  • tick Training tick Ready-to-use courses & training templates
  • tick Training tick Customize with branding
Create Call Center Training Courses

Add Engaging Quizzes & Videos

Make learning engaging to keep learners motivated all the time

Assess your learners’ understanding and mastery over different topics through engaging quizzes. Pick from 100+ beautifully crafted quiz templates & over 10 popular question types. Keep learners excited about learning and ensure a higher completion rate. Make learning assessment fun.

  • tick Training tick Beautiful quiz templates
  • tick Training tick 10+ question types
  • tick Training tick Keep learners excited
  • tick Training tick Make assessment fun

Train Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Empower your learners to learn whenever they want, from wherever they are

Being cloud-based, ProProfs lets you train anyone, anytime, anywhere. The tool works on all devices and supports over 70 interface languages. The online training materials are available 24/7 and so learners can engage in self-paced learning despite time-zone differences. This ensures a seamless experience.

  • tick Training tick Anytime, anywhere learning
  • tick Training tick 70+ languages
  • tick Training tick Available 24/7
  • tick Training tick Seamless learning experience
Train Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

View Intelligent Reports & Analytics

Gain valuable insights into course participation, progress, and completion in real-time

Track performance, completion rates, total time taken, and engagement centrally in a learner dashboard. Monitor who’s taken a course and who still needs to. Pinpoint problematic areas and improve course and learning experience based on rich data visualization and custom analytics.

  • tick Training tick Track progress & completion
  • tick Training tick Improve course & learning experience
  • tick Training tick Data visualization
  • tick Training tick Custom learning analytics
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Features of Call Center Training Software

Comprehensive features that make ProProfs the top choice for call center customer service training
100+ Ready-to-Use Courses

Access a regularly updated library of 100+ professionally designed and customizable courses ready for deployment.

Virtual Classroom Software

Easily manage learners and course assignments with a centralized and secure virtual classroom.

Quizzes & Surveys
Quizzes & Surveys

Assess your learners’ comprehension of different concepts using beautifully crafted quiz templates and well-researched questions.

100+ Customizations

100+ Customizations

Personalize the LMS by choosing from over 100+ options for settings & configurations. Deliver training just the way you want.

Collaboration Tool

Collaboration Tool

Facilitate social learning through a Q&A-based online community. Let learners collaborate and access peer knowledge & wisdom.

AI-Powered Reporting


Leverage auto-generated reports & analytics to measure the performance of individuals and groups. Take informed learning actions.

100+ Ready-to-Use Courses

Access a premium library of expert-designed, customizable, and ready-to-go employee training courses
Interviewing Skills Training Course
Interviewing Skills Training Course

Select the right candidates by asking the right questions. Avoid common interview mistakes and conduct interviews successfully regardless of your industry.

How to Create a Positive Work Environment Course
How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Create a conducive work environment for your employees. Build a workplace culture based on healthy communication and collaboration.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training Course
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training Course

This course covers fundamental topics related to diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI). It highlights the impact of these aspects on an organization and covers some tactics and steps organizations can take.

OSHA Compliance Training Course
OSHA Compliance Training

Get an overview of OSHA-mandated recordkeeping rules for work-related injuries & illnesses. Keep your employees safe from all kinds of workplace hazards.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate ProProfs LMS With Your Favorite Tools
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Suitable for All Online Training & Learning Programs

Online training software ProProfs LMS is a versatile platform that you can use it to deliver various training and eLearning programs
Employee Onboarding Software

Easily train your employees on a range of topics using web-based courses and quizzes. Create, share, and track online employee training programs seamlessly.

eLearning Authoring Software

Build eLearning courses, lessons, and tests for your students, and teach them anytime, anywhere. Leverage a user-friendly authoring tool to develop eLearning content from scratch or import your existing materials.

LMS for HR Training

Enable your HR personnel to stay relevant with their fast-changing roles and responsibilities. Groom them to develop healthy professional relationships with employees and ensure industry compliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Conduct Call Center Training?

Excellent customer service is the driving force behind all call centers. You can achieve it only through knowledgeable call center agents, supervisors, and managers.

Training offers the best way to educate and turn call center employees into highly efficient, confident, and capable employees. Trained employees can provide a delightful customer experience, maintain positive relationships with clients, and grow your business over time.

Which is the Best Training Option for a Call Center?

The most commonly used and effective method is online training or blended learning. Even if you use on-site training, it always helps to supplement it with a web-based learning system.

Some of the advantages of call center training online are anytime, anywhere accessibility, automation of repetitive tasks, real-time tracking, seamless communication, and insightful reports & analytics.

How Can I Set Up Call Center Training for Success?

To make the most of a call center training program, you should emphasize on ensuring that the learning sticks around for long and translates into real performance. For this, you need to use the right training tool, make learning engaging, support each learner to learn in the best possible way, and track progress regularly.

While you should never go overboard with your training, it should also be not too short and casual.

How Much Does Call Center Training Software Cost?

It varies from solution to solution depending on several factors. The type of plan you buy and the number of features you opt for will decide the final sum.

Having said that, there are many providers offering a free version and custom plans based on the number of learners you have.

No matter which plan you finally choose, first go for a free trial to gauge whether it suits your requirements.


Your choice of software can have a far-reaching effect on the outcomes of your training programs. Find out what to consider in a corporate training platform.

Configuring course settings to suit your specific learning requirements is easy with ProProfs. This video walks you through all the customization options in a course like privacy, due date reminders, logo, and theme.

Choosing virtual classroom software that works best for you may be challenging. There is no better way to judge their capabilities than by identifying the top features they offer. This video tells how.

Training a large class size necessitates assigning multiple instructors. Adding instructors to the ProProfs virtual classroom is easy. Learn how to add multiple instructors in quick steps.

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