Create Online Courses Easily

Add quizzes & surveys to make learning engaging

Use the world’s easiest food service training software to develop delightful courses such as food service safety training for your catering business. Add interactive elements such as quizzes and surveys to your courses. Customize the courses to reflect your brand. Update them easily to keep pace with evolving industry trends. Create an online food service employee training course once and use it several times. Let learners access learning resources, including knowledge base anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • World’s easiest LMS
  • Quizzes & surveys
  • Ease of customization
  • Anytime, anywhere learning

Facilitate Collaborative Learning

Build a Q&A-based online community of learners

Our learning management system for food service training lets participants learn in groups. Enable them to discuss and exchange knowledge through peer-to-peer learning. Build a collaborative learning environment that promotes self-directed learning and grow the knowledge and skills of your teams through shared learning. Provide them the convenience of getting all their questions answered in one place.

  • Collaborative learning
  • Peer-to-peer learning
  • Online Q&A forums
  • Get all the answers in one place

View Delightful Reports & Analytics

Measure effective learning & ensure business success

Easily find out whether your foodservice training is working. Analyze individual and group reports with advanced foodservice training tools. View pending and completed courses. Learn who took a course and when. Find out the participation rate, engagement level, and satisfaction ratings. Identify the course completion rate and knowledge gaps. Use the insights provided by these foodservice training software reports to improve your course further and get better results.

  • Individual & group reports
  • View course completion rate
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Improve course quality

Issue Custom Completion Certificates

Keep your learners motivated to take course after course

Award branded food service training certificates to your learners. Validate successful completion of online food service training programs. Achieve higher enrollment rates. Go paperless with an online certification. Customize the certificates with your logo, favorite colors, and messaging. Add the learner’s name, designation, and your signature. Preview, edit, print, and share them easily. Validate successful completion of online food service training.

  • Award branded certificates
  • Easily edit, print, & share them
  • Keep your learners motivated
  • Attain higher enrollment rates
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  • Create Custom Courses Online
    Custom Courses

    Create custom online training courses easily. Get started in minutes.

  • Easy to Use Food Management Courses Online
    Easy to Use

    No technical background necessary. Minimal learning curve. No software download & installation.

  • Food Service Training Program Course Library
    Course Library

    A library of 100+ customizable courses & templates that you can use right away.

  • Food Service Learning Management System
    Learning Management System

    Train, manage, and track multiple learners easily using the world’s simplest LMS.

  • Knowledge Measurement
    Knowledge Measurement

    Use a variety of quizzes to assess knowledge retention. Identify and bridge knowledge gaps.

  • Online Food Service Training Shared Learning
    Shared Learning

    Facilitate collaborative learning among learners with Q&A tools.

  • Customizations
    100+ Customizations

    Leverage 100+ settings for privacy, security, access control, etc.

  • Access Food Safety Training Courses Anytime, Anywhere
    Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

    Let learners access training courses anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

  • Sell Food Service Training Courses
    Sell Courses

    Sell courses and quizzes on ProProfs Store hassle-free.


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    Steve Donaldson
    Steve Donaldson,

    Assistant Director of Media Training, IPC Training

  • Create online training & tests easily!
    Makes training & testing super easy! Powerful yet simple to use! ProProfs Rocks!
    Dan LaPasha
    Dan LaPasha,

    Managing Partner, Learning Technologies

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